Kit Carson County, Colorado

Nelson Thrush, 7S 42W

In 1870 Fulton County, Ohio, Jacob Thrush is 52, Mary 37 John 17, Sarah J. 15, David A. 10, Nelson R. 8, Jacob A. 6, Laura E. 4, and Leery (Leroy) 1.
Jacob 1817-1900 is buried in Urbana, Illinois # 112055445 "Husband of Martha. Father of David, Nelson, Jacob, Leroy, Minnie and Pearl. "
One post said Jacob had married an Olivia first, begetting Samuel and Mary E. Then he married Mary Jane Hardy Sept 26, 1850 Hancock County, Ohio. She ws born July 12, 1833 to Joseph and ASarah Hardy and died Oct 5, 1871, buried Raker Cemettery, Fulton County, Ohio, after having John Allen - married Matilda C.Keller, Sarah Jane marrying a Wilson, Joseph and david died young, Nelson, Jacob A., Larua O marrying Charles Bauders and then Frank Overholt, Leroy, Minie marrying Joseph Knott.
Jacob's third marriage was to Martha J. Miller in Fulton COunty, Ohio.

PERHAPS Olive Spurgeon "Malcolm Koch's later wife Mary Elizabeth who died 03 Sep 1915 in Urbana; parents were listed as Jacob Thrush b OH, and Olive Spurgeon b OH. "The second wife of our subject, to whom he was married April 7, 1864, was Miss Mary E. Thrush, a native of Hancock County, Ohio, born in 1834, and the daughter of Jacob and Olivia (Spurgeon) Thrush, also natives of the Buckeye State. The mother died young, being only twenty-five years of age. Jacob Thrush is still living and a resident of Cornell, Livingston County, this State, being sixty-nine years of age.

Nelson proved up a quarter in 26, 7S 42W in 1894.
In 1900 Osborne County, Nelson born July 1863 in Ohio, married nine years to Florence May 1866 Indiana, have Charles Aug 1892 and Collesteen March 1896, both in Kansas.

In 1910 Osborne County, Kansas, Nelson is 46, born in Ohio, married 20 years to Florence 42, Indiana. Charley W. 17, Celesteen 14, and Nina 7 were born in Kansas. Mother-in-law Martha Lund 69 born in Illinois, and nephew Frank Phegley, 16, born in Kansas.

Florence is in Osborne County in 1920, 53, with Martha Lund 79 and Nina 17.
Florence 1867-1929 is buried in Osborne County, per # 111964621.
Her mother Martha 1841-1929 is also buried there # 58548838.

Nelson is in Yolo County California in 1920, 55, a laborer on a fruit farm. Both are widowed.
Nelson, per # 76793981, is buried in Woodland, California Block 10, lot 27/30, grave 12a.
Charles Wesley Thrush registered in Yolo County, born August 10, 1894 in Mitchell County, Kansas. farming, single.
Charley is back in Mitchell, Kansas in 1920, 27,. married to Gladys.
One tree said "Charles married Beatrice Rosella Pedroia (born Loranger) on month day 1920, at age 25 at marriage place, California. Beatrice was born on October 23 1903, in Madison, Yolo, California, USA. They divorced on month day 1922, at age 28 at divorce place, California."

1915 Osborne "Mrs. Gene Greig took seriously ill Monday morning. Dr. Miller was summoned. Miss Celestine Thrush is attending her and the last reports were that she was improving. "

Celesteen is in Osborne County in 1920, 24, a nurse., living with the Bradley family.
In 1930 Celestina is in Los Angeles, 34, married to Leo B. Jones, 47.
It appears that Leo is married to another person in 1940, and he's buried there.
Cellesteen Thrush Jones has a record in the Covert Cemetery, but the VA application for headstone has her buried in Los Angeles National dying October 16, 1934, # 80892876.

Nina is a student in 1923 Salina Kansas, and in 1930 is married to Emil Forney, running a candy shop in Lawrence Kansas.

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