Joseph W. Bivens, 10N 48W

In 1900 Fillmore County, Nebraska, Joseph W. Bivens, born Dec 1870 in Pennsylvania, married four years to Edith July 1871 Pennsylvania, hae Clara Nov 1896, Edward G. July 1898, and Carl August 1899, all three born in Nebraska.

In 1910 York County, Nebraska, Joseph is 34, Edith 38, Clara 13, Glen 11, Carl 10, May 8, Benny 6, Irene 4, Joseph Jr. three months, and Tina is 2.

Joseph claimed two quarters in section 7, 10N 48W in 1917.

In 1920 Logan County, Joseph is 50, born in Pennsylvania, with Edith R. 49 Wisconsin. Glenndale is 21, Bennie 16, Irene 14, Tina 12, Joseph L. 11, and Perry 9, all born in Nebraska.

In 1930 Logan County, Joseph is 59, Edith 58, Joseph A. 21, and Perry B. 19.


Glendale E. Bivens 1898-1943 is buried in Sedgwick # 47329344. So is Hilda K. Bivens 1909-1975 # 47339835.
Son Dale 1938-2002 is buried in Kimball, Nebraska.

Edward 1944-2016 is buried in Sidney, Nebraska.
Ed's life had never been easy, but he persevered and always gave more than he took in life.
His father, Edward Glendale Bivens, died in a boating accident before Ed was born and his strong and independent mother, Hildegarde (Laaker) Bivens, raised him by herself with the help of his older siblings and uncles.
Because of his circumstance his family would always be at the center of his life.
For the last 53 years the center of Ed's life was his bride Karen Meier. They started out as a young couple with Ed working in the meat cutting business and through the years moved from location to location as Ed followed many occupations including Federal Meat Inspector, pork producer, farm work, carpenter, factory work at Prestolite, and heavy equipment operator on the county road crew.
Ed was of strong loyalty. If you needed help in your field with planting or harvest he was there. If you needed help standing up a building he was there (just don't ask him to walk the ridge line).
He helped his elderly relatives work their land and keep their farms.
He helped his small church do the hard work necessary to keep it working.
The proudest work Ed and Karen's life was their family that continues to grow.
Survived by:
Wife: Karen Bivens
Son: Scott (Ute)Bivens
Daughter: Susan (Bond) Eddy
Grandchildren: Shantel, Michelle, Sean, Jonathan 3 great grandchildren
Sisters: Betty (Alan) Wittig, Rose (James) Gilroy


Carl Bivens and Lottie B. Cook married on January 20, 1919 in Logan County.

Carl 1899-1952 Bivens # 39222656 and Lottie (Cook) Bivens 1890-1973 are buried in Sterling.)


Perry Bivens, 21, married Opa Stones on March 14, 1936 in Julesburg.

Perry, born Dec 7, 1911, died September 14, 1978 in Multnomah County, Washington, spouse Opa.


In 1930 Logan County, Ben is a school bus driver, 26, with Helen R. 21 and Dorothy I. 1.

In 1940 Logan County, Ben is a laborer for the W.P.A., 36, born in Nebraska, Helen 31, born in Colorado. Dorothy is 11, Robert 9, and Ruth 7.

Helen Ruth (Simpson) Bivens 1908-1943 is buried in Sterling # 40280179, with Norma Edith Bivens 1936-1939.