Kit Carson County, Colorado

Charles August Peterson, mother Annie M. Peterson, 7S 42W

In Des Moines COunty, Iowa, there were five Charles Peterson's declaring intent. Carly Alfred October 1863, Charles January 1861, Charles January 20, 1862, Charles October 1876, and Charley Oct 1872.

In 1880 Des Moines County, Iowa, Emma S. Peterson is 17, born in Iowa, with parents Charles 63 and Anna 60, both born in Sweden.
In 1880 Des Moines County, Charles and Mary, both 30 born in Sweden, have Hubert 8, Albert 7, Julia 5 and Ester 4, all born in Iowa.

Emma M. Peterson 1881-1893 is buried in Kanorado # 67096479. Belle Mangus wrote "One winter there was an outbreak of scarlet fever, one family lost four children and thre were many more deaths throughout the County. Mother was called to Chrlie Peter's, who lived across the school section from us, wehre Earl James now lives. Emma, a girl of twelve, died from complications of the disease. My mother was there for many days, becauuse all the family were stricken. ... as the funeral procession was on its way to Kanorado....a fire broke out..."
In 1885 Des Moines County, Charles is farming, 68, Anna 65, both born in Sweden, with Sophia 21 born in Des Moines County.
One tree said Charles -the father- died in 1887 - (Wonder if the C.J. Peterson 1833-1887 buried in Des Moines COunty could be the one._

Annie proved up a quarter in 22, 7S 42W in December 1895.
Charles cash-claimed a quarter in 22, 7S 42W in 1891, and proved up one in section 15 in January 1895.
In 1900 Kit Carson County, Charles born April 1849, married 29 years to Mary Feb 1845, both in Sweden, have Herbert Jan 1872, Albert Oct 1873, Nettie July 1884, Minnie July 1886 - these four born in Iowa - Frank Oct 1888 Colorado, and Violet April 1890, Colorado.

Anna M. Peterson - no headstone, died August 17, 1905 and is buried in Kanorado # 67096478.
In 1910 Yellowstone County, Nettie 25 and sister Minnie 23 are teaching. Next household is Herbert I. , 41, farming.

In 1910 Yellowstone County, Montana, Charles is farming, with Mary , with only Frank (farming) and Violet (a teacher).

All four are in Yellowstone County in 1920, and Frank doesn't have an occupation. Violet is a grade school teacher.

Charles died April 4, 1928 in Pierce County, Washington.
In 1930 Yellowstone County, Albert J. Peterson is 56, with his mother Mary E. 86 widowed, sisters Nettie 45 and Minnie 43 are both teachers.
Mary J. Peterson 1844-1934 is buried in Billings, # 81671228,
Belle Mangus wrote "an Anderson married a sister of Charles Peterson." That could be Sophia
Frank Charles Peterson 1889-1944 is buried in Billings # 81664071
Ester Chamberlain is Burlington, Colorado, in 1900, born Sept 1877 in Iowa, with her son Richert August 1889 Colorado, father born in Kansas. Esther is a servant for the Michael Higgins hotel-keeping family.
Esther is in Huntley, Yellowstone County, Montana when Rubert Leland Chamberlain registered for WWI there. He was a farmer.
In 1920 Esther is married to James R. Strong, and they're farming in Yellowstone COunty.
May 1958 Billings, Montana

July 18, 1956 Billings "Funeral services for Robert Leland Chamerlain will be held Wednesday, intermet in Sunset Memorial Gardens."
# 81256902 says his spouse was Leota May Chamberlain 1905-1965.

Julia Peterson married Frank Leichtweis May 10, 1898, recorded in Denver, and they're in Denver for the 1900 census.

Julia Iva (Peterson) Leichtweis 1875-1967 is buried in Lake COunty, California # 50960558.

Minnie Sophia Peterson 1886-1952 is also buried in Billings # 81649455 "As a young child she moved from Iowa to Kit Carson County Colorado where she lived on the family farm. From there the family moved to Montana and was involved with the Huntley Project. Minnie became a teacher and taught for 37 years at the Huntley Project in Montana."
Violet Ann Peterson 1890-1973 is buried in Billings # 81663934.
Herbert Ivan Peterson 1872-1939 is buried in Billings # 81652583.
Nettie Lavina Peterson 1884-1959 is buried in Billings # 81663799 -

Albert Julius Peterson 1873-1955 is buried in Billings # 81664281.

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