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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Val S. and Loretta (Crosswhite) Fitzpatrick, Seibert

In 1900 Routt County, Colorado, Thomas J. Fitzpatirick is 69, Kathlene 4, with Evelyn 23, VAlentine 14, Arthur 8, and Norman 5.
Thomas and Catherine had been in Georgetown Colorado in 1880, Thomas 40, Katherine 28, Evangeliine 3, and Hortense ten months old.

Thomas is buried in Craig 1830-1902 # 28620726.
While enroute to Hahn's Peak,with the ballot-box from Maybell, Thomas FitzPatrick, of Lay creek met with an accident which cost him his life. accompanied by Cash Templeton, he left home with the ballot-box on the morning of the 5th. The day following they camped for dinner at the camping ground at Elkhead. While hitching up to start, a cowboy rode up and frightened their team. Mr. FitzPatrick was standing on the ground at the time holding the reins. The horses turned around in a way that threw the buggy into him and two ribs were broken. He went on to Steamboat where Dr. Jefferson attended and started him toward home. He got no further than Craig. His injury was of a more serious nature than it at first appeared and in addition to the broken ribs he was injured internally; this, together with a severe cold, which resulted in pneumonia, caused his death on Tuesday afternoon at three o'clock. He died at the Tyler hotel. The remains were taken from the hotel to the home of Rev. Anderson. Mrs. FitzPatrick was sent for and arrived, with her son, midnight Tuesday. One daughter, Hortense, was at her father's side when he passed away. Yesterday at noon all that was mortal of Thomas FitzPatrick was, attended by a number of his old friends, laid to rest in the Craig cemetery. Thomas Josepephus FitzPatrick was born in Dublin, Ireland, June 9,1830. He emigrated to America when about 26 and followed mining. He married Katherine Jane Long in Georgetown in March, 1875. In 1886 they came to Routt and settled on Lay Creek where they have remained ever since. He leaves a wife and five children to mourn his death. 

Valentine Stewart Fitzpatrick registered for WWI in Steamboat Springs, a reporter for the Pilot, born January 4, 1886, reference Kathlene Fitzpatrick of Craig.

In 1920 Valentine and Loretta are in Haxtun, Colorado, where he is a printer, and Loretta is a bookkeeper for a law office.

1920 patrons of the Phillips County atlas "Fitspatrick, V. S., Publisher of Haxtum Harvest, Haxtum. Mr. Fitzpatrick was born in Colorado in 1886 and married Loretta Crosswhite
October 15, 1920 The first issue of the Seibert Settler issued under the management of Val S. FitzPatrick, formerly of Steamboat Springs, shows that he is going to give Kit Carson county a newsy paper. Mr. FitzPatrick has adopted a four column magazine form, and the paper shows a marked improvement in typographical appearance over the Settler as issued by previous publishers.

1920 Val FitzPatrick, a former Routt and Moffat county newspaper man now conducting the Seibert Settler in Kit Carson county, has inaugurated wireless telegraph service, allowing him to give his town of 311 people the latest news of the world right up to the minute of publication

Val Fitzpatrick, editor of the Seibert Settler and at one time engaged in the newspaper business in Oak Creek, was a passenger on Sunday s train bound for home after transacting business for several days in the lower country. Oak Creek Times 1921.

1922 Dr. and Mrs. G. A. Mattern, with little Miss Carol, started early this morning on an auto trip to Denver. Miss Lounette Crosswhite accompanied them to Denver, on her way to Seibert, in Kit Carson county, where she goes to visit her sister, Mrs. Val S. Fitzpatrick.

1923 Val Fitzpatrick, former Craig boy who is now owner and editor of the Seibert Settler, came In Saturday night for a visit with his mother and other relatives.

June 13, 1924 Luther Crosswhite left Monday evening for Salida, to drive in his car, left there when he and his family returned from California, a few weeks ago. He will be accompanied back by his sisters, Mrs. Loreta FitzPatrick, of Seibert, and Miss Lounette, who since last fall has been employed in a printing office at Salida. A third sister, Mrs. Leota Hitchens, with her husbund and bab y, is coming from Midwest, Wyoming for a visit. All are expected to arrive today.

April 8, 1925 Miss Lourette Crosswhite, well-known Steamboat Springs lady, was married Sunday at Seibert to Ward Chew of that town. The young lady went to Seibert last summer and had been visiting her sister. Mrs. Val Fitzpatrick, of the Seibert Settler

July 20, 1927 Mrs. Kathleen Jane Fitzpatrick, one of the pioneer residents of Northwestern Colorado, died at her home in Craig early Monday morning, after an attack of acute indigestion. Mrs. Fitzpatrick was born In London. October 9, 1859. She came to America when 22 years old and In 1886 with her husband settled on n homestead in the Lay district. Their homestead is now the Wakeland ranch. Mrs. Fitzpatrick has been In ill health for the past two years, never having entirely recovered from a fall into a cellar, in which accident she sustained a broken leg. Her husband, Thomas J. Fitzpatrick. died at lay In 1902, after which the family moved to Craig to make their home. Four of the ten children born to Mr. and Mrs. Fitzpatrick are living. They are Hortense, Arthur and Vern of Craig and Valentine S. Fitzpatrick, editor of the Seibert Settler. Funeral services will be held tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock-from St. Michael’s Catholic church.

July 27, 1927 The newspaper fraternity of Colorado will join with Craig citizens in offering sympathy to Val S. Fitzpatrick, editor of the Seibert Settler, whose mother died in Craig last week. Mrs. Fitzpatrick was one of the beloved pioneer citizens of Northwestern Colorado and lived a rich, colorful life.

August 31, 1927 Mrs. Loretta A. Fitzpatrick, Junior editor of the Seibert Settler, will make a trip to Europe as confidential secretary of L. H. Guldman, president of the Golden Eagle Dry Goods company of-Denver. Mrs, TTitzpatrick is a daughter • of Mr. and -Mrs. JC.- E. CrosBwhite of Steamboat Springs. She was selected from 140 applicants for the position for the reason, said Mr. Guldman, that she met his requirements for a secretary in business experience, intelligence, character, personality and the ability to appear to advantage in company with ladies of his family in their social affairs. The trip is purely one of pleasure, but nevertheless Mr. Guldman finds it necessary to keep in touch with his business affairs by mail and cable, which he continues to do tho he is 75 years of age. The party will sail on September 1 from New York on the liner Deutschland, occupying the suite in which the Prince of Wales came to this country on his latest trip. The first stop will be at Paris and the last before returning home will be at London. They will visit Switzerland, Rome, Athens Brussels, Warsaw, Berlin and other places.

Upon graduation from the Steamboat high school, Mrs. Fitzpatrick entered business for herself in a confectionery store, which was conducted successfully until the building was destroyed by fire. She then entered the employ of the Bell Telephone company as operator.. Later she completed a commercial and stenographic course and became bookkeper for the elevator and flour mill company, later acting as stenographer in a law office She remained in the law office until she went to Seibert in 1920, when she took up the newspaper and printting business. The Publisher s Auxiliary said of her in 1924 : She is the only woman we know of who can handle an entire news item, making telephone connection, taking down the message in speedy shorthand, edit and revise it. transpose into typewritten copy, set it up on the linotype, sign and layout, make up the form, read and correct her own proofs, deposit it on the press, make ready, feed the issue thru the press, mail it, collect the money, and even handle that with judgment.

When Mrs. Fitzpatrick took up her residence in Denver last fall she took special work in journalism, advertising, high-speed stenography and short-story construction. She had risen to the post of advertising manager with the Seaver company of Denver, distributors of the E. I. DuPont de Nemours company, having in charge the preparation and mailing of thousands. of letters and tens of thousands of circulars and pieces of literature each week.

1928 Val Fitzpatrick sold the Seibert Settler to Charles K. Day. Mr. Fitzpatrick was formerly connected with Routt and Moffat county newspapers.
L. E. Fitzgerald arrived in Hayden by auto over Tennessee pass to take the place of cashier in the Yampa Valley bank. He was formet deputy bank commissioner working under Grant McPherson

February 1929 Mrs. Charles Hitchens and son returned to their home in Midwest, Wyo., Sunday morning. Her sisters, Mrs. Ward Chew and Mrs. Loretta Fitzpatrick, returned to their homes in Siebert, Colo., and Denver soon after the funeral of their brother, Carl Crosswhite

In 1930, Valentine S. Fitzpatrick is divorced, 44, in Denver selling electric globes, living with sister Hortense 50.

1942 Val S. Fitzpatrick, former Pilot employee but for the past 20 years in the newspaper business at Seibert. Colo., is starting a newspaper in Craig. He has leased the Morris building on Yampa avenue and the first truckload of equipment has arrived. He has returned to Seibert for the balance of his material and expects to get out the first issue of his paper about April 1.

Valentine registered for WWII in Craig, with Vern Fitzpatrick of Craig as his reference.
1942 Mrs. Loretta Fitzpatrick of Los Angeles will arrive in Steamboat Springs on Saturday for a short visit at the Charles Kitchens home

1953 Val Fitzpatrick, member of the Pilot staff more than 35 years ago, was a visitor to Steamboat Saturday while on his way to Craig to visit relatives Mr. Pitzpatrick now resides at Seibert, Colo., and has a music school.

Red Twilight // ISBN:0965596141 // 2000 // Valentine Stewart FitzPatrick // 270 pages // The Last Free Days of the Ute Indians // History

Valentine is buried in Arriba, Colorado 1886-1988 # 74983349 "Poet of the Prairie"

In 1940 Los Angeles, Loretta is 42, an accounting superviosr,
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