Kit Carson County, Colorado

Nancy E. Loyd, 7S 42W

Samuel M. and Alvira (Cage) Lloyd, 8S 48W

Possibly the Nancy E. Loyd in 1880 Phillips County, Kansas, 30 born in Missouri, with husband W.R. Loyd 34, Ollie J. 13, Amanda 11, John L. 9, and Ann R. 7, all kids born in Missouri.
In 1887 Phillips County, William L. Gilbert and Henry Gay, co-partners, filed suit against William R. Loyd and nancy E. Loyd for a mortgage on land in 3S. 17 W, section 3.

William Riley Loyd 1846-1896 is buried in Gretna, Phillips County # 10945581 - a different cemetery than Nancy,

She's widowed, farming, in 1900 Phillips County, born April 1849 in Missouri, and kids John S. Nov 1872, William R. June 1880, May S. January 1887, Della March 1889, and Stella March 1889
1903 Phillips County Kansas, August Theieler transferred 80 acres in section 18, Crystal township. to Nancy E. Lloyd.
In 1910 Phillips County, only Dell, 20 is with Nancy.

Nancy cash-claimed a quarter in 31, 7S 42W in 1913.

In 1920 Phillips County, only Mae, 32, is with Nancy.
Nancy Elizabeth (Pell) Loyd 1849-1927 is buried in Phillipsburg, Kansas, # 8502188.

In 1870 Harrison County, Missouri, Calvin S. Lloyd is 55, Chloe Ann 50, Samuel M. 15, Henry A. 10, and Calvin S. 7.
Also in 1870 Harrison County, William H. Cage, farming, 56, Phebe M. 42, Emily F. 18, Mary E. 14, Cyrus E. 13, ALVIRA V. 11, Alfred O. 8, and Isaac C. 5.
In 1900 Harrison County, Missouri, Samuel born June 1854 was married twenty years to Alvira V. Feb 1859 in Indiana. Edgar W. Nov 1882, Chloe A. April 1888, Mabel N. Feb 1890, Samuel O. Oct 1892, and Dewey R. March 1900 were all born in Midssouri.
Chloe A. Lloyd married Fred C. Fuhlendorf October 13, 1909, recorded in Kit Carson County.
In 1910 Samuel and "Viana" are in Kit Carson County, with Mabel 20, Homer 18, and Phoebe Cage, 82, widowed mother-in-law from North Crolina.
Samuel M. Lloyd proved up a quarter in 14, 8S 48W in 1912.
Phoebe Cage 1829-1915 died in Los Angeles, California. She had been living with Alfred O. Cage, a carpenter, at 942 E. 43rd.
In 1920 Kit Carson County, Samuel and Alvira are living with Omer S. 26. Lee R. Lloyd, 12, is Omer' snephew.
In 1930 Kit Carson County, "Avera" V. Lloyd 71 has Edgar W. 47 and Omar 37 living with her.
Samuel 1854-1923 # 95398157 and Alvira V. Lloyd 1859-1937 are buried in Vona, Colorado.
Edgar Wilson Lloyd 1882-1975, Chloe Altha (Lloyd) Fuhlendorf 1888-1967, and Samuel Omer Lloyd 1892-1973 are also buried in Vona.
Lee Russell Lloyd, per # 1358101355, died May 17, 1977, buried in Whittier, California.

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