Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Patrick and Lucy (Corey) Manion, son John and Abby (Sager) Manion, son Thomas and Gladys (Humphrey) Manion , 8 South 49 West

In 1860 Keokuk County, Iowa, Franklin Manion is 47, Ann 49, Mary 20, Patrick 16, all Ireland, Ann 12 and Julia 10, Michael 8, and Franklin 6, all born in Africa.
In 1880 Keokuk County, Iowa, Francis Manion and Ann are both 65, born in Ireland, with son Patrick 35 Ireland.

In 1870 Keokuk County, Iowa, Clenton Cory is 43, B.A. 32, with Elizabeth 16, Melvin 14, Levi 13, David 12, Lucy 9, Jane 6, Clinton 3, and Jno W. 1.
Ann Clay 32 was born in "Africa" and Francis Clay 3, in Iowa,
In 1880 Keokuk County, Iowa, Lucy Corey is 19, with father Clinton Corey 53, Jane 16, Clinton 14, John 11, Stephen 6, Levina 24 and Levy 22, all kids born in Iowa.
Clinton Dewitt Corey 1827-1912 is buried in Keokuk County # 9382687. So is Elizabeth Corey 1837-1876.

Patrick Manion, 36, married Lucy Cory, 19, in Keokuk County, Iowa Dec 20, 1880.
In 1890 Fairbury Nebraska, Pat Manion is a farmer.
In 1899 Fairbury, Nebraska, P.H. Manion is an engineer for the R.I. (probably Rock Island).
In 1904 Jefferson County, Nebraska, Ira Manion is an operator for the R.I.

Patrick proved up a quarter in 33, 8S 49W in 1909.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Patrick 66 born in Ireland, married 30 years to Lucy 49, Iowa, have John M. 22, Nebraska.

Patrick 1843-1925 is buried in Seibert # 37959640. So is Lucy 1861-1918
In 1906 Thomas was a witness for the marriage of Levi P. Manion to Belle Lee in Kit Carson County, both of Seibert.
In 1910 Kit Carson County, Levi P., 27, Iowa, and Arbelle 23 Iowa, have Bulah 3, Colorado, and are living with Arbelle's mother Candacy Lee.

In 1911 Lee Manion of Seibert bought a pedigreed Poland-China litter bred by Elihu Kivett of Seibert.
When registering for WWI, Levi Patrick Manion, born January 13, 1883, is farming in Kit Carson County with wife Bell.

In 1920, 1930 and 1940 Lee and Belle are in Denver.

Lee Manion, per SSDI died March 1, 1965, last residence Colorado.
Lee and Belle share a tombstone in Denver # 124298099.

Thomas also proved up a quarter in 33, 8S 49W in 1908.
Thomas F. Manion married Gladys M. Humphrey October 7, 1909, recorded in Kit Carson COunty.
Thomas Manion was a candidate for Boulder County Commissioner in 1910 on the Prohibition ticket.
In 1910 Kit Carson County, Thomas F. is 28, married to "Lladys" 19, born in Kansas.
In 1930 Kit Carson County, Thomas and Gladys have Marjorie J. 14 and Thomas 9.
They're in Loveland, Colorado in 1940, just Thomas - a mechanic 59 born in Iowa, and Gladys. 49.
Marjorie Joyce Manion married Bruce F. Miller December 9, 1939, recorded in Denver.
John Manion married Abbie G. Sager February 1, 1914, recorded in Kit Carson County.

John Michael Manion registered for WWI in Levant Kansas, a railway operator for the CRI & P Ry. married with a three-year-old child.
He also registered in Thomas County, born Dec 29, 1887 in Fairbury, Nebraska.

In 1940 John is in Dona Ana County, New Mexico, 52, with Abbie 48, Julia 23, and Patrick 17.

John's Texas death certificate -1971 El Paso - said he was born Dec 29, 1887 in Nebraska, to Patrick Emory Manion.
He's buried in El Paso # 102886532. So is Abbie 1891-1953.

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