Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Herbert G. and Clara (Rose) Heimbach , 8 South 49 West

George Rose was born 1838 near Hillsboro, Montgomery County, Illinois to Willis and Charlotte (Loving) Rose. He was married in Missouri to Susan Henrietta Street who had been born 1845 at Shelbyville, Shelby County, Illinois to James and Mary (Humphrey) Street.
They lived in Jackson township, Madison County, Iowa, where he served for a time as postmaster. The Rose Covered Bridge in Madison County crossed the North River just west of their home.
In the spring of 1887 they came on the train from Iowa as far as Haigler, Nebraska; then traveled by covered wagon to Colorado and lived at old Hoyt, near present Seibert.
From 1890 to the early spring of 1898, they lived south of Bovina, Colorado on the west side of road north of Heimbachs, right on the hill. However, George Rose never filed on the land. George Rose was Bovina road overseer (1891), served there as grand and petit juror (1891), and was a cattle buyer (1895-97). In 1898 the family moved back to Seibert where the younger children finished up the year at Sand Creek School. The George Rose house at Bovina became a wing of the Herb Heimbach ranch house..
George Rose died in 1915 on a visit to California. He had taken Susan to the Panama Pacific Exposition World's Fair in San Francisco, and to visit family. He became suddenly ill at the home of his daughter, Clara and Herb Heimbach, where he passed away from acute pneumonia. Susan H. (Street) Rose passed away in 1934 Seibert; both are buried in the Seibert Cemetery.

Clara M. (Rose) Heimbach was the fourth postmaster of Bovina, Colorado 1901-1904. Clara's brother Jasper N. Rose was postmaster of Bovina from 1894-1897 and his brother Milton Rose carried mail on foot eeryday to and from the railroad to the post office at the Rose home located west and south of Bovina. . Clara was the first Bovina postmaster to receive an officially inscribed certificate from the United States Postmaster General.. Clara's son, Ellsworth Grover Heimbach, was the ninth postmaster, serving in 1917..
Clara's daughter, Bernice M. (Heimbach) Kaufman, was the fourteenth and last postmaster to serve in Bovina 1945-1955

Daniel and Harriet's son Andrew Jackson Heimbach married Mary Anesticia Flynn on Jun 22, 1879 in Wisconsin.
Fanny Bunker Heimbach, daughter of Daniel Heimbach and Harriet Bunker, married Coello Severance in Milwaukee Jun 17, 1896.

In 1880 Walworth County, Wisconsin, David "Himebauch" is 59, Hattie 49, Herbert G. 19, Hattie J. 17, Linn D. 12, Fanny B. 9, and Edwin R. 6.

Herbert cash-claimed a tract in 7, 8S 49W in 1891.

He timber-claimed a quarter in 26, 9S 49W in 1896, and proved up a quarter in 14, 9S 54W in 1899.


In 1897, H.G. Heimbach was the justice of the peace in Bovina.

In 1900 Walworth County, Daniel is 79, Harriet 69, Herbert born Dec 1860, Lynn born August 1867 single, Clara - daughter-in-law born Dec 1864 in Iowa five years. She's had five kids, all living. Grover born Jan 1890 Wisconsin, George Apr 1891 Wisconsin, Haton March 1894 Colorado, Daphne March 1897 Colorado, and Paulaa Feb 1898 Wisconsin.
Harriet "Hiembach" died in 1901 in Walworth County, born March 31, 1831 in Duryter New York, to Gorham Bunker and Rachel Bunker, to be buried in East Troy Wisconsin.
Daniel "Heimback" died August 7, 1902 in Walworth County.

In 1902 Bovina, Colorado, H.G. Heimbach was president of the committee for the Bovina July 4th celebration.

In 1910 Tulare County, California, Herbert is 49, Clara M. 45, E. Grover 20, George M. 19, Hilton R. 16, Daphne E. 13, Paula R. 11, and Bernice M. 8.

Herbert and Clara are in Tulare County in 1920, with Hilton 25, Daphne 22, and Bernice M. 17.

Herbert and Clara are back in Lincoln County, Colorado in 1930 and 1940, living alone.
Herbert 1860-1947 and Clara M. 1864-1946 are buried in Bovina, Colorado # 55115847.

Daphne Evalina Moore - father Heinbach, mother Rose, born March 23, 1897 in Colorado, died March 10, 1989 in Fresno County.
She's buried in Fresno County # 67395193.

Bernice M. Kaufman is in Bovina, Lincoln County, Colorado in 1930, with Earl T. 43, Missouri, Dean W. 5, Dorothy J. 3, and Duane E. 1 were all born in Colorado.
Bernice 1902 -1994 # 55115674 and Earl 1884-1972 Kaufman are buried in Bovina.

Ellsworth Grover Heimbach registered for WWI in Bovina, Colorado, born January 27, 1890 in Honey Creek, Wisconsin. He had a wife, and was working in a store owned by Farmers Union.
In 1930 Grover E. 39 and Mallie V. 40, with Irene V. 10, born in Colorado, are in Tulare County. He's a life insurance salesman.
Elsworth Grover Heimbach, born January 26, 1889 in Wisconsin, died July 1, 1952 in San Joaquin County.
Mallie Heimbach, born Aug 30, 1888, father Reece, mother Dobbins, died January 23, 1987 in San Luis Obispo County.
Irene V. Wilson, born Jun 20, 1919, died May 27, 2007, last residence Santa Barbara. Her husband Joseph Wilson 1918-1983 is buried in San Luis Obispo County # 74202033.
"Irene V. Wilson, 87, of Santa Barbara, died at Buena Vista Care Center on Sunday, May 27, 2007. "

1917 Elsworth died July 1, 1952 in San Joaquin County.

George Mervin Heimbach, born Apr 22, 1891 in Wisconsin, died Oct 3, 1958 in Tulare County, and is buried in Tulare County # 122363176.

Hilton Raymond Heimbach 1894-1943 is also buried in Tulare County # 122363353.

Harry Moore was born Nov 11, 1924 in Tulare County, mother's maiden name Heimbach.
In 1930 Tulare County, Harry H. Moore is 46, Daphne E. 33, Harold H. 5, and Kenneth W. 3.
In 1940 Tulare County, Harry H. Moore is 55, Daphne E. 43, Harold 15, Kenneth 13, Clinton 9, and Sheldon 2.

Daphne E. Moore 1897-1989 # 67395193 is buried in Fresno County, with Harry H. Moore 1884-1954.

In 1920 Lincoln County, Paula Whitlow 21, is married to Floyd W, 26, and they've living wtih George E. 56 and Katy E. 48.
In 1930 Lincoln County, Floyd and Paula have Lois J. 9 , and Raymond W. 6,. and Kattie E. 58 is living with them.
Floyd 1893-1938 is buried in Hugo, # 71602668
"Floyd Willis Whitlow was the son of George Edgar Whitlow and his second wife, Katherine Elizabeth 'Katie' Craiger. He married 27 July 1919 to Paula Rose Heimbach in Bovina, Lincoln, CO and they had two children: Raymond Willis and Lois Irene."

Paula is widowed in 1940 Lincoln County, with only Raymond, 16 with her.

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