Kit Carson County, Colorado

Perry Barnes  , 7S 43W

Rachel Beatty was born Feb 12, 1870 in Carroll County, Ohio to Wallen M. Beatty and Margaret Whitacre.
Elizabeth M. (Holmes) Beatty, 1848-1932 is buried in Stark County, Ohio # 101740387. with Wallen Miller Beatty 1846-1910.

Perry cash-claimed a quarter in section 12, 7S 42W in 1891.

William P. Barnes is in Texas County, Missouri in 1900, born May 1870 in Iowa, married to Rachel six years. She was born Feb 1870 in Ohio. They have Blanch 5, Paul S. 2, Alta F. 1, and Mary B. two months.

In 1910 Denver, Perry is an artificial ice maker, 39, Rachel 40, Blanch 15 is a cash girl in a department store, Paul is 13, Alta 11, Mary 10, Thomas 8, and Ray 2.

Henry Kendrick married Alta Barnes October 2, 1915, recorded in Douglas County.

February 1917 Douglas County, Colorado "Mrs. Perry Barnes, of Husted, visited overnight with her daughter Mrs. Dutch Kendrick, Monday night."

Douglas County, Colorado 1918 - Pring items " Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kendrick, Billie and Fern motored to Spring Valley and had dinner with Mr. Perry Barnes, mother and sister, Mrs. Lucy Barnes and sister, Jennie."

Perry Norman Barnes was born March 10, 1884 in Huntsville, Arkansas, and died in 1868, marrying Kate Dyer in 1904. They had Norman in 1905, Pearl in 1908, George in 1909, Royce 1912, Vernon 1914, all in Arkansas, Laura in 1917 in Kansas, and Arlie Mary in 1920 Boyero, Lincoln COunty.

December 18, 1920 Boyero items "Perry Barnes has moved to the A. R. Cox ranch and traded his Ford to Mark Ramsey. A. R. Cox and wife moved to Hugo."

Wm. Perry Barnes 1870-1939 and Rachel Ann Barnes 1870-1961 # 34056818 are buried in Monument, Colorado.
William's father Andrew Thomas Barnes 1844-1917 is buried in Monument, with Oskaloosa Fansher) Barnes 1847-1919.

January 1, 1921 Boyero, Colorado items in the Hugo newspaper "Mr. and Mrs. Perry Barnes are the proud parents of a baby girl. Mother and babe doing nicely."
April 1921 "Perry Barnes and family started overland for Kansas last Wednesday. Here’s a hoping they encounter no worse roads than we have seen in the past week."

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