Willamette Arnett, 10N 48W

Anthony Arnett married Mary Ann Graham in Cook County Illinois on January 22, 1845.

In 1870 Boulder County, Anthony Arnett is 50 born in France, immigrating in 1828, Mary 38, William H. 22, Jennie 17, and Everett 7.

In 1871 the university campus, fifty two acres, was donated by Marinus G. Smith, George A. Andrews and Anthony Arnett, all citizens of Boulder.

In 1873 Willamette Arnett, by scrip with the Illinois Industrial University, claimed a quarter in 1S 72W - Boulder County.
That was under the 1862 State Grant - Agriculture College act.

January 1876 Boulder "The large stone stable of Willamett Arnett is the place to put your team when in the city. Good feed and prompt attendants."

February 1876 "Those fine livery turnouts you see upon the streets daily emanate from Billy Arnett’s stable, opposite the Sherman House."

November 1876 "Mr. Will Arnett is erecting a handsome brick residence in West Boulder, near Stewart's reduction works."

November 1877
In 1880 Boulder County, Willamette is 31, a stock dealer born in Illinois, with father Anthony, 61, born in Maine, also a stock dealer. Mary C. is 46 born in Iowa. Eugene 9 was born in Colorado, Emmett 17 in Illinois.

October 25, 1884 Brush Colorado "N. Descher, in charge of 1,300 sheep and goats belonging to Will Arnett crossed the bridge here last evening. They are being driven to a point near Boulder."

December 1884 STERLING NEWS "Mr. Will Arnett who recently bought 150 LF mares, will keep them in the pasture at the Horse Camp till about May 1st. They are all good stock."

Willamette claimed a quarter in section 4, 10N 48W in 1885.

"The Arnett 1877 house is Boulder's most iconic structure, so much so its image is used for many things related to Boulder's city government, historical organizations and many others. This home was the first to have central heating, running cold and hot water, and an indoor restroom. Its original owner, Willamette Arnett, an eccentric local entrepreneur, had the home built as a showplace, not necessarily as residence. When he died in Alaska in 1900, penniless, as he tried seeking the "mother lode" during the Klondike Gold Rush, the home was transferred to the widow, Mrs. Eliza Fullen, thus giving it the name, "Arnett-Fullen House." Later becoming a place for businesses, it has been restored for public sight seeing and as a residence. This was the first home in Boulder to be considered a local historic landmark."

December 25, 1892 "The report that Harry Barney and Lena Soule had eloped was conceived in the mind of sensational reporter. The young people went to Denver yesterday, with the full knowledge of all concerned and now two pairs of suspenders vibrate as one and Barney has a Soule more than he possessed before. The bride is daughter of Mrs. Jennie Soule Develine and granddaughter of Anthony Arnett."


March 1894 Boulder
December 1894
1894 "Word comes from Mrs. Emmet Arnett, now in Los Angeles, California, that they are enjoying excellent health and that Emmet has had but one sick spell since leaving Boulder."

1895 Boulder

1895 "Mrs. Drumm, mother of Mrs. E. Arnett, was quite seriously ill yesterday."

1896 "Wm. Arnett has discontinued university work and gone to join the Cripple Creek gold seekers."

October 1896 "Will Arnett has returned to Boulder and entered college."

"ARNETT, Williamette; 54 years old; Jaundice; #35 below Hunker; February 21, 1901"

November 17, 1897
In 1900 San Diego, Antoine, born July 1819 in Germany, is married 52 years to Mary born July 1830 in Ireland. Grandson Charles P. SOrrie was born March 1874 in California.

Francois Antoine 1819-1903 is buried in Boulder, although # 50001716 says he died in La Jolla California.

Mary Rose (Graham) Arnett died May 9, 1903, age 72, buried in Boulder # 50001718.

Robert Emmett Arnett 1861-1944 is buried in Boulder # 50001719.

Willamette Arnett dying 1901 is buried in Dawson, Yukon, Alaska # 117507579l.