Charles L. Brown, 10N 48W

Charles claimed a quarter in sections 8 and 9, 10N 48W in 1886.


Charles Brown is single in 1900 Larimer County, farming, born March 1861 in Illinois.


March 4, 1883 Leadville Colorado "Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown have removed to No 128 East Ninth street."

Leadville, September 13, 1884 "Mrs. Charles L. Brown entertained Dr. and Mrs. Dodge and Mr. W. H. Nash Turursday evening."

July 27, 1887 Leadville "BORN: July 26, to the wife of Charles L. Brown, a girl."

December 1887 the Leadville city council excused Mayor Cook from a meeting to attend to the shipping of the body of Mrs. Charles Brown.

August 3, 1899 Red Cliff, Colorado "Frank V. Burbank and Charles L. Brown, two Red Cliff invalids who have been at Glenwood Springs several weeks taking the baths, returned home Sunday night."

April 1900 Charles L. Brown made a quit claim deed on all his interests in the Gordon and Bengal Tiger lodes in the Twin Lake mining district to Daniel E. Murphy.

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