Kit Carson County, Colorado

Gottlieb Albrecht   , 7S 42W

Gottlieb cash-claimed a quarter in 28, 7S 42W in 1891, and timber-claimed another in 1895.
Gottlieb Albrecht married Louisa Bauer in Cheyenne County Nebraska (Book 2, page 182)
He might be the "Gottliev Albreght" in 1885 Furnas County Nebraska, with father Michael 60 and Johnaanna 50. Gottliev is 21, Michael 18, John 13, -all born in Russia- Jacob 8, and Konrad 5 born in Nebraska.
Gottlieb Albrecht in 1900 Frontier County, Nebraska, born March 1864 in Russia, married six years to Louise Dec 1875 Illinois. Milon January 1895 Nebraska, Louis Aug 1897 Iowa, Helen Jul 1898Nebraska, and Frederick Jun 1899 Nebraska.
In 1910 Frontier County, Gottlieb is 46, Louise 34, Milon H. 15, Lewis M. 13, Helen J. 11, Fred C. 10, Walter S. 8, Henry J. 6, Hilda T. 4, Marie E. 2, and Anna L. 1.
Next household is Michael 85 and Johanna 74.
Gottlieb 1864-1928 is buried in Kearney, Nebraska, with Louise Angeline (Bauer) Albrecht5 1875-1933.

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