Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Josie Perkins Shook and sister Alice Perkins Hambleton , 8 South 49 West

In 1880 Edgar County, Illinois, Josephine Perkins is 9, with father James 47, farming, and his daughter Alice A. 17 keeping house. William O. is 13. Next are William Perkins 77 and Cordelia 75, both born in Kentucky.
James had remarried in 1884, and promptly had Bertha 1886, Mary 1890, Aaron 1891, and Carrie 1895, so Alice and Josephine might have been influenced by that.


Josie cash-claimed a quarter in 18, 8S 49W in 1891.
"Jose" Shook is in 1900 Kearney County, Nebraska, born May 1873 in Illinois, married nine years to David M. Shook born May 1869 in Iowa.
In 1880 Guthrie County, Iowa, David Shook is 59, Eliza 57, with Isabelle A. 23, Robert A. 17, Josephine 13, and David M. 11.
The Shooks are in Adams County, Nebraska in 1885, David 664, Eliza 52, with Robert 22, his wife Fannie 21, Josephine 18, David 16, and a one-month-old infant.

Cass Couunty Iowa History
a "Among the prominent men of Cass township is David Shook, a son of John and Sarah (Harper) Shook, and was born November 11, 1820, in Dearborn county, Indiana. He removed from Indiana to Fayette county, Iowa, in 1855, and came to Guthrie county, settling in Cass township, in 1870. He was married in 1840, to Miss Indiana Diehl, a native of Pennsylvania. She died in 1865. He had eight children by that marriage-- Jacob, Mary Jane, William, Ezra, Granville, Albert, Isabel, James and Louisa. He was married to Miss Eliza Moffit, and has three children by that marriage-- Robert, Josephine, and David. He owns one hundred acres of good land, all improved, and is engaged in stock raising. Two of his sons, Jacob and Charles, served terms during the war, the latter being in the cavalry service. Charles served his term, and was honorably discharged, and Jacob was discharged on account of disability, nine months after his enlistment." " David is buried in Kearney County, Nebraska # 62286939.

1898 Akron, Colorado "Mr. David Shook, of Campbell, Neb., father of the Shook boys, Bob and Jim, is here visiting. The old gentleman's stay will be governed by circumstances.:
"Heirs of David Shook" timber-claimed a quarter in 24, 3N 51W (Washington County, Colorado) in 1903.

David and Josie are in Washington County, Colorado, alone, in 1910, 1930, and 1930. David is living alone in 1940, 70, widowed, in Washington County.
In 1905 David M. Shook was assessed for land in 3 North 5 West, Washington County.
David M. Shook proved up a quarter in 25, 3N 51W in 1914.

David Marion Shook 1869-1950 is buried in Akron # 75031075, with Josie Louisa (Perkins) Shook 1871-1939, # 75031102.

James Shook had timber-claimed a quarter in 3N 50W in 1894, and James P. Shook proved up one there in 1901.
Robert A. Shook proved up a quarter in 3N 51W in 1896.

When Robert Arthur shook came to Washington County, Colorado in 1888, from Kearney County Nebraska, he purchased land and buidings from a former owner, who was relinquishing his homesteading claim that was 12 miles NE of Akron (NE of Platner). After making improvements on the house, he sent for his wife Fannie, and baby daughter Blanche, who came by immigrant car. He met them at the train depot at Otis on March 2, 1889.
The homestead and additions were known at the Lazy SU Horse and Cattle Ranch. Five of their seven children were born at the ranch. (Their oldest son, Dayton, had died in 1885 in Nebraska).
So the children could attend the Akron schools, the family had purchased a home at 333 Birch Ave. in 1908, returning to the ranch in 1927. Fannie passed away at the ranch on April 10, 1931, at the age of 67.
R.A. owned a newspaper called the Akron Reporter, helped organize and served as vice president of Citizen's National Bank, and served as justice of peace and mayor of Akron.
As a real estate agent, R.A. helped many families as they arrived in Akron and were looking for cheap land that was provided by the government to encourage people to come "Out West" and settle on the land around Akron and Otis. R.A. and his son Dillon were engaged in the impliment business on what is now the corner of Hwy 34 & Adams Ave.
Tragedy struck the family when their oldest son Dillon died in 1920 in the great Spanish Flu epidemic, leaving a wife Osa (Sallie) and three young sons, Norris, Robert (Bob) and Clyde Wilbert.
R.A. lived at the ranch alone enjoying having his grandchildren come visit him at the ranch. R.A. and Fannie Elizabeth (Morgan) Shook had seven children. Their children were Dayton, Dillon, Blanche Edith (Keicher), Grace, Anna Mae, Jessie (Hohnstein), Daisy Ruth Marie (Wester).

Robert 1862-1944 is buried in Akron, Colorado, # 13741953.

John C. "Hamilton" and Alice A. Perkins married August 8, 1881 in Vigo County, Indiana.

In 1900 Kit Carson County, John C. Hambleton born Nov 1846 in Ohio, and Alice A. April 1863 Illinois have been married 18 years. She's had seven kids, six living, Alva M. July 1883 Illinois, Ada Aug 1885 Kansas, Maud S. Aug 1887 Kansas, Charles H. Aug 1890 and John C. April 1892 both born in Colorado.

Maud might be the Maud S. Hambleton buried June 20, 1907 at Colorado Springs # 34857475.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, John is 63, Alice 47, Alma M. 27, Ada A. 24, Chas H. 21, John C. 19, and Alice C. 8.
In 1911 John Hambleton was on the school board of District # 23, Seibert.
Charles H. Hambleton and Grace Waugh, both of Seibert, married at Vona, Colorado November 7, 1914.

Alice is widowed in 1920 Denver, with Alma and Ada working in a laundry, and Alice a clerk for a railroad.
Clara Alyce Hambleton married Clayton Boardman Wilcoxson July 17, 1921 Alice is living alone in 1930 Denver - the next household is likely her daughter Alice Wilcoxson 28, married to Claryton B. 34 and a son Clayton 4.
Alma May Hambleton married Arthur C. Belleu in Golden on July 6, 1920.
Ada Hambleton married Dan E. Lisle in Denver November 15, 1924.
In 1940 Denver, Alice A. Hambleton is living with daughter Ada Lisle, 54, and her husband Dan, 43.
John C. 1846-1915 # 47371680 and Alice A. 1863-1941 are buried in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.
Charles 1890-1956 # 103351799 and Grace 1892-1960 are buried in Trinidad, Colorado.

John C. Hambleton might be the one in 1930 San Diego, 38, with Doris M. 37, England, Edythe M. 12 Colorado, Beverley N. and Barbra J. both 1 born in California.
"James C. Hambilton" is in Otero County, Colorado in 1920, with Doris M. 27 born in England, and Edith M. 2, born in Colorado.

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