Patrick F. Cavanaugh, 10N 48W

"An early Atchison, Kansas, resident was Patrick Cavanaugh, a stonemason, who brought his family here from New York in 1858. The Cavanaughs bought their first home in Atchison from Samuel Dickson and his second wife, Mary. (Samuel's first wife, Nancy, is buried in a long-closed cemetery known as Dickson Cemetery on the hilltop just north of Rushville. She died at 25 and was buried in 1853). In early 1863, the Cavanaughs moved to a farm in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood, and beginning about this time, Patrick Cavanaugh built seveal fine stone homes for neighborhood farmers, including one for Preston King and his family which is still standing and occupied. Nearby this old King home can be found the stone wall remnants of other early Atchison county houses long since abandoned. Incidentally, Patrick Cavanaugh was Lowell Dagenais' great grandfather and also was stone mason on the construction of the Sixth street viaduct here when it was built. "

Patrick claimed a tract in section 31, 10N 48W in 1920.

He might be the Patrick F. Cavanaugh farming in Atchison County, Kansas in 1920, 50, born in Kansas, with Matilda A. 53 Illinois. Matilda's daughter Sylvia M. White is 28, widowed and has Alice L. and Vera M. 3.

In 1870 Atchison County, Kansas, Patrick Cavanaugh is 50, Mary 39, both born in Ireland. John is 12, Minnesota, Joseph 8, Honora 6, Thomas 4, and Patrick, 1, all four born in Kansas.
Joanna 16 is a servant born in New York.

In 1875, Pat is 55, Mary 45, Mary 22, Joanna 19, John 16, Joseph 14, Honora 12, Thomas 9, and Pat 6.

June 23, 1880 Atchison "Mr. Patrick Cavanaugh, whose funeral is announced elsewhere, died very suddenly it is supposed from becoming over-heated while at work."

" DIED... the city, at 1 1 p. m., June 21st, Patrick Cavanaugh, aged about sixty years. Funeral from the Catholic church in this city, at 1 p. m. to-day, June 23. Friends of the family invited to attend. Mr. Cavanaugh was an old resident of the city of Atchison, having settled here in an early day, and has many friends in the city. "

In 1880 Atchison County, John "Cavinaugh" is 22, living with sister Johannah Bergin 25 and her husband M. Bergin 30. and their three kids.
Johannah Bergin is in 1900 Atchison County, born Nov 1853 in New York, with John 23, Mary 22, Charley 18, Frederick 11, Floynten G. 8, and Richard 4, all kids born in Kanss.

In 1910 Atchison, William Bergin is 57, Janna 54, John L. 32, Mary C. 31, William J. 29, Charles L. 27, Fred J. 21, Richard C. 14, J
Johanna (Sweeney) Bergin 1856-1933 is buried in Atchison # 54223940. William 1849-1929 is buried there, too # 54223939.

She was born in New York November 20, 1855 to Pat Sweeney and Mary Dothan, both of Ireland, dying in St. Louis June 20, 1933.

Patrick dying June 21, 1880 is buried in Atchison # 54224439.

Patrick's mother Mary died March 18, 1895, and is buried in Atchison County # 54224435.
"Mrs. Cavanaugh, who was very well known, came to Atchison county in 1858, and lived on a farm four miles southwest of town for many years. The deceased was the mother of J. F Cavanaugh, the Missouri Pacific engineer. The funeral will occur on Wednesday. The funeral will be services at Sacred Heart church, and interment will take place at the Catholic cemetery. "

This one was in Denver in 1900, born March 1869 in Kansas, single, a day laborer, living in a rooming house on Downing Avenue.

In 1910 Atchison County, Kansas, Patrick is widowed, 40, born in Kansas, farming, boarding with the Vandiver family.

Patrick is buried in Kansas City, Kansas 1869-1938 # 166099003, with Matilda A. 1865-1930.

March 21, 1947 Atchison "Mrs. Mary Cavaanaugh, 73, mother-in-law of ... Miller of the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood at whose home she had lived since the death of her husband, the late Joseph Cavanaugh, in 1928, died at the Atchiscn hospital at 1 p. m today after an extended illness."
Mary (Quirk) Cavanaugh, per # 15650713 is buried in Atchison 1868-1947.

Joseph is buried in Atchison # 54224431, dying March 21, 1928.