Kit Carson County, Colorado

Lloyd L. Penniston  , 7S 43W

Sarah Dickson proved up a quarter in 7, 7S 43W in 1911. Her witnesses were William Kreoger, James M. Poole, Frank Rankins, and Rosebud Williams, all of Burlington.
On the same day, Lloyd L. Penniston proved up a quarter in the same section.
In 1870 Lafayette County, Wisconsin, Daniel Penniston is 44, Sarah A. 35, Charles 23, Joseph 14, A.M> 12, T. Lloyd 10, Byron 8, George N. 4, and WIlliam E. 2.

In 1880 Crawford County, Iowa, Lloyd Penniston is 19, a farm laborer for W. A. Flint.

In 1900 Howard County, Nebraska Lloyd is farming, born April 1859 in Wisconsin. He's married 14 years to Issabelle May 1872, Iowa, but she's been married nine years.
In 1910 Lloyd, 50, Isabel 41, and George 4 born in Canada are in Kit Carson County, Colorado. Next household is Sarah Penniston, 80 widowed, born in Pennsylvania.
In 1920 St. Clair County, Missouri, Lloyd is farming, 65, Isabelle 47. She immigrated in 1877, naturalized in 1885. George W. 14 was born in Kansas.

Lloyd 1860-1945 # 39274238, Isabelle (Kerr) Penniston 1869-1921, and George W. 1905-1991 are buried in Independence, Missouri.

George Wallace Penniston, age 40, married Vica May Johnson 38, in Jackson County Missouri on April 15, 1946.

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