Kit Carson County, Colorado

James M. Stuart  , 7S 43W

James claimed a quarter in 8, 7S 43W in 1890.

He possibly is the one in Ellsworth, Kansas in 1880, 45, a house carpenter, with Phebe 41, Ida 23, Anna 18 a teacher, Gertie 16, Maude 11, Bertha 4, and Edgar 1.
He's a probate judge in 1900 Hutchinson, Kansas, born March 1836 in Pennsylvania, married 26 years to Sarah Nov 1839 Pennsylvania, with Myrtle December 1876 Pennsylvania,a clerk in the court, and Edgar Sept 1878 Kansas is a tinner.

March 19, 1902 "Mrs. J. M. Stuart, wife of ex-Probate Judge J. M. Stewart, died of heart failure this morning at 4 o'clock, at her home 306 Fourth avenue east. Mrs. Stuart has been sick with dropsy since the latter part of November and through all these long months of suffering has been patient and uncomplaining. Who was known as a noble Christian woman and was devotedly loved by her family and revered by her many friends. Her maiden name was Phebe Richards, and she was born November 25, 1838. She was married in 1855 to James M. Stuart.
To them were born nine children, namely: Mrs. Mulhollen of Wilmore, Penn., Mrs. llilr- man of Altoona, Penn., Mrs. Fred Smith of Reno county, Kan., Mrs. Bryant of Peabody, Kan., Mrs. D. E. Snyder of Needles, Calif., W. U. Stuart of Los Angeles, Calif., Mrs. Giegoldt of Albuquerquo, N. M., Miss Bertha and Edgar M. Stuart, who live at home. The family moved here from Nickerson in 18?7. The funeral arrangements have not been made as several of the children have not yet been heard from."

March 20, 1902 Hutchinson "Mr. and Mrs. Bryant and BOU of Peabody arrived last night, having been called here by the death of Mrs. Bryant's mother, Mrs. J. M. Stewart. Mrs. Giegoldt, another daughter, will arrive from Albuquerque tonight and Mrs. D. E. Richards of Needles California, will arrive tomorrow night."

Phebe 1883 ??-1902 is buried in Hutchinson, per # 48763512. So is James M. 1835-1920.

April 1903 "Mrs. T. R. Bryant, who has been visiting her father, J. M. Stewart, returned home this morning."
In 1910 Hutchinson, James is 75, widowed, living with daughter Bertha Clark married to Arthur 37 and their son Stuart 3.
Anna K. Bryant 48 born in Pennsylvania is with them married 28 years, two of her three children still living - probably James' daughter.
Next household is Sarah Graham, 51, widowed with her son-in-law Harry Squire, 35 widowed.

In 1915 Hutchinson, James is married, 80, living with Bertha and Arthur Clark and their son Stuart Clark. Head of the household is Sarah Graham 62.

James is widowed in 1920 Richmond, California, 84, living with Arthur Bertha and Stuart A. 12.

October 20, 1920 Hutchinson "We wish to thank our friends for their words of sympathy, and the beautiful flowers, at the burial of our dear father, the late J. M. Stewart, who died at Richmond, Calif., and was buried here in Hutchinson.

In 1930 Richmond, California, Arhtur WS. Clark is a yard master for the Santa Fe, 56, born in Missouri, with Bertha C. 52 Pennsylvania.

1932 Hutchinson "Stuart Clark, of New York city, who is visiting with his aunts, Mrs. Anna Bryant and Mrs. I. L. Kirkhuff in Hutchinson, says Kansans don't know what the high cost of living is. He pays $40 per month for one small unfurnished room, four floors up without elevator, and thinks he is fortunate. One residence just around the corner from him rents for $68,000 a year. And isn't so much, at that. "

Arthur died October 7, 1936 in Alameda County, California.


In 1900 Reno County, Kansas, Anna Bryant, born April 1862 in Pennsylvania, has been married 20 yeas to Thomas R. Bryant Juen 1857 Missouri.. HJarry is 19 and Clarence is 12.

In 1920 they're in Oakland, California, Thomas no occupation, 62, Anna 57, and Harry 38 is a mechanic, divorced.
Anna is widowed in 1940 Hutchinson, with Clarence and Harry.

Anna K. Bryant 1862-1940 is buried in Hutchinson # 39563638.

Ida E. Smith 1858-1942 is buried in Reno County, # 62460284, with Fred B. Smith 1858-1937.


In 1900 Gertrude is in Needles, California, born April 1867 in Pennsylvania, married 12 years to David E. Snyder, a locomotive fireman born June 1867
Mabel L. 11 was born in Kansas, Gladys 9 in New Mexico, and Elmer S. 3 in Kansas.

Gertrude 1866-1934 is buried in Salt Lake City, # 167179, with David Elmer Snyder 1868-1941


In 1910 Albuquerque, Maud L. Giegoldt is 41, bon in Pennsylvania, married 21 years to George. They have Earl S. 19 and Janet 17.
In 1922 Richmond, California, George is a foreman for the Santa Fe, with Maude at 135b 15th. Earl (Minnie M.) is a painter, living at 536 4th.

George 79 and Maude 71 are in Sunnyvale, California in 1940,
Maude died September 25, 1942 in Santa Clara County, California.


Edgar is in San Bernardino California in 1920, 42, with mary 43, both born in Kansas.
He's an air brake worker for a railroad.


In 1900 Altoona, Pennsylvania, Frank Hileman is a blacksmith, born Aug 1857, married 22 years to Leota Jan 1858. Harry is 21, Adolphus 19, Mary 17, James 14, Helen 12, John 9, Frank 7, George 4, Richard 1, and Harry's wife Jessie is 18 - all born in Pennsylvania.

October 10, 1902 Altoona, Pennsylvania "J. M. Stuart,ex-probate Judge of Hutchinson, Kansas, accompanied by his two daughters, Miss Bertha and Mrs. Anna Bryant and son, are visiting at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Frank Hileman, 1424 Thirteenth avenue."

Frank 1857-1934 is buried in Altoona, with Leota # 91836627
"She was born Lenalota, but primarily was known as Lena. She was also known as Leota.
From the Altoona Tribune 7/31/1931

Mrs. Leota Hileman, wife of Frank Hileman, 3706 Fifth avenue, died Thursday 4:05 a. m. at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Frank Langer, Altoona, of complications after ten days of illness. Mrs. Hileman was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Stewart, born January 4, 1858, at Canoe Creek. She was a member of the First Baptist Church.
Surviving are her husband, six sons and three daughters: Harry L., A. Charles, J. W. Frank Jr., George W. and Richard N. Hileman. Mrs William Griffith and Mrs William Griffith [as printed] and Mrs. Frank Langer, Altoona; Mrs Helen Bollinger, New York; six sisters: Mrs. Bertha Clark, Mrs. Anna Bryant and Mrs. Maude Giegoldt, California; mrs. Gertie Snyder, Salt lake City; mrs. F. B. Smith, Kansas; Mrs Mary Muholland, Sourth Fork. "

In 1900 Summerhill, Pennsylvania, Mary Mulholland iborn June 1854 in Pennsylvania, married 27 years to William Mulholland, with cora 16, Lennon 15, Laura 12, Lizzie 10, and Annie 8.

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