Kit Carson County, Colorado

John W. Turnbull  , 7S 43W

John cash-claimed a quarter in 27, 7S 43W in 1891. He had a record of a timber claim in that township, but it wasn't completed.


John W. Turnbull is a carpenter in 1900 Omaha, Nebraska, born April 1854 in Illinois, married 24 years to Nancy January 1858 Missouri. Stella 18 and Mand 13 were bon in Missouri, Edna 7 in Nebaska.

Stella, daughter of John Turnbull and Nancy McDonald, married M.E. Fouts on May 17, 1922 in Pottawattamie County, Iowa.
Widowed, Mrs. Stella Warner married M.E. Fouts on May 17, 1922 in Pottawattamie County.

In 1910 Omaha, John is still a carpenter 54, Mary E. 52, Maud B. 23 is a stenographer, and Edna A. is 17.

Nancy E. is widowed in 1920 Omaha, 61, with Maud B. 32 a bookkeeper for a furrier.


In 1880 Stark County, Illinois, John H. Turnbull is 49, Mary 46, Andrew O. 18, Hannah E. 16, May S. 14, Martha E. 12, and William N. 10.

John Turnbull born Sept 1830 in Scotland, is in Stark County Illinois in 1900, with Mary May 1834, Scotland. She's had six kids, all living. He was the brother of Thomas Turnbull, whose widow Flora claimed land in Kit Carson County.

John Henry Turnbull 1830-1915 is buried in Stark County # 22926258, wtih Mary 1833-1906.
There was a Charles Turnbull cash-claiming in Logan County, Colorado in 1891, but that was a hundred miles away....

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