Luman W. Kimball, 10N 48W

In 1850 Hancock County, Illinois, Milton Kimball is a clergyman, 59, with Louisa W. 46 both born in Illinois. Milton is 19, born in Ohio, Henry M. 16, Louisa 14, Emma 9, Francis 4, and Louman eight months.

Milton was born Feb 20, 1899, and Louise Wilcox 1899 - married Juy 29, 1829.
Milton is buried in San Gabriel 1891-1971, with Lela (Rabe) Kimball 1896-1982.

Luman Wilcox Kimball was born Sept 22, 1949, died July 1925, marrying Rebecca Graham about 1890.

In 1860 Hancock County, Milton is 61, Henry M. 26, Emma 19, Frank 14, and Luman 11. Albert Wilcox is 20.

In 1884 Luman W. Kimball of Fort Morgan, was a witness for the land claim of William C. Sanford for land in 7, 3N 45W.

Luman cash-claimed 120 acres in sections 3, 9 and 10, 10N 48W in 1885.

He cash-claimed another 160 acres in 3N 57W (Morgan County) in 1886.

In 1900 Gage County, Nebraska, Luman is farming, born Sept 1849 in Illinois, married 19 years to Reback A. May 1858 Wisconsin. Emma L. Sept 1881, Helen R. July 1888, and Milton S. Feb 1891 were all born in Colorado.
Luman's brother Henry M. born April 1836 in Ohio is also with them.
In 1910 Fort Morgan, Colorado, Luman is farming, 60, with Rebecca, 52. She's had four kids, three living. Helen R. is 21, Milton S. 19, both born in Colorado.

Luman 70 and Rebecca 61 are raising chickens in 1920 Monterey Park, California.

They're living at 2224 Moore Avenue in Alhambra California in 1924, and Mlton S. (Lela( is an electrician at 2228 Moore.

Luman died July 3, 1926 in Los Angeles County.
He's buried in San Gabriel # 171561201.
So is Rebecca Ann Kimball 1858-1945 # 171561221.

Milton Samuel Kimball was born Feb 11, 1891, marrying Lela Rabe on July 4, 1925.
Colorado College 1918 alumni news "Milton S. Kimball. class of '13, Cpl., E. Co.. I 1 7th Engrs. A. P. 0. 715."

They had Milton Solon Kimball in Wilmar, California November 11, 1929.

November 5, 1897 "Milton B. Kimball, brother of Henry and Luman Kimball, of Springfield, Illinois,’ Ills home, last week. Mr. Kim ball had paid this part of the state several visits, and many remember him most pleasantly. He was also a large property owner here."

Fort Morgan Colorado 1897 - Henry Kimball was a trustee of the Town of Fort Morgan.

April 1911 Decatur, Illinois " Henry Kimball of Fort Morgan, Colo., is here visiting his sister, Mrs. Laura Holt."

This is likely a cousin-in-law, wife of Ira Kimball who died in 1892. She then married Ira Holt, who died in 1905.

Ira was the son of Charles Kimball and Pauline New, per census records.

July 3, 1918 Decatur "Mrs. Laura Holt, former resident: The funeral will be conducted at 7 o'clock Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Crosby."

Kimball Family News "Frederick-Edward (K) quit railroading in 1890 and is in the Laundry business in Beatrice, and his son, Frank-Jesse, is in the same business in Omaha, unmarried."

"Milton-Solon, son of Rev. Milton K, (1025); b. Feb. 25, 1831; d. Oct. 24, 1897. He was a graduate of Knox College, Illinois, and served as a captain in the 17th Illinois regiment, and on the staff of Gen. Ross. At the time of his death was an active elder in the Second Presbyterian Church of Springfield, Illinois. He left a widow and four daughters, Mary, Henry-Martin (K), brother of the above b. Apr. 7, 1834, unmarried is living in Fort Morgan, Colo., with his youngest brother, Luman- Wilcox (K), b. Sept. 27, 1849, married; three children, Emma, Helen, and Milton. "
"Louisa (K), m. Jesse Weems of Quincy, 111., d. 1877 Two sons, Milton-Kimball and Frank-Henry proprietors of Weem's Laundry, Dye Works and Artificial Ice Plant."

Louisa married Jessie E. Weems in Augusta Illinois in 1856, the daughter of the Rev. Milton Kimball, the first minister of teh Presbyterian church of that place. HJessie organized the Purity Ice Company of Quincy.

1884 Fort Morgan "Mr. M. K. Weems and bride, from Quincy, Illinois, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Luman Kimball. Mr. Weems is secretary of the Fort Morgan Land and Live Stock Co., of which Mr. Kimball is manager."


Frederick Kimball was in Walworth County, Wisconsin in 1850, age 8, with Jesse W. 45 and Emily 49. Charles is 16 and Frances M. is 10.

Frederick E. Kimball and Emma L. Kimball married in Adams County, Illinois on October 25, 1864.

Frank J. Kimball, 39, married Caroline Carnahan, 29 on July 3, 1905 in Gage County, Nebraska.

In 1900 Beatrice, Nebraska, F.E. is a laundryman, 58, E.L. 59.

July 1908 Beatrice, Nebraska "Mrs. F. E. Kimball left yesterday for Falls City for a visit with her mother. Frank Kimball went as far as Wymore with her."

Fred and Emma are in Beatrice in 1910, and son Frank J. 42 is with the;m with Caroline H. 34 both born in Illinois. Catherine is 3, born in Nebraska.

Gage County, Nebraska "A well known figure on the streets of Beatrice, Nebraska, and a man occupying a prominent place in the business circles of the city, is F. E. Kimball, proprietor of a laundry and livery, and a stock breeder.
Mr. Kimball was born in the territory of Wisconsin, in November, 1841. The name Kimball is of Scotch origin, but the family to which the subject of this sketch belongs has long been resident of America, the early home having been New England and several generations of the family having been born in New Hampshire. Peter Kimball, tiie great-grandfather of F. E., was a native of New Hampshire and was a veteran of the Revolutionary war, in which he rendered valiant serv- ice for the cause of independence. Joseph Kimball, Mr. Kimball's grand- father, was a New Hampshire farmer who was called "Captain." He was twice married and was the father of twelve children, all by his first wife. One of Joseph Kimball's sons was Jesse ^^'. Kimball, born in Sullivan county. New Hampshire, in 1803.
Turning to the maternal ancestry of Mr. Kimball, we find that his mother was before her marriage Miss Emily Cotton. She was a daughter of Nathaniel Cotton, a descendant of John Cotton, who came to this country in the Mayflower. The Cottons were members of the Congregational church and in the family were several ministers of that denomination.
Jesse W. Kimball and his family left their New England home in 1840 and went to ^Visconsin, settling in Walworth township, Walworth county, where they were pioneers and became leading citizens. Later they moved to Galesbnrg, Illinois, where he died at the age of seventy- four years. His wife's death occurred in Lorain, Ohio, in 1883, at the age of eighty-two years. Both are buried at Galesbnrg. They were the parents of four children, all of whom, with one exception, grew to adult age, viz. : Rev. Charles Cotton Kimball, D.D., LL.D., who spent many years in eastern Congregational pastorate, and who is now living - retired in New Jersey, at the age of seventy years; Mrs. Francis Ann Knight, widow of George H. Knight, who died in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1893; '^'""^1 F. E. Kimball, whose name introduces this article. F. E. Kimball was just emerging from his teens when the troublous days of Civil war came on. He was amiong the first to leave home and chase the "Jay Hawkers." He was mustered into the service as a private in a Kansas cavalry, in September, 1861, at Leavenworth, and shared the fortunes of his command until the following year, when he was honorably discharged. Mr. Kimball spent twenty of the best years of his life as a locomotive engineer on the Burlington Railroad, running between Galesbnrg and Chicago, with headquarters at the former place. He came from Galesbnrg to Nebraska, locating first in Hastings. In 1891 he moved to Beatrice, where he has since resided. He has a pleasant home in Ella street, at No. 813, and he also owns his livery and laundry buildings. In his livery barn he keeps from forty to forty-five head of horses, some of them speedy and blooded and as fine stock as will be found anywhere in the country. Three and a half miles east of Beatrice Mr. Kimball has fifty acres of land, where he is making a specialty of raising fine hogs.
Mr. Kimball was married October 24, 1864, to Miss Emma L. Kimball, of Quincy, Illnois, daughter of Rev. Milton Kimball, a Presbyterian minister of Illinois. They have an only child, Frank J. Kimball, who is married and living in Omaha, Nebraska, where he is proprietor of the Kimball Laundry. He first engaged in the laundry business in Beatrice, when a mere youth, and established the business at this place that his father now has charge of.
Mrs. Kimball is a member of the Presbyterian church, the faith in which she was reared. Politically Mr. Kimball is a Republican, always taking a commendable interest in public affairs, but never seeking official honors."

Beatrice, Nebraska, April 12, 1911
"Frank Kimball, a business man of Omaha was killed:  Walter Meyers received injuries which it is thought will prove fatal and E. P. Mumford and A. M. Lavelle were badly hurt this evening when an automobile in which they were riding turned turtle.
The machine struck an obstruction on a culvert, swerved, ran up an embankment and turned over, throwing the occupants out and falling on them.  "

1948 Beatrice "The Kimball Laundry, which up until its fire last November had been washing Beatrice clothes for nearly 60 years, will go out of business this week. Its owner, Harold Stout, C. B. Drummond and .Mrs. B. E. Drummond, announce today the# have decided against rebuilding. The temporary office at 615 Court will remain open through Saturday night to wind up final business. Since the fire which shut down the laundry and dry cleaning establishment at 412 Ella, the firm had continued pick up and delivery service, having the actual laundry and cleaning work done in Lincoln and Omaha. Stout, at the same time, announced he had bought from Everett Ruyle and Dale Rist the Beatrice Automatic Laundry at 704 Court, and will take over its operation Monday. He said he has already added additional drying, and flatwork ironing equipment to that establishment. Drummond said his plans at present are indefinite. "I will be in Beatrice for a while, at least, settling up my affairs," he said.
Frank Kimball started the laundry about 1890. Stout got his first job with Kimball's in 1910 and except for World War I duty and three years work at Frank Kimball's laundry in Omaha, has been with the Beatrice laundry ever since. Killed in an automobile between Beatrice and Wymore in 1911, Frank Kimball was one of Gage county's first auto fatalities. His father ran the business until 1914, when B. E. Drummond and Ralph Weston bought it."
1955 Beatrice, Nebraska "Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Kimball returned from a visit to Ft. Morgan."