Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

John W. Brafford, 8 South 49 West

William Russell Brafford's book relates "Samuel Brafford (b.ca1765-1839) the father of John W., Anderson and Syntha Brafford was born in Virginia. He moved to Kentucky in his middle years and died in Carter Co. His wife Elizabeth later moved west with her son, John William, while Anderson apparently preceded them to Iowa. His children: John William Brafford, Sr., Anderson W. Brafford and Syntha Brafford Lowe were also born in VA. Syntha (d.ca1845) married Isaac Lowe, Sr. and they both died shortly after 1844 when their youngest child Cyntha was born. Her brother, John William raised their eight orphan children who were all born in Kentucky. Anderson W. married Mary Elizabeth Bradley and they were the parents of nine children. They settled in Dallas Co., Iowa. John William (1809-1880) married Mary Polly Lowe and they were the parents of eleven children. They settled in Floyd Co., Iowa. Several generations of descendants are given."

In 1870 Polk County Iowa, J.W. Brafford is 60, Mary 51, with Isaac 24, WM. 21, Talley 16, Rason 14, Robt 11, and Mary 9.
THIS CERTIFIES, That on the 11 day of May A.D., 1871 at Levi Dunn`s in said County, according to law, and by authority, I duly JOINED IN MARRIAGE, WM BRAFFORD and LAURA E DUNN
Given under my hand the 20 day of May A.D.,1871 "
Isaac Brafford married Jenrette Dunn in Warren County Nov 25, 1875.
Mary Isabell Brafford married James W. Myers in Warren County December 29, 1878.
In 1880 Warren County, Iowa, William Brafford is a laborer, 32, born in Illinois. Laura 30, also born in Illinois, with Etta 10, Daniel 8, Lilie 6, Ephraim 3, and Marion ten months, all born in Iowa. Sister Mary Myers 19, born in Iowa, and her husband James Myers are with them, farming.
In 1885 Warren County, William and Laura are 35, with Ettie 15, Samuel B. 12, Lily9, Ephraim 6, Marion 4, and Bert 2.
John cash-claimed a quarter in 5, 8 South, 49W in 1891. There was a record of a timber claim application, but it wasn't completed.

The "How it Was" site has a nice photo of "Cowboys working for the MET Ranch at Riverbend about 8-10 miles west of Lymon, Colorado. The crew consisted of Left to Right, George Epperson, Lafey Brafford, Albert Fisher, Frank Edwards, Will Strode, Ed Beaver. Information provided by Jay Strode. "
Strode wrote "One time Lafe Brafford and Albert Fisher were driving a bunch of cattle to Lavington's Ranch from Flagler. They came to an old fellow's house. The gate was open so Fisher rode up to get in the gate and keep the cows out of the old man's yard. He asked Albert how many cows they were driving and Fisher said about one hundred fifty head. When Lafe came along behind the cows he asked him too, how many cattle they had. Lafe told him five hundred. The old fellow said, "Oh yes, that Fisher boy is not very truthful!" Fisher had told the truth -- they had about one hundred fifty head.
Lafe Brafford and I were at Lavington's one winter -- 1898 and 1899. We didn't have much riding to do one day. It was snowing and we were in the ranch house doing nothing. We saw a coyote coming down the hill toward the house. The coyote came to where we had thrown our scraps from the table. Brafford got the rifle and I opened the door so he could shoot. He emptied the gun and never came near the coyote. I told him I knew I could do better than that. "

One tree says "Laura Dunn B: 06 Sep 1850, in Champagne, Illinois D: 25 May 1899, in Whiterock, OK"

J.W. Brafford married Lillian Deane May 21, 1900 in Noble County, Oklahoma.
In 1900 John is in Noble County, Oklahoma, born June 1850 in Kentucky, just married to Lillian March 1878 England. With him is Bert Sept 1881 Iowa, Guy May 1887 Colorado, and Lottie July 1893 Iowa.

In 1904 "Dr. Brafford" was a delegate for the Noble County, Oklahoma congressional convention.
FindaGrave # 34306316 has a Lillian Brafford in Noble County, Oklahoma, "Shared plot with Laura A., Samuel F., & Tilden Brafford."

The Ranch - Seattle Washington February 15, 1908

"Voices of the American West - The Settler and Soldier Interview of Eli S. Ricker 1903-1919"

John W. Brafford, # 89206764, buried in Rapid City, South Dakota 1853-1928 In 1905 Claude Rinehart was a student in the Fountain, Colorado schools, and M.O. Rinehart was active in the Fountain business activiteies. Henrietta Rhinehard, 39, born in Iowa, is in Fountain, Colorado in 1910, with M.S. 44, born inIllinois. Claude 17 and Josephine 9 were born in Colorado.
Marcelus L., Henrietta ,and Josephine are still in El Paso County, Colorado in 1920.
In 1914 Josephine Marjorie Rhinehart of Fountain was attending Colorado College, Colorado Springs.
" RHINEHART, M L: Real Estate Agent; b Egon, Ill, May 6, 1865; ed Egon pub sch; m Henrietta Broffard, July I, 1890, Burlington, Colo; s Claude W; d Josephine; 1888- 1898 station agt, AF&SF, Flagler, Colo, operated live stock ranch; 1898-1906 drug bus, Fountain, Colo; ..."
Claude W. Rhinehart married Lucille B. Baker June 15, 1926, recorded in Denver.

Josephine Rhinehart is teaching in Denver in 1930, 29, born in Colorado, living alone.
Josephine A.B. Rinehart is in Denver in 1940, in a boarding house. She's a stenographer and filing clerk for the state, married but no spouse, and in the same boarding house is Richard B. Rinehart, 6, born in Colorado This is a different one, Josephine Bennett marrying Theodore Rinehart in 1931.
Josephine A. Rinehart, and also a Josephine B. Rinehart, was probated in Denver in 1941, a mental incompetency case.
Henrietta Rhinehart 1870-1949 # 95648843 is buried in Denver, with Marcellus 1865-1945 # 95648804.
So is Claude W. Rhinehart 1892-1956 # 95648490 and Lucille B. 1902-1973.

Guy Brafford registered for WWI in Conata, South Dakota, born May 25, 1888 at "Sebeart" Colorado, farming, supporting his father, wife and two children.

FindaGrave # 32958312 says Hazel Brafford Bettelyoun was born at Conata, South Dakoata July 1922, and died in Rapid City 1992.
B. Bert Brafford is in Washabaugh County, South Dakota in 1920, age 40, born in Iowa, married to Elizabeth 27, and they hae Leona 4 and John William seven months.

John Davidson's daughter Elizabeth b?? md Bert BRAFFORD, and John died 1924, buried in Conata, South Dakota.
Leona's husband Lyle F. Swallow 1914-2004 is buried in King County, Washington per #63869518, with Leona G. 1916-1996 # 63869517.

Una E. Rhinehart cash-claimed a quarter in 14, 8S 51W in 1891.

Marcellus L. Rinehart cash-claimed a quarter in 26, 6S 50W in 1890, and timber-claimed a quarter in 27, 6S 50W in 1897.
Marcellus L. Rinehard of Dellvale, Norton County Kansas, married Henritta Brafford of Seibert on July 1, 1890 in Burlington, Colorado.

Marion L. Brafford is in Kit Carson County in 1900, born July 1878 in Iowa, a day laborer, single, living with teh Buchanan family.

On the same page in 1900 Kit Carson County is Myrtle Brafford born Oct 1890 in Iowa, with her sister Etta M. June 1870 Iowa married to Maurice Rinehard ten years. They have Claude W July 1892 Colorado.
Marion might be the one in 1905 Genoa, Colorado.

Ephraim F. Brafford is in Noble County in 1900, 23, married to Hattie 22, with Glads born in Colorado July 1898..
"Ephrim F. Broffast" 32, Iowa, is in Seattle in 1910, a clerk in a hotel, married 14 years to Hatty 32 Missouri. Daughter Gladis 11 born in Colorado, Thelma E. 6 Oklahoma, baby 3 Colorado, and sister Lottie M. 16, Iowa.
In 1920 Seattle, Ephraim works in a traffic office, with Hattie J., bot 42, Thelma E. 16, and Earline 13.
Hattie, 62 , widowed, is in Los Angeles in 1940, living with Earlene D. Pickard 33, born in Colorado and James Pickard 33 England. Earlene J. 13 was born in Washington. Gladys Brafford, 41 divorced - born in Oklahoma, a restaurant owner - is living with them.
Gladys Marie Bell, born July 13, 1898 in Colorado, died July 26, 1947 in Los Angeles, mother Hendricks, father Brafford.
Gladys 1898-1927 is buried in Inglewood, California, per # 94838365.
One tree said Ephram R. married Hattie J. Hendricks, and they had Gladys July 1898 in Noble County, Oklahoma, Erline 1907 in Colorado, and Thelma E. 1904 Oklahoma.
Thelma Greer born Jan 4, 1904 in Oklahoma, died Sept 8, 1954 in Los Angeles, mother Hendricks, father Brafford.
In 1930 and 1940 Thelma is in King County, Washington, married to Carroll E. Greer.
Samuel married Nevada B. Keaton, and they're with her parents in 1900 Noble County, Oklahoma. Samuel 1872-1941 - mother's maiden name Bunn - is buried in Glendale, California, per # 65354069., and Birdie Neveda (Keaton) Brafford 1874-1957 # 85354068.
Might be the Carrol E. Greer in Kansas City, 1902-1974, # 68476150.

Lillie Doughty, 25, is in Payne County Oklahoma in 1900, married five years to Thomas F. 27, with Benjamin F.4, John W. 2, and Laura H. 1.
Mary Lillie Doughty, born Dec 28, 1874 in Iowa, father Brafford, mother Dunn, died April 5, 1955 in San Mateo County, California.
Lottie Brafford of King County and George Matheny of King County, were married December 28, 1912 in King County by Presbyterian minister Oliver J. Mather.
In 1930 Seattle, George Matheny 40 Minnesota is a wrecking contractor, with Lottie M. 36 Iowa . They have Alfred W. 14 California, Virginia M. 11, Washington.
Lottie M. Matheny died May 3, 1965 in Seatltle.
(a George Matheny died in Seattle in 1928, to be buried in Trafton, Washington.
1939 Arlington, Washington

Samuel Brafford was a doctor in Noble County Oklahoma. "GLAZE Phyllis Audrey, 80, went home to her Lord and Savior on March 26, 2001. She was born to Tilden and Lillian Brafford, on September 12, 1920, in Billings, OK. She graduated from Oklahoma City Central High School in 1938 and attended Oklahoma Baptist University. She was a secretary at Crestwood Baptist Church and Capitol Hill Baptist Church before joining Exchange Avenue Baptist Church in 1945. Phyllis was deeply involved in many church activities including teaching Sunday School, the Girls' Auxiliary, choir, and Women's Missionary Union, where her positive attitude and beautiful smile touched many lives during her stay on earth. She is survived by Will, her husband of 50 years; son, John of the home; daughter, Lela of Edmond, OK; daughter and son-in-law, Mary and Ralph Morrison of Oklahoma City; sister-in-law, Julia Elder; brother & sister-in-law, Edward and Elizabeth Glaze; many much loved nieces, nephews, other family members and lifelong friends, Beverly Creed and Myrtle Wieneke. She was preceded in death by her parents and brother, Tilden Brafford, Jr. Services will be held at 2:00 p.m., Wednesday, March 28, 2001, at Exchange Avenue Baptist Church with burial at Resthaven Memory Gardens. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Exchange Avenue Baptist Church"

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