Kit Carson County, Colorado

Grant L. Moffett, 7S 42W

In 1880 Adams County, Illinois, Grant is 16, one of eight kids of Charles H. 48 and Isabelle M. 44 Moffett.
Grant L. Moffett married Mary Ellen Atkinson December 25, 1894, recorded in Denver.

Grant timber-claimed a quarter in 32, 7S 42W in 1895.

In 1900 Denver, Grant is a clerk in a grocery, born Oct 1864 , married five years to Mary E. Nov 1863, both Illinois. Grant L. was born June 1896 in Colorado. George W. Moffatt born June 1899 in Colorado, and mother-in-law Georgia Atkinson April 1834 Kentucky - Mary's mother, is with them.

In 1910 Denver, Grant, a grocery salesman, and Mary, both 45, have Charles 13, George 10, and John 8.

In 1920 Denver, Grant, a clerk for a fraternal order, and Mary have Charles 23, George 20, and John 18 is a meter reader for a gas & electric company.

In 1930 Denver, Grant L. and Mary E. is a record keeper for the Maccabeees, and they live at 944 Lincoln.

John L. Moffett (Eleanor L.) with Moffett & Hitchcock, live at 970 Harrison. Eleanor is a teacher.

Mary and Grant are in Denver in 1930, where he's an insurance salesman. Charles W. is 33.

Grant 1864-1939 is buried in Denver, #145234862, with Mary Ellen (Atkinson) Moffett 1863-1932.
Son Charles W. Moffett 1896-1980 and Mary J. Moffett 1899-1978 are also buried there.

Charles registered for WWI in Denver, born June 16, 1896 at Clayton, Illinois, nearest relative Grant L. Moffett - both lived at 944 Lincoln, Denver.

John is in Massachusetts in 1930, married, an engineer for General Electric.
John, born May 31, 1901, died Feb 23, 1988 in St. Petersburg, Florida, buried in Chappell Cemetery, Clearwater, Florida.

Charles W. Moffett married Mary L. Lewis October 1, 1930, recorded in Denver.

Charles is married in 1940 Denver, a secretary for a railroad, 43, with Mary L. 40, born in Texas.

Grant L. Moffett married Lena Florence Steingoetter July 25, 1936, recorded in Denver.

Geo. W. Moffett married Martha H. Hoper December 14, 1929, recorded in Adams County, Colorado.
Martha, 38, born in Kansas and George 40 are in Denver in 1940.
In 1947 Denver, George is an agent for Prudential, and they live at 1586 Logan. John L. (Lenor S.) still live at 970 Harrison.
William G. (Laurina) is a packer for H & BM & S CO, and they live at 3131 W. 22nd.
In 1951 Denver, George is still a Prudential agent, and they live at 700 Quitman. Wm.G. is a clerk with Crane-O'Fallon, and they live at 3131 W. 22nd. Eleanor is a teacher at the Sherman School, and lives at 1920 Leyden.
George, per SSDI, died March 1987, last residence Tucson, Arizona.

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