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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

William H. and Alice (Thomas) King , 6 South 50 West

In 1880 Norton County, Kansas, John Thomas is 22, farming, with Amanda 2. Alice V. is nine months old. John's father William 52 is with them.

John Thomas was born 29 December 1858 in Ontario, Canada. When he was seven years old, his family moved to Illinois and then to Tama County, Iowa three years later.
In 1870, John was enumerated in the household of William Thomas in Tama County, Iowa's Oneida township. At that time, he was a 13-year-old white male. Also in the household was a 16-year-old girl, Elizabeth.
He married Amanda McCarty on 11 December 1878. They became the parents of five children.
In the fall of 1879, the young couple moved to the "Colony" neighborhood of Norton County, Kansas.
Thomas and Amanda were enumerated in 1880 living in Rock Branch township of Norton County. John was a 22-year-old white male farmer who had been born in Canada. Amanda was a 20-year-old white female born in Illinois to Pennsylvania-born parents. Also in their household was a nine-month old daughter (Alice) and John's father, William.
At the age of 23, John was baptized by Elder Workman into the Brethren Church. Later he transferred his membership to the Church of the Brethren.
In 1885, the family resided in Norton County's Leota township. At that time, John was 27 years old and "Manda" was 25. Others in the household were a girl (A. V., age five) and two boys (C. Edgar, age four; and Walter A., age one).
John and Amanda were living in Garfield township in Norton County ten years later. John was a 37-year-old white male while "A." was a 34-year-old white female. Others in the household were three girls (A. V., age 15; P. E., age eight; and S. L., age two) and two boys (C. G., age 14; and W. A., age eleven).
On the 1900 federal census, John was a 42-year-old white male who had been born in Canada during December 1837 to Canadian parents. Amanda was a 40-year-old white female born during April 1860 in Illinois to parents native to Pennsylvania. They had been married 21 years and all five of the children born to them were living at the time of the enumeration. Others in the household were two sons (Charles, age 19; and Walter, age 16) and two daughters (Pearl, age 13; and Sybil, age seven).
In 1905, John was enumerated as a 46-year-old and Amanda as a 45-year-old. Others in the household were two males (C. E., age 24; and W. A., age 21) and two females (P. E., age 18; and S. J., age 12).
They were once again enumerated in Garfield township in 1910 when John was 52 years old and Amanda was 50. All five of the children born to them were living. Two sons (Charles E. and Walter A.) were in the household.
Ten years later, John and Amanda were enumerated as the father-in-law and mother-in-law of G. LeRoy Loper in Oxford precinct of Furnas County, Nebraska. John was a 61-year-old who had come to the United States in 1868 and was naturalized in 1879. Amanda was 59 years old. They could both read and write but neither of them had an occupation.
In 1930, they had returned to Garfield Township, Norton County, Kansas when John was a 72-year-old white male farmer. Amanda was 69 years old. At the time of their marriage, John had been 20 years old and Amanda just 18.
John died at his home on 28 December 1932 at 75 years of age.
He was survived by his wife, four children; Alice King of Freewater, Oregon; Charles E. Thomas of Oronoque, Kansas; Walter Thomas of Erda, utah; and Sybil Loper of McCook, Nebraska; 16 grandchildren and one great-grandchildren.

John and Amanda 1860-1951 are buried in Norton County.

John and Amanda are in Norton County in 1900, 1910, (in 1920 they're in Furnas County, Nebraska with daughter Syblil Loper 27 and her family_, and 1930. In 1940 Amanda is widowed, living in McCook, Nebraska with daughter Sybil Loper 47 and Leroy Loper 52.

In 1895 Norton County, Kansas, J. H. King is 55, Nelly 44, with Alvatine 26. W.H. is 23, and Nelly 21 born in Iowa.

In 1900 Norton County, Kansas, William H. King born Feb 1872 in Illinois, is widowed, no occupation. He's living with parents John 62 a hotel keeper, and Nancy 53. Josephine is 18, Clarence 12.

A likely spouse is Hattie "wife of W.H. King 1875-1896 " buried in Norton # 49689454.)
In 1910 Kit Carson County, Alice Thomas, 30, born in Iowa, is living alone, farming.
Alice claimed a quarter in 3, 6S 50W in 1912.
William H. King claimed a quarter in 11, 6S 50W in 1912.
He might be a cousin of Elmer E. King, who claimed a quarter in section 18 in 1913.

In 1920 Wm. 47 born in Illinois, is farming in Umatilla County, Oregon. Alice is 40, born in Iowa, John 8 born in Kanss, Ruth 6, Esther May 4, and Wm. H. one month born in Oregon.

In 1930 Umatilla COunty, they have John 18, Ruth 16, Esther M. 13, William H. 10, and Robert 7.

In 1940 William and Alice are fruit farmers, with William H. 20 and Robert B. 17.

Alice Viola Thomas King applied for a delayed birth certificate, living at Freewater, Oregon, she said her parents were John Thomas of Canada and Amanda McCarty of Illinois. She was born Sept 26, 1879 at Dysart, Tama County, Iowa.
Alice married William Henry King June 30, 1910. William 1872-1961 is buried in Portland # 67344502. So is Alice 1879-1968 # 67344523.

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