George L. Maegly, 10N 48W

George was born 16 Jan 1845 in Cincinnati, Ohio, son of Jacob Maegly and Margaret (Klippel) Maegly Brother of Amelia (Maegly) Wiltz, Aaron H. Maegly, John Maegly, Lydia (Maegly) Wiltz, Emma Maegly and Frederick Constantine Maegly

In 1850 Buchanan County, Missouri, Jacob is 29, Margaret 28, George 6. Philip "Maigly" is 25, Margaret 21, and Augusta 4.

In 1865 Wyandotte County, Kansas, Jacob is 44, born in Bavaria, Margaret 42 in Darmsted, George 20, Amalia 12, Aron 10, John 8, Lidia 6, Emma 2, and Fredrick four months. The last two kids were born in Kansas, all the others in Ohio.

They're all in Wyandotte County in 1870.

The 1880 Wyandotte County, Kansas census registers the following as those who transacted business with Henry Mertel
Jacob Maegly was a lumber dealer from Germany; he and his family living in the 1st Ward of Wyandotte, Kansas.

"A happy and enjoyable affair took place at the residence of Henry Klippel in this city last Sunday, it being the first meeting in 37 years of all of the children of the Klippel family. Those of the family present were Mrs. Maegly, of Wyandotte, Kansas, Rev. Adam Klippel, or Portland, Phillip and Jacob Klippel, of Poormans Creek, and Henry Klippel, of Jacksonville. These five were grouped together, and their photograph taken by which they can long remember this happy meeting. Among others present were Mr. Jacob Maegly, A. H. Maegly and family and Henry Klippel's family. This assembly was hardly expected to ever occur again, especially not on this coast. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Maegly will leave some time next week for their eastern home, going via Portland. --Oregon Sentinel, Jacksonville, March 1, 1888, page 3"

"Aaron Maegly arrived in Jacksonville sometime after 1880 where he became the chief clerk in prominent merchant Gustav Karewski’s hardware store. By 1884 he was a partner in Bilger and Maegly, one of the 3 largest local manufacturers of agricultural machinery and implements, a competitor to Karewski. Two years later Maegly had established his own business, A.H. Maegly and Company, dealing in stoves, tinware, hardware, and agricultural implements. In 1885 Maegly married Cecelia Levy, Karewski’s stepdaughter from his marriage with Joanna Levy. The young couple occupied the Jacksonville house at the corner of 6th and D streets, which Karewski and Maegly had built as a rental. Around 1890, the Maeglys moved to Portland where Aaron became a very successful real estate and mortgage broker. "

Jacob Maegly died May 25, 1891 in Santa Clara County, California, age 70.

Margaret Maegly (Widow of Jacob) is living in Portland Oregon in 1897, boarding at 997 Garfield Avenue. Her son Aaron H. is a real estate broker, living at 455 5th.
In 1880 Denver, George is 32, born in Ohio, in a rooming house - none of the residents have occuptions.

George claimed 80 acres in section 3, 10N 48W in 1883.

The 1885 Denver directory has "Maegly & Johnson (George L. Maegly, A.P. Johnson), proprietors of the Pennsylvania house at 356 Blake."

George L. Maegly married Sarah J. Hale on May 14, 1885 in Denver.

She might be the Sarah J. Hale in 1870 Wyandotte County, Kansas, 11, born in Kentucky. George is 32, farming, Mary 32, both born in Tennessee. James is 13, Mary 9, George A. 7, Wiliam R. 6, and Martha E. 3 were all born in Kentucky.
But this one appears to have married a Marchant in Missouri, dying in California
Sarah J. "Maeger" died October 30, 1893 to be buried in Riverside cemetery.
Riverside burial records have:
01 Nov 1893 Maegley, Sarah J. age 32 block 25 lot 173
18 Dec 1885 Maegly, Geo. L. - child of, age 7 block 10 lot 165

Frederick C. Maegly was appointed adminstrator of Jacob's estate in 1893 Woyandotte COUnty.

In 1895 Kansas City, Kansas, Margaret is 72, born in Germany, George 50 in Ohio, Emma 38 in Kansas.
Next household is John Meagley 60 born in Germany with Joanna 48 Ireland.

John "Maegley" 1835-1899 is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Kansas City, per # 150089177.

In 1900 Kansas City, Kansas, Joanna Maegly is 54, widowed, born in Ireland, and nephew George January 1845 in Ohio and John December 1857 in Ohio are with her. . She also has two boarders.

Johanna "Meagley" 1844-1902 is buried in Oak Grove, # 157398025.

In 1900 Kansas City, Kansas, Joanna Maegly is 54, widowed, born in Ireland, and nephew George January 1845 in Ohio and John December 1857 in Ohio are with her. She also has two boarders.

George was admitted to Masonic Lodge 41 (Schiller, Arapahoe County, Colorado) in 1901.

1902 "STATE OF KANSAS, County of Wyandotte, In the Probate Court in and for said county. In the matter of the estate of Joanna Maegly, deceased. Notice is hereby given that letters of administration have been granted to the undersigned on the estate of Joanna Maegly, late of said county, deceased, by tbe Honorable, the Probate Conrt of the county and state Aforesaid, dated the 31st day of January, 1902. Now, all persons having claims against the said estate are hereby notified that they must present the said to the undersigned for allowance within one year from the date of said letters, or they may be precluded from any benefit of such estate; and that if such claims be not exhibited within three years after tbe date of said letters they shall be forever barred.
GEORGE L. MAEGLY, Administrator of the estate of Joanna Maegly, deceased."

In 1920 Chicago, George is 72, born in Pennsylvania- but his sister-in-law might not have known. George is working as a clerk, living with brother Frederick 50 and Annie 50.

George died in Chicago November 2, 1928, to be buried in Rosehill, a clerk. His spouse was Sarah.


In 1900 San Jose, California, Lydia Maegly is Rudolph Wiltz's sister-in-law. She was born March 1859 in Missouri,. Rudolph is widowed, bolrn Sept q1844 in Pennsylvania. His kids 11 to 28.

Frederick Maegly, born March 1888 in Colorado is Rudolph's half-brother. This is John Fred Maegly, born March 4, 1888 in Denver, who registered for WWII in San Jose.

One tree said John was born to George L. Maegly and Sarah Haly.

John is in Santa Clara County in 1920, a florist, living with cousins Estella E. Wirtz 38, Bertha A. 46, and Eletta W. hawkins 45, all three born in Kansas.
John married Jenny O. Bondy in 1923 in California.

In 1930 Pasadena, John "Mugly" is 42, Jenny 52 born in France.

In 1940 San Jose, John F. is a foreman on a walnut ranch, 52, Jennie 62 born in France.

Jenny O. Maegly, born April 2, 1869, died in Santa Clara County October 31, 1960.

In 1968, John F. Maegly of 117 N. 33rd Street in San Jose was a member of the American Daffocill society.

John, born March 4, 1888 in Colorado, mother "Gale" died June 20, 19969 in Santa Clara County.


Aaron Maegly arrived in Jacksonville, Oregon, sometime after 1880.  He became the chief clerk in prominent merchant Gustav Karewski's hardware and/or agricultural implements stores.  By 1884 he was a partner in Bilger and Maegly, who along with Karewski was one of the 3 largest local manufacturers of agricultural machinery and implements.  Two years later Maegly had established his own business, A.H. Maegly and Company, which dealt in stoves, tinware, hardware, and agricultural implements. In 1885 Maegly married Cecelia Levy, Gustav Karewski's step daughter from his marriage with Joanna Levy.  The Maeglys possibly occupied the house at the corner of 6th and D streets, known as the Davidson House (aka Karewski/Maegly rental).  But shortly after their marriage , they moved to Portland where Maegly became successful in the real estate and mortgage business.  However, Cecelia retained ownership of the house until 1931.

"It's not easy to pigeonhole a historic home's architectural style. Take, for example, the showstopping 1915 Aaron H. Maegly House, one of the first estates built in Southwest Portland's affluent Arlington Heights and one of the city's first made of reinforced concrete.
The mansion built for a wealthy broker at 226 SW Kingston Ave. was designed by John V. Bennes II, a second-generation architect from Chicago. Bennes described the three-level house with a Mediterranean tile roof and outdoor terraces enclosed in concrete balustrade as being in the "Italian Renaissance style.""
"Built in 1915 for Aaron H. Maegly, a wealthy Portland broker, the Maegly House in Arlington Heights sits high above the downtown Portland skyline, offering stunning views of the city and Mt. Hood off to the east. Coming in with a $3.5 million price tag, this 6,500-square-foot home has five bedrooms, three full bathrooms, and two half baths. Designed in the Prairie School style by Portland architect John V. Bennes, the Maegly House resembles classic Mediterranean architecture, complete with porches or open-air terraces connected to every ground-floor room. "

July 3, 1903 "Mrs. Johanna Karewskl, of Jacksonville, one of the pioneers of Southern Oregon, died at Portland, where she had gone for medical treatment, on Sunday last, and her remains were brought home on Tuesday for interment. Mrs. Karewskl was a woman of tireless energy and good business ability, and had successfully managed her large interests at the county seat for many years. She leaves four daughters, Misses Stella and Pauline Levy, of Jacksonville, Mrs. A. H. Meagly, of Portland, and Mrs. L. Dattlebaum, of San Francisco."



Frederick Constantine Maegly, 36, married Annie Thomas Anderson on May 1, 1901 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

1909 Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Maegly, of Chicago, arrived last week to attend the marriage of their niece, Miss Erma Maegly, to Frank E. Tomlinson. This is Mr. Maegly's first visit since ???, and in observing Portland's rapid growth since his last visit he predicts she will have no trouble in reaching the 500,000 mark in 1912. Mr. Maegly is connected with the traffic department of Santa Fe system."

In 1910 Chicago, Fred C. is a freight agent, 41, born in Kansas, married nine years to Annie 35 born in Louisiana.

Frederick, born October 21, 1864 at Muncie, Kansas, and Annie, born April 19, 1864 in Madison Parish, Louisiana, arrived in San Francisco from Honolulu in 1923.

Annie A. Maegly, born in Louisiana April 19, 1861 to Robert N. Anderson, died March 18, 1934 in Chicago, to be buried in Rosehill. Frederick C. Maegly was the informant.

Fredericks is widowed in 1940 Chicago, 75, living alone.

Frederick C. Maegly, born October 21, 1864, died June 19, 1962 in Santa Clara County, California.


Lydia J. Maegly, 45, of San Jose married Rudolph Wiltz of Pennsylvania, age 60, on October 19, 1904 in Santa Clara, California.

Lydia Maegly Wiltz born March 6, 1859 in Missouri, died December 28, 1940 in Inyo County, California.