Kit Carson County, Colorado

Mary H. Fleming, sister Margaret (Fleming) and Alfred Wallet , 7S 42W

William Fleming married Mary A. Graham in Hancock County Illinois May 26, 1841.

In 1850 Hancock County, Illinois, William Fleming is farming 47, born in Ireland, with Mary A. 44, Delaware. Samuel R. is 15, Frances Graham is 11, Margaret A. Fleming 8, Mary H. 6, William M. 4, and John seven months.
William Fleming was the county clerk in 1865 Hancock County.
In 1870 Hancock County, William and Mary have only Mary -24, teaching school - and John.
Margearet married Alfred wallet in Hancock County on July 1, 1869.
Margaret is married to Alfred Wallet, 30, in 1870 Hancock County.
In 1880 Hancock County, Illinois, Mary H. Fleming is 35, with parents Wm. 77 and Mary A. 73.
The "Wallett" family is in Colfax County, Nebraska in 1880 with Alfred O. 9 and Mauriece 4.

Mary proved up a quarter in 9, 7S 42W in 1895.
Alfred proved up a quarter in 9, 7S 42 W in 1894, and timber-claimed a quarter in 9, 7S 42W in 1902.

In 1900 Kit Carson County, she's single, born Aug 1844 in Illinois, living with her sister Margaret A. Wallet born March 1842 in Illinois and her husband Alfred Wallet April 1840 France. Freddie Wallet June 1871 Illinois, Maurice Wallet July 1876 Illinoiis are farming, nad Belle M. Wallet April 1883 Nebraska is in school.
In 1910 Kit Carson County, the Wallet kids are gone, and Mary is living with Aslfred and Margaret.

Mary is buried in Beaver Valley Cemetery, Kit Carson County 1844-1918, # 56908600.

Alfred Wallet was born in Paris, France April 25, 1840, coming to America in 1848, to New Orleasns, then St. Louis.
Margaret Ann Fleming, descendant of Roger William os colonial time, married Alfred Wallet in Illinois July 2, 1869. They had Fred, Maurice, and Belle. They moved to Schuyler Nebraska, then to Colorado, bringing a freight car with eight cows, six horses, chickens, geese and hogs, debarking at Haigler. They came to the homestead following the old stagecoach route wheich ran between Haigler an Cheyenne Wells.
They hauled water from a "pay well" owned by Mr. Messinger. Margaret's sister Mary Fleming helped to herd the cattle.
In 1920 Kit Carson County, Alfred is 79, Margaret 77, Maruie A. 42. With them is Belle M. Winters 36, widowed, with George K. 12, Alfred Wayne Winters 9, and Irene M. 14.

Alfred sold the farm in 1920 and moved to Kanorado.
In 1925 Kanorado, Alfred is 84, with Belle mangus 29, Alva Mangus 29, Irene Winter 19, George 17, Wayne 14, and Julia Paul 21- hired helper.

Belle Wallet married A.D. "Shon" Mangus, living southeast of Kanorado.

Alfred Wallet 1840-1926 is buried in Kanorado # 67257918, with Margaret 1842-1923.
B.F. Fleming "of Kanorado Kansas" was a witness in 1911 for the land claim of Albert C. Morrison in 8S 42W.

Belle Wallet married George B. Winter Sept 14, 1904, recorded in Kit Carson COunty.
Maurice Wallet was a witness.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Belle Winters and George have been married five years. She has Irene 7, and George 2..
But the 1910 census of Sedgwick County has George 31, Belle 27, Irene I. 4, and George 2.

Wayne A. Winter is an oil roustabout in 1930 Natrona County, Wyoming, 20, with Sylvia 20 and three month-old Donald.
They're in Kanorado in 1940, with Donald 10 and Jerry L. 5.
A. Wayne Winter 1910-1984 is buried in Kanorado # 67257942.
Sylvia # 89643271 is buried in Burlington "Sylvia Reynolds was born Sylvia Armitage on April 6, 1910, near Hale and was a long time resident of Burlington Colorado. She was a bookkeeper at Orth's Department Store in Burlington. She passed away on Friday, September 1, 2000. She was preceded in death by her husband, Ernie Reynolds. They are forever together at Fairview Cemetery in Burlington. My dad was living in Munday Texas. He had been doing the wheat harvest for a few years. The combine operators follow the wheat north as it ripens all the way up into North Dakota. He spoke of this beautiful woman he had met on the harvest in Colorado and Kansas. He later returned to take her as his wife. They returned to south Texas where she became not only my father's wife but my second mother. I know that he loved her very much."

So is George K. Reynolds 1907-1980.

Irene is in Holbrook Arizona in 1930, 24, married to Wm D. Nutting 34. They have Alie 3 and Lois 1.

Irene W. Nutting 1905-1982 is buried in Holbrook, Arizona # 19587669.
George K. Winter is in 1930 Natrona Wyoming, 22, working at the gas plant bunkhouse, single.
George 1907-1980 # 67257953 is buried in Kanorado, with Nell F. 1911-1985.

Maurice A. Wallet filed for land in 18, 7S 42W in 1910, witnesses Floyd J. Weeks, Franklin E. White, Alfred E. Calkins, and Fred Wallet.
Maurice 1876-1948 # 67257921 and Fred 1871-1951 share a tombstone in Karnorado.
Fred and Maurice are next to each other in the 1910 census, separate households.

Fred Wallet divorced Frances Wallet in 1916 in Kit Carson County.

Freddie proved up a quarter in 19, 7S 42W in 1901, and Maurice one in 18 in 1910.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Fred is living alone,.

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