Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Orlando Hollowell , 8 South 49 West

In 1850 Huntington County, Indiana, Nixon Hollowell is 30, Edney 25, Mry J 4, Bernah 2, and William two months.
In 1860 Huntington County, Indiana, Nixon Hallowell is 39, Edna 35, Mary J. 13, Qmeah H. 12, William 10, Osre 6, Orlando 6, and Thomas 2.
Nixon died in 1864, per # 36023860.

In 1870 Huntington County, Indiana, Edna Holowell is 44, Mary 23, Orlando 16, Orra 16, Thomas 12, Lineas 10, and Una 6.
In 1880 Wabash County, Edna "Holwell" is 54, Mary J. 33, Orlando 26 a school teacher, Thomas 22 , Lyneas 19, - both farm laborers - and Laura E. 16.
1880 "In the Huntington Circuit Court, October Term, 1880. Enos Wright, vs. Martha II. Wright, Abraham Hollowell, Mary Hollowell, Elizabeth Watson, William Watson, Acenith Hayworth, Isaac Hayworth, Flora Fall, ; Jacob Fall, I Orlando Hollowell, Jane Hollowell, Elma Hollowell, Linens Hollowell, Osro Hollowell, Thomas Hollowell, Zernah Evinton, George Evinton, Ellas Hollowell, Susannah Hollowell and Charles Hollowell. Complaint No. 655. Comes now the plaintiff, by II. B. Sayler his attorney, and files his complaint herein together with an affidavit, that the said defendants.
Acenith Hayworth, Isaac Hayworth. Susannah Hollowell and Charles Hollowell, are not residents of the State of Indiana, and that they are necessary parties to this action"

Orlando, born January 19, 1854, was admitted to the Quaker Mississinewa Monthly Meeting, Indiana Yearly Meeting.
Mary J. Burnett (daughter of Mary Burnett and J. M. Burnett) married in 1883 in Warren County, Ohio a groom named Orlando F. HOLLOWELL.
(Mary A. Burnett had married Jno. J. Sheets, per the Gallipolis Journal of January 1, 1880. One tree said they were both widowed.)

Orlando timber-claimed a quarter in 26, 8S 49W in 1895.

In 1900 Grant County, Indiana, Orlando Hollowell is a school teacher, born January 1854 Indiana, married 17 years to Mary J. Sept 1854 Ohio. She's had no children.
1907 Huntington, Indiana "Mrs. Ozro Hollowell, who arrived from Portland, Oregon, Monday night, accompanying Miss Ella Moore on her return trip from the coast, formerly lived on the Maple Grove road one mile west of the city, where she and her huBband kept a toll gate. Sixteen years ago they left Huntington and this is Mrs. Hollowell's first return visit. Mr. Hollowell is an inspector in the city waterworks department at Portland. Orlando Hollowell, a resident of the southern part of the state, recently visiting at Llncolnvllle, was in the city today and called on his sister-in-law at the M W. Moore home. Miss Moore, who went west by the route through Denver, says that the scenery of the return trip over the Canadian Pacific is far more beautiful than, that of the trip west."

Mary J. Hollowell - 1853-1908 is buried in Wabash County # 35881013 - the stone has Orlando F. Hollowell on it, with no date of death. FindaGrave # 35881025 has a birth date of January 19, 1864, but the stone has 1854.
In 1910 Kokomo, Indiana, there's a "Frank" Hollowell, 55, second marriage, born in Ohio, married to Mary A. 60, born in Indiana. He's a laborer in a plate glass factory.
Orlando F. Hollowell married Mary A. McKinney September 9, 1911 in Grant County Indiana. *George W. McKinney had died in 1902)
In 1919 Marion, Indiana, Orlando F. Hollowell (Mary A.) is the Center Township assesor, living at 1801 S. Gallatin.
In 1920 Marion, Grant County, Orlando is 65, an assessor with Mary A. 66 born in Indiana.
Mary A. (Eviston) Hollowell, 1852-1920, is buried in Grant County, # 80039082. - the same cemetery as her fist husband Dr. George W. McKinney..
Mary A. Hollowell's obituary is in the Daily Chronicle of September 13, 1920, and the Daily Leader of September 14, 1920.

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October 2, 1913 - Huntington Herald, Indiana "The body of Mrs. Mary Hollowell, who died recently in Richmond, was brought to Mt. Etna through Marion Thursday morning from Richmond. Mrs. Hollowell, with her husband had resided near Mt. Etna for a number of years and is remembered by a host of south township residents. The former county woman was about 80 years old when death came and had lived at the home of relatives in Richmond for some time. Funeral services were held in Richmond and burial took place in the Mt Etna cemetery. Oliver and John Watson, residing hear Mt. Etna, are nephews of the deceased." (This is probably another Mary Hollowell - married to James, and living in Carroll County most of their life)

In 1930 Grant County, Orlando is 75, first married at 28, a farmer, married to Emma J. 68, first married at 19, both born in Indiana.
In 1938, Orlando and Emma are farming, living at 1520 S. Meridian in Marion.
Orlando's obituary is in the January 31, 1939 Marion Leader Tribune.

Emma J. Hollowell, per # 105833218, is buried in Grant County 1861-1947.
Emma Jane Hollowell is in the obituary index - Marion Chronicle January 16, 1947, and Marion Leader Tribune January 16 and 17, 1947.


In 1880 Huntington County, William "Holowell" is 30, keeping a toll gate. Lavina, his wife, 26 was born in Indiana.
Lavina Hollowell 1853-1886 is buried in Huntington County # 47174856, "Daughter of Elijah Smith and Elizabeth Jane Starbuck Smith. Wife of William H. Hollowell."

William Hollowell timber-claimed a quarter in 30, 6S 44W in 1901.
In 1900 Kit Carson County, William M. Hollowell, born April 1850 in Indiana, is widowed, a stock raiser.
He's in Yuma County in 1910, 1920, 1930, and 1940 widowed and living alone - age 90 in 1940.
In 1912 Wm. Hollowell of Hale was the Democratic nominee for Yuma County Surveyer.
The Burlington newspaper said "for several years county surveyor of this county, is a candidate for the same office in Yuma county this fall."

The Hollowell street in Burlington might be named after him...
1913 Hale "Grover Hill is helping Wm. Hollowell stack hay this week."

In 1920 William M. Hollowell, "assignee of George Hill and John B. Hughes" claimed 120 acres in 5S 43W, Yuma County.
1923 "Be it known that I, WILLIAM M. HOLLOWELL, a citizen of the United States, residing at Armel, county of Yuma, and State of Colorado, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Babbitting Jigs; and I do declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and to the characters of reference marked thereon, which form a part of this specification. This invention relates to a babbitting jig designed for use in connection with the rebabbitting of the bearings in connecting rods of the type employed in connection with internal combustion engines

Pueblo, Colorado - March 22, 1906
FindaGrave # 111170619 says "age 57."
This one doesn't appear to be related...

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