Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Upton O. Hickel , 8 South 49 West

In 1870 Jackson County, West Virginia, George W. Hickle is 43, with Maria 18, Sarah 16, John 15, Samuel S. 13, Preston 11, "Uppie" 7, Marcellas 6, Addaline 4, Gusutus, 2 and Winney Shrider, 4.
Upton cash-claimed a quarter in 26, 8S 49W in 1891.

In 1895 Portland, Oregon, Upton O. Hickel is a carpenter and contractor, living at 167 Knott.
"Olla" Hickel in 1900 Portland, born Oct 1860 in West Virginia, married 14 years to Cora Feb 1874 Missouri, with Cleo Oct 1892, Georgie Dec 1894, and Dewey March 1899, all three born in Oregon.
October 2, 1901 "After hearing testimony in the Municipal Court yesterday in a case in which Mrs. Cora HIckel accused Frank Seaman with striking her, the Municipal Court officials are wondering about the identity of a mythological creature called "Gorgan Maguser."
Mrs. Hickel, who is the next door neighbor of the Seamans, on Sellwood street, testified that Mrs. Seaman beat her little girl Sunday morning-. "Mrs. Seaman said that my little girl had called her a negress," went on the witness, "and when I went out after my girl Mr. Sea man struck me three times with one of his lists."
"Oh,, oh," from Mrs. Seaman. Mrs. Toomey, a neighbor of the two parties, testified that she saw Mr. Seaman close to Mrs. Hickel, and that when Mrs. Hickel came away she had a lump on her forehead. Miss Toomey testified that the defendant struck Mrs. Hickel three times.
"I never struck Mrs. Hickel," declared the defendant. "I found Mrs. Hickel standing over my wife, and I pushed her away and took my wife into the house. I have lived beside the Hickels for two weeks, and there has been trouble all the time "
"Mrs. Hickel's girl called me names, and Mrs. Hickel seized me "and shook me." testified Mrs. Seaman, who is a dark-complexioned woman and rather stout in appearance. "I have been an invalid and am no match for Mrs. Hickel. She is a regular Gorgan Maguser." The latter name Is spelled phonetically. "Gorgan what do you call him?" asked Deputy District Attorney Gatens. "Why. she was one of the old-time furies, you know." replied Mrs. Seaman. Mrs. Hickel denied that she shook or struck Mrs. Seaman. The latter's hus band was found guilty of assault and fined $5. "

1902 Portland " Cora Hickel yesterday filed suit in the State Circuit Court against Oley Hickel for a divorce because of crueLtreatment."

September 1908 Portland Oregon " Falling from the window of his own room at 211 Aider street at 1 o'clock this morning, Upton 0. Hickel, a carpenter, Buffered a fractured splne. At St. Vincent's hospital today it was reported that he cannot live. He fell 12 feet, his back striking the pavement with great force. Dr. Fred J. Zelgler, city physician, ordered him removed to the hospital in a Red Cross ambulance, but little can be done to help him. He la 47 years of age, and was intoxicated when he reached the room. Apparently while stumbling around the room he fell through the open window to the street below. "
U. Oliver Hickel died September 13, 1908.

In 1910 Portland, Cleo, Geroge & Dewy Hickel had a guardianship case. In 1895 Portland, Upton and Cora were in the census.
In 1910 Clatsop County, Oregon, Dewey Hickle is stepson to Adolph Schafer 38, born in Oregon, ten years into his first marriage. Florence C. is 36, born in Missouri, her second marriage. She's had four kids, three living.
Cleo Hickel married James Dudley Renoud July 2, 1910 in Clatsop County.
In 1920 Hillsboro, Oregon, J. D. Renoud is 32, Cleo 25, with George 8, Fred 6, Florednce 2. Violet Hickel niece, three months, is with them, too.
James was born in Wetmore, Kansas September 24, 1886.
Cleo Eleanor Renoud -1893-1955 is buried in Portland # 98312485, with James Dudley Renoud.
In 1930 Portland Adolf Schafer is a shoe repairman, 59, Della 58, with four lodgers.
In 1930 Portland, James and Cleo have George 19, Fred 17, Florence 12, Jesse 8, and Billie 1. Mother Dora Brabaw, 64, divorced, born in Illinois, is with them.
1917 Portland "George Hickel, clerk at the Muller Hotel..."

George Hickel registered for WWI in Hillsboro, Oregon, born Dec 25, 1893 in Portland, a clerk, single.
In 1920 George is 25, Signa 24, born in Sweden, immigrating and naturalized in 1911.
with Wilma 7 born in Alaska and Violet seven months born in Oregon.
George W. Hickel and Signe Hickel divorced in Portland September 1, 1920.
November 1, 1920 "HICKEL-KING George W. Hickel, 25, of Portland, and Roxie King, 19, of Portland"

Cora Heckle died May 27, 1948 in Multnomah County, Oregon.
Upton Hickel was born to George W. Hickel and Nancy M. Hickel (born Oldham).
George was born on January 25 1823.
Upton had 12 siblings: William G. Hickel, Addie Almira Bonnet (born Hickel) and 10 other siblings.
One tree said Upton Hickel had siblings "eliza Jane Hickel Nichols 1851-1926, Eliza's sister Sadie Adkins, brothers John, Shell, Gus, and Russell Hickle.
His brother. Upton Hickel His brother. Eliza Jane Nichols (born Hickel) His sister. Sadie Adkins (born Hickel) His sister. Mariah Donat (born Hickel) His sister"

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