Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Perry W. Wheatland, brother Frank A. Wheatland, 6 South 50 West

In 1870 Iroquois County, Illinois, George Wheatland is farming, born in Illinois with Ester 21 from Connecticut. Frank is 5, Perry 3, Lydia 1, all three born in Illinois. Emma Reed is 11.

Esther was the daughter of Frederick Smith of LaSalle County, Illionis.

In 1900 Holt County, Nebraska, George Wheatland is 62, Esther 56, Pearl M.E. 14, and Jessie H. 12. Nephew Beorge Bernhardt is 22, born in Illiois.

In 1910 Montezuma County, Colorado, Esther J. Wheatland is 60, living with daughter Pearl M. Lowe 24 and her husband Sim N. Lowe 33.

George William Wheatland 1838-1918 is buried in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, # 5135328, and Esther Jane (Smith) Wheatland 1848-1911 is buried in Montezuma County # 133348824.
Perry claimed a quarter in 2, 6S 50W, Kit Carson County, Colorado, in 1894.
In 1900 Archuleta County, Colorado, Perry is a teamster, born March 1867 in Illionois, single, in a boarding house.

Perry cash-claimed a quarter in Archuleta County in 1905.
He had an interest in a mineral claim in Gilpin County in 1905, with Thomas A. McMullen.

P. W. Wheatland, 41, married Larcine Vereida on July 2, 1908 in Durango, Colorado.

In 1910 Montezuma County, Perry is a logging foreman, 43, with Larsine 26 born in Norway, with Beulah L. 1.

1917 "The name of the company was Hallack and Howard Lumber Company. They operated a big logging camp. Mr. Perry Wheatland was the superintendent of their company camp. They had a big sawmill at a lumber town called La Madera. It had two log trains that ran up to the logging camps and hauled the logs about 12 or 15 miles down a steep mountain grade to the big saw­mill. They also maintained a store where we could buy or order supplies of all kinds, even clothes. We also used the Sears and Roebuck catalog. Nearly all supplies, canned goods, and logging tools came from Denver, Colorado. " "

He's still a logging foreman in 1920, with Larsine 35, Bula 10, and Winformd 9.

He's widowed in 1930 Dolores, Colorado, running a restaurant. Winford 19 and Beulah L. 21 are working with him.

In 1940 Dolores, Perry is living with Winford 29, and his wife Nellie 32 born in Kansas. Her kids Margie Ward 13, Ray 12, both born in COlorado and Margaret 10 born in Washington.
Winford and Nellie have Sally 5 and Doris 3.

Perry 1867-1945 is buried in Dolores Colorado # 54709266, with Larcine 1898-1921 # 7745920.

1921 Telluride, Colorado
November 1921 Telluride, Colorado Daily Journal "Mrs. Pearl Lowe, wife and sister respectively, of S. N. Lowe and J. H. Wheatland, new proprietors of the California restaurant, has had the misfortune to lose, within one week a sister-in-law and brother. Mrs. Lowe went to Dolores last week to attend the funeral of her sister-in-law, who had died after a brief illness. Sunday she was driven to the train by her brother, Perry Wheatland. While en route to Telluride, she received a telegram notifying her of the death of her brother, as a result of an accident in which his automobile had turned turtle. Two of his little children were in the car, but were uninjured. Mrs. Lowe returned immediately to Dolores, and was joined there Monday by Mr. Lowe, who left Telluride in response to a telegram Monday morning." This could have been an erroneous report....

September 1921 "Sheriff Frank A. Wheatland of Montezuma county, spent Sunday night in Telluride with two prisoners, Marvin Roy Gearport and Paul Rand, boys he is taking to the reform school following the theft of two automobiles, of which they were found guilty. He was accompanied bv Sim Lowe."
Winford C., Perry's son, 1910-1989, Wilford's wife, Nellie Ann Wilderson Wheatland 1908-1973.

Beulah Lydia Gunderson 1912-1958 is buried in Whittier, California.
So is Burton Emil Gunderson 1921-1983 # 149356491.

Perry and Frank's sister Pearl Mabel Lowe 1884-1947 is also buried in Whittier # 114073858, with Sim N. Lowe 1877-1967.
She was born September 6, 1886 in Bliss, Nebraska.

Perry and Frank's brother Jesse Homer Wheatland 1887-1970 is also buried in Whittier # 144175204.

He had married Ethel Prothers in O'Neill, Nebraska on December 23, 1906.

J.H. Wheatland was on a Montezuma County, Colorado jury list in 1912.

Both P.W. and J.H. Wheatland had delinquent taxes in Montezuma County in 1913.

September 1919 Montezuma Journal "Thursday night there was a large crowd at the Rebekah lodge. They had quite a nice program and served refreshments. Among those coming from the country were Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Lowe, Mrs. Jess Wheatland and Mrs. Barrett."

Fern Raymond Wheatland 1907-1986 is buried in Mancos # 133983794, with Doris Aileen (Dull) Wheatland 1912-1993. They married in California on Febraury 24, 1939.
He was an Army captain in WWII and Korea.


Frank had a mention of a timber claim in 4S 49W (that would be Washington County, Colorado), and one for a claim in 6S 50 W. Neither one was completed.

Frank was in Antelope County, Nebraska in 1900, a policeman in Pueblo Colorado in 1910, and a town marshal in Montezuma County in 1920, 53, with Della 49 born in Pennsylvania. Mabel is 14, Perry 13, both born in COlorado.

1919 Montezuma Journal "W. G. Spyres of Denver came in Saturday for a few days on business. Mr. Spyres recently sold his meat market here to F. A. Wheatland."

So the siblings - Jesse, Perry, Frank, and Pearl were all in Montezuma County in the late 1910's.

Frank's son Perry W. born August 24, 1906 married Mildred Murphy in California in 1925.

In 1930 Los Angeles he's 26, with Mildred L. 22 and Jack B. 4.

In 1940 Esmeralda County, Nevada, P.W. is a butcher, 33, married to Frankie 28 born in Florida.

Perry registered for WWII in Silver Peak, Esmeralda County, Nevada, born August 24, 1906 at Pueblo Colorado, with next of kin his brother George W. Wheatland.

Jack is 14 in 1940 Huntington Beach, California, and Mildred is 32, married to Wilford K. Dexter 39 born in Idaho.
Perry died March 26, 1987 in Seminole County, Florida.
Frankie Lee Wheatland, born August 21, 1912, died August 1, 1992 in Seminole County.

Jack, born Sept 20, 1925, died February 6, 2014.

Frank's son George, 19, married Margaret Roach in Pueblo Colorado on September 5, 1906.
(Michael Roach and Mary Harney had married October 25, 1869 in Benton, Tennessee.)
May 18, 1904

May 19, 1904
In 1910 Pueblo George Wheatland and Margaret, both 22, have Florence, 3.

June 1919 "Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Wheat1and went to Durango Mouday to meet Mrs. Wheatland's sister Miss Galagher who is coming from Pueblo to visit a few weeks. S. N. Lowe took them over in his car, and they returned the same evening."
(Katherine R. Roach married Ambrose J. Gallgher in Denver on June 25, 1913.)
(Possbly the Ella Roache who married Alfred Single in Pueblo in 1901 is a sister of Katherine and Margaret.)
Mary E. Single born Dec 17, 1881, died in Los Angeles County December 27, 1964.

In 1920 Montezuma County, George is a painter, 33, Margaurite 32 born in Tennessee. They have Florence 12 and Esther 8.
The four of them are in Long Beach, California in 1930.
In 1940 Long Beach, George is an engineer for an oil production firm, 52, Margaret 52. FlorenceI. Baker is 33, widowed, with Norma J. Baker 6 born in California.

Margaret Agnes Wheatland 1887-1966 is buried in Cypress, California # 94556192, with George William Wheatland 1887-1970 # 94556191.
In the same cemetery is Florence Irene Baker 1907-1968 # 94507880.

In 1940 Los Angeles, Esther is 28, married to Marion R. Shipe 35, with Thomas Lee Shipe 3.

Esther is buried in the same cemetery as her parents 1911-1969 # 94548596.
On the same stone is Marion Russell Shipe 1904-1972 # 94548597.

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