Asa C. and Bertha (Howsden) Furr, 10N 48W

In 1880 Harlan County, Nebraska, C.C. Furr is farming 44, Nancy J. 36, Frederick 13, Jennie 11, Clara B. 8, Benj G. 6, Della M. 5, and Hattie J. 2.

Nancy Jane (Beason) Furr 1844-1883 is buried in Alma, Nebraska, # 59685992. Curchevill C. Furr 1826-1895
In 1885 Harlan County, C.C. Furr is a plasterer, 48, with Freddy 18, James 16, Clora 13, Benny 11, Della 9, Hattie 7, and 'Eva' 4 a female.

Curchevill C. Furr, 50, born in Virginia, married Augusta C. Hooper, 19, in Alma, Harlan,County, on September 15, 1886.

Curchevill is buried in Monmouth, Illinois 1826-1895, # 18793255, which says his spouse is Augusta Catherine (Hooper) (Furr) Moore 1868-1917. It said C.C. and Augusta had Minnie V., Grace H., Gertrude E., Franklin, and Charles C. Furr.

In 1900 Harlan County, Asa is farming, born January 1881 in Nebraska, with sister Hattie J. David January 1878 Iowa. Joel David is 34, Nancy 1.

In 1920 Logan County, Asa is farming, 37, born in Nebraska, with Bertha 28 Nebraska. Vere is 1, Vede one month, both born in Colorado.

Asa claimed two quarters in sections 13, 14 and 23, 10N 48W in 1921.

In 1940 Sedgwick County, Bertha is a cook, Asa no occupation, 59. Vere H. is 21, Verde C. 20, both laborers. They have nieces Dolores Harden 12, Doris Ann 9, and Dorothy 7, all three in Harlan County, Nebraska in 1935.
Their mother Ruth Ann Howsden 1904-1936 is buried in Harlan County # 87390001.

Asa Curchevill Furr, 1881-1961 is buried in Sedgwick, Colorado, with Bertha J. (Howsden) Furr 1891-1976.

Vere Henry 'Oscar' Furr 1918-1995 is buried in Salem Oregon He was survived by wife Alma, sons James of Bakersfield, California, Jerry of Sublimity, Oregon, and Donald of Reno, Nevada.
Alma 1914-1999 is also buried there # 135128851.

Verde C. Furr 1919-1961 is buried in Sedgwick, Colorado # 47399493.

Asa's half-brother Charles C. Furr, born 1893, was in Colfax County, Nebraska in 1900, with grandparents Charles H. Hooper 44 and Christine 58. They're Augusta's parents.
Asa's brother Benjamin Grant Furr was born March 16, 1874 at Denison Iowa, dying July 22, 1940 in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Asa's half-sister Minnie Furr is in Hitchcock County, Nebraska in 1900, born June 1888 in Nebraska. She's a servant for farmers Orlando Lawyer 56 and Emma 53, both born in New York.
The Lawyers adopted Minnie, and later went back to New York , where they were buried.

Minnie married Ray Cundall, and in 1910 Hitchcock County, Clinton R. Cundall is 22, "Minnetta" 21, Alice E. 1.

In 1920 Stratton, Nebraska, Ray is 32, Minnie 31, Alice 11, Dick 6, Mary Ann 1, and Ray's grandmother Elizabeth Ratcliff 82.
Ray and Minnie had John William Cundall in Glendoe Wyhoming on June 16, 1924.

In 1924 Denver, Ray is a salesman, living with Minnie at 1339 17th Avenue.
In 1930 Minnie is now married to William Zeiss, 50 and they're in Red Willow County, Nebraska, with Dorothy L. 2. John W. Cundall is 5.

In 1940 McCook, William "LEISS" is 60, a carpenter, with Minnie 51, adn Dorothy 12.

William Zeiss had registered for WWI in Glendo, Platte County, Wyoming, farming, born August 1, 1879. His nearest contact was Harry Cundall of Glendo. Harry had owned land in Hitchcock County, Nebraska in 1906.
Harry was in Platte County in 1920, 60 with Alice A. 57, Paul 24 and Mary E. 19.
In 1900 Harry was in Hitchcock County, 40, with Alice 37, CLINTON R. 12, Maggie E. 9, Edwin P. 4,a nd Walter R. 1.
So William had known Ray's father....

Olive Evelyn Strayer and James C. Strayer divorced in Weld County in 1931.

Clinton Ray Cundall married Olive Evelyn Strayer in Phillips County, Colorado June 12, 1931.
He's buried in Guernsey, Wyoming 1887-1963 # 91913288, with Olive 1884-1961.

John Cundall 1924-2001 is buried in Craig, Colorado 1924-2001 # 28596910, with Doris L. 1924, 1982.
Dorothea Elizabeth Zeiss was born in McCook August 26, 1927 to William Zeiss and Minnetta Furr, name Yurchak in 1948, and Hackett in 1971.
She died February 21, 2000.

Asa's half-sister Gertrude Ethel Furr was born April 4, 1891 in Harlan County, dying November 7, 1941.
She might be the Ethel G. Linnaborg in 1900 Red Willow County, born April 1891 in Nebraska, living with George 38 and Emma Linnaborg 28. George W. was born March 1893 and Gustin June January 1898.
One tree said Gertrude married Albert Clarence Longwith in 1909, and died November 7, 1941.
Gertrude 1891-1941 is buried in Colfax County, Nebraska, # 52825901, with Albert 1883-1962.

Asa's half-sister Grace Hazel Furr, born Sept 21, 1889 in Harlan County, married Ira Henry Baum in 1908 in Chilicothe, Missouri.
It said she died April 12, 1959 in Davies County, Missouri.
This is the Grace Hazel Blann, born Sept 21, 1889 in Alma Nebraska, dying April 4, 1959 in Davies County, to be buried in Monroe Center, Ludlow, Missouri. Informant was Ira H; Blann of Breckenridge.
Grace # 162830873 has a nice obituary:
"Mrs. Grace Hazel Blann, 70, died at 6 o'clock yesterday morning at the farm home north of Breckenridge. Mrs. Blann spent the major part of her lifetime in the Breckenridge community. She is survived by her husband, Ira H. Blann; two sons, Ralph H. Blann of North Kansas City and Charles E. Blann of Kansas City, Kan.; a sister, Mrs. Minnie Zieck of Jersey City, N.J.; a brother, Charles Furr of Nebraska; a half-sister, Mrs. Della Moorshead of Breckenridge; a half-brother, A.C. Furr of Sedgwick, Colo.;11 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren."

Asa's sister Della May Moorshead 1874-1959 is buried in Breckenridge, Caldwell County, Missouri # 41303191.
Della, born December 2, 1874 in Des Moines Iowa (per the death certificate) died May 20, 1959 in Chilicothe, Livingston County.
Her husband was George Moorshead.