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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Henry Crawford White, brother John Alexander White , 6 South 50 West

In 1860 Atchison County, Kansas, Robert White is 38, born in Ohio, Maria 30 Indiana. Jno. A. 18, Nancy O. 6, and Andrew J. 4 were born in Missouri, Thomas M. 2 in Kansas.

In 1865 Atchison County, Robert in 42, Maria 34, John A. 14, Nancy A. 12, Andrw J. 9, Thomas A. 7, James W. 5, and Elisabeth L. 3.

In 1870 Atchison County, Kansas, Robert White is farming, 46 born in Ohio, with Mariah 46 Indiana. John A. is 18, Nancy 16, Andrew 14, Hanes M. 17, James 9, Elizabeth 8, and Henry 5.

Asenath Nancy (White) Sanders 1854-1934 is buried in Nemaha County, Kansas # 60613580, with spouse Joel Talley Sanders 1852-1926.

James W. White 1860-1928 is buried in Brown County # 98985751.
August 18, 1916 Brown County, Kansas "The fifth reunion of the descendants of James and Sarah Shepherd was held Thursday, Aug. 10, 1916, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James W. White, near Holton. Before her marriage Mrs. White was Miss Rose Shepherd, of the John Shepherd line. Tho house and large tent on the lawn were well occupied."

Thomas Miller White, son of Captain Robert and Mariah White, was born in a log cabin near Huron, Atchison County, Kansas in June 1858 and died July 29, 1944 at the Horton, Kansas hospital following a heart attack.
Mr. White and Sarah Ann Denton were united in marriage November 17, 1886, at Denton. They made their home at Huron where Mr. White was affiliated in a general merchandise store until December 1889, when they moved to a farm they had purchased near Willis. To this union were born eight children.
Those preceding him in death were his wife, Sarah, on August 10, 1934, a daughter, Irene McIntyre on January 8, 1942, seven grandchildren, five brothers, and one sister.
Surviving are one brother, H. C. White of Pasadena, Calif.; one sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson of Oak Park, Ill.;

In 1922 his son's passport application said Henry was born in Huron Kansas, and was residing in Olympia Washington.

In 1880 Atchison County, Kansas, Robert White is farming, 57, with Mariah 54. Their son J. M. is 20, daughrte E. L. 18, soHenry C. 14, son F. J. 9.

Robert White 1823-1901 is buried in Brown County, Kansas, # 98985698, with Mariah 1830-1917, # 98985738.
August 23, 1917 Holton, Kansas Recorder "James W. White was called to Corning Tuesday evening by the death of his mother. Holton Recorder, August 23, 1917.
Mrs. James White and daughter Margaret went to Everest last Thursday to attend the funeral of Mr. White’s mother. Holton Recorder, August 30, 1917. "

"James W. White and family attended the funeral of Mrs. White's mother, Mrs. Andrew Shepherd." The Recorder-Tribune, November 9, 1905. Jackson County, Kansas

W. B. Gates, an old citizen living in the west part of town, died last Friday. On Saturday his body was shipped to St. Joseph where he has relatives. His only relative living here is a daughter who resides seven miles west of Holton. Mrs. Gates made a specialty of raising onions, and this year had a big crop which he disposed of for a good profit. The Recorder-Tribune, November 9, 1905. "

James W. White 1860-1928 is buried in Brown County # 98985751.
1901 "Mariah White, of Horton, through Congressman Curtis, has been given a pension of $17 a month."


Harry Miller White was born March 26, 1891 in Brown County, Kanss to Henry C. White and Jenny Wilson.

Henry claimed a quarter in 13, 6S 50W in 1898.

In 1900 Denver, Jennie White is 30, born in Kansas, with Harry M. 9. They're with her brother-in-law Frank White born August 1870 in Kanss, and news reporter.
(Frank Ira White died in Portland Oregon on July 16, 1943.)

In 1910 Hugo, Colorado, Henry is the telegraph operator 43, married 22 years to Jennette, 39 born in Kansas. They have Harry M. 19 born in Kansas.

In 1930 Olympia, Washington, H.C. is still a telegraph operator, 64, swith Jennie 61 and H. M. 39.

In 1940 Seattle, Washington, Henry C. is 74, still saying he was a telegraph operator. M. Joy is 59, born in Tennessee. Harry M. 49 is manager of an oil sales company.

Henry 1866-1953 is buried in Tumwater # 104017782. So is Jennie (Wilson) White 1868-1935 # 132921040.
Harry M. White 1891-1960 is buried in Tumwater, Washington, # 82317672.


In 1860 Wapello County, Iowa, Edmond Gates is 27, married to Harriet, 24. They have Alexander 3 and Sarah nine months.

John married Sarah Frances Gates, February 24, 1878.
In 1880 Atchison County, Kansas, John is farming, 28 born in Missouri, with Sarah, 24 born in Iowa.
In 1900 Atchison County, John is farming, born December 1851 in Missouri, with Sarah Sept 1859 Iowa. Nellie ws born July 1899 in Kansas.

John claimed a quarter in 10, 6S 50W in the same section as Henry, on the same day in 1898.
John was the Flagler postmaster from December 1907 to January 1914.

In 1910 Flagler, John is a hardware merchant, 58, with Sarah F. 50. Nellie is 15 born in Kanss. Sarah's father Edmund U Gates, 77, fornin Indiana, widowed, is living with them.

Edmund U. Gates, 53 married Nancy A. (Richardson) Hare on August 6, 1885 in Nemaha County, Kansas.

May 1910 Burlington "John A. White of Flagler was in the city Monday on business connected with the Martin estate."

In 1911 J.A. White of Flagler was the president of School District # 35.

In 1909 John owned a purebred Red Polled herd
September 19, 1912 the Burlington newspaper noted "John Smith, the nasby of Flagler, made this office a welcome call Thursday."

In 1920 Flagler, John is still a hardware merchant, 67, with Sarah 60. Niece Amy Kruchter, widowed, is operating the post office, 24 born in Kansas, and nephew Donald M. Gates is a hardware salesman, 20, born in Colorado.
(Donald was in Kit Carson County in 1910, with George A. 40 and Lizzie H. 37. Amy R. is 19, John E. 15, and Marie S. 12.)

In 1922 John was vice-president of the Farmers State Bank of Flagler.

In 1930 Flagler, John and Sarah are still operating a hardware store, and have adopted Alice M. 16 born in Oklahoma and Myrtle E. 15 born in Missouri.

Petroleum V. Nasby, in full Petroleum Vesuvius Nasby, pseudonym of David Ross Locke (born Sept. 20, 1833, Binghamton, N.Y., U.S.—died Feb. 15, 1888, Toledo, Ohio), American humorist who had considerable influence on public issues during and after the American Civil War.

From an early age Locke worked for newspapers in New York and Ohio. In 1861, as editor of the Findlay (Ohio) Jeffersonian, he published the first of many satirical letters purporting to be written by one Petroleum V. Nasby. For over 20 years Locke contributed “Nasby Letters” to the Toledo Blade, which under his editorship gained national circulation. Many of the letters appeared also in such books as The Nasby Papers (1864) and The Diary of an Office Seeker (1881).

John 1851-1931 is buried in Flagler, # 27163840.
So is Sarah Frances (Gates) White 1859-1938, # # 27163810.

Sarah Frances (Gates) White was the daughter of Harriet (Sponsler) and Edmund Uriah Gates. John married Sarah Frances Gates, February 24, 1878.
John A. White, was a pioneer hardware merchant in Flagler, Kit Carson County, Colorado. He celebrated his twentieth year in the hardware business on Monday, November 20, 1922. He was a postmaster at Flagler from 1908 to 1914. The post office was in his hardware store.
The couple did not have any children of their own. However, John and Sarah adopted Elizabeth "Lizzie" Hannah Bishop from an orphanage.
In 1884, Sarah's mother, Harriet (Sponsler), died. At that time, Sarah and John White, took her younger brother, George Oliver, into their home to care for him. George Oliver was eleven years old.
In 1894, the White couple adopted an infant, Nellie C. (Searcy).
In 1901, another family tragedy struck. Blanche Vivian (Townsend) Gates, wife of Sarah's brother, Hanford J Gates, died.
This left Hanford a widower with a four year-old daughter, Ruth Vivian Gates. Again the White family welcomed another child into their home. Sadly, Ruth Vivian died in 1907, at the age of ten years.
In 1922, Sarah Frances was 63 years old, and her husband John A. White was 65 years old. The couple adopted two little girls, Alice and Myrtle.
So, altogether, the couple adopted four children: Lizzie, Nellie, Alice and Myrtle. ~ CG 2011

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