William T. Atkinson, 10N 48W

William claimed a tract in section 6, 10N 48W in 1889.

He might be the William T. Atkinson in 1900 Pueblo County, farming, born October 1867 in Missouri, married eight years to Grace W. March 1874 Kansas. Francis M. was born August 1893 in Kansas.

In 1910 Pueblo, still farming, William is 40, Grace W. 34, Marguerite 16, and Lois R. 3.

This William died in 1914, buried in Pueblo # 99797005.
Marguerite Atkinson married W. J. Dobbs on August 25, 1919 in Pueblo.

Grace is widowed in 1920 Pueblo, keeping a rooming house. Lois is 12, and Margaret 25 is married to John Dobbs, 32.
Grace is widowed in 1930 and 1940 Pueblo, living alone.

Marguerite Atkinson Dodds, born August 16, 1893, mother Willard, died November 12, 1945 in Kern County, California.

John W. Dodds 1886-1958 is buried in Bakersfield # 8457375.
So is Marguerite # 8457376.

Lois R. Atkinson, 18, married Ernie William Hamilton on June 24, 1925 in Pueblo.

In 1940 Mineola, Texas, Ernie W. is 36, Lois 32, and they have William 14 born in Colorado.

Ernie Robert Williams Hamilton 1903-1958 is buried in Mineola # 182505729. FindaGrave # 182505746 says his wife is Lois A. MASON Hamilton 1907-1972.
His death certificate says he was born in Denver on May 14, 1903 to Oscar Hamilton and Ersula Morgan, a freight conductor for the T & P Railway, dying in Harrison COunty, Texas on May 6, 1958. Louis A. Hamilton was the informant.

FindaGrave # 183890265 says Clinton K. Hamilton 1919-1996 is their son..