Charles C. Maris, 10N 48W

There's a Charles Maris/Moris/Morris in the 1860 census substitute for Berlin district, Worcester County, Maryland.

The 1860 census has a Charles as age 6, with mother Nancy 40, William 15, Peter 1, Maria 10, Zena 4, Edward ten months old, and May 20.
So this one doesn't appear to be the same one.
There's a Charles "Mewir" "Muir?" in 1860 Baltimore, with James 41 a clerk , Elizabeth 37, John 17 a clerk, Emma 16, James 15, Elizabeth 12, Charles 10, Jane 6, Mary 4, Robert 2.

This one might be too old to be the Colorado one...
1865 Columbus Ohio

Charles cash-claimed a quarter in section 17, 10N 48W in 1889.

January 1895 Anaconda, Montana
In 1896 Charles is a civil engineer, living at 1663 Lawrence in Denver.
In 1897 Charles is still a civil engineer, living at 1904 Curtis.

Charles C. Maris married Ada L. Wade on January 14, 1897 in Denver.

(Ada was in Clark County, Ohio in 1880, age 4, with Everett J. Wade 31, a machine agent and Dora B. 31. They have Eva Belle 10, Della may 7, Gracie 6, and Stephen E. 1.

In 1900 Denver, Charles is still an engineer, born March 1850 in Maryland, married two years to Ada L. born Sept 1876 in Ohio. She's had two kids, none living.

1903 Cincinnati, Ohio "Everett J. Wade snd wife have returned from Denver, Colorado, after a six weeks' trip, where they went to inspect their gold mine, and report very favorably."

Charles was the Nederland, Boulder County, Colorado postmaster from January 22, 1902 to May 3, 1904.

Ada L. Maris, 32, married Peter H. Nelson on June 21, 1909 in Davis County, Utah.

(Maybe coincidence, but Charles A. Myers, 27, married Ethel M. Gray 19, on January 20, 1905, also in Davis COunty."
He was born April 18, 1877 in St. Albans, Vermont, to James T. Myers of Middlebury, West Virginia.)

They're in Salt Lake County in 1910, Peter 35, Ada L. 33, Charles 9 (This is Charles Maris), James 8, Robert 7, Helen 4, and Alva 2.

Ada Nelson, born in 1877 in Ohio to E.J. Wade and Belle Park, died January 8, 1921 at the Utah state mental hospital.

She's buried in Salt Lake City # 157732366, with Peter Nelson # 157728584, 1874-1924 and Peter's first wife who died in 1909.


Charles was born on December 8 1900, in Boulder.
In 1910 he's in Utah, with mother Ada and her husband Peter Nelson, listed on the census as Charles Nelson, 9.
He's in Salt Lake City when enlisting in the Army June 19, 1918, age 18 years and six months. He was assigned to the repair unit in Camp Holabird, Maryland.

Ruth Sherman, 26, married Charles Wade Maris, 24, on 6-16-1924 in Genesee County Michigan. Her parents were Henry Sherman and Harriet Disbrow.
1929 "Charles W. Maris is now pilot for Colonial Air Transport on the Boston- New York route. "

In 1930 Buffalo, New York, Charles is 30, an aviator, with Ruth H. 33 born in Michigan. Louise A. is 3, born in Michigan, and Marilyn 1 in Ohio. His step-brother Eugene V. Nelson is a laborer, 18 born in Utah is with them.

Cleveland - December 20, 1934 " Miss Viola Pincombe, pretty twenty-two-year-old parachute jumper, was found shot to death today in the Lakewood apartment of Charles W. Maris, 34, airline pilot. Whether the pistol shot that killed Miss Pincombe was fired by her own hand was a mystery, but Chief of Police L. B. Miller said that he believed she shot herself because she feared she was losing Maris' friendship. Maris, who told police that he was at the home of his estranged wife in Lakewood at the probable time of the shooting, was detained."

Ruth was born on February 2 1897, in Vassar, Tuscola, Michigan, USA.
BUFFALO - TORONTO BY AIR by C.D. Long, continued: There were several other pilots: Frank Little, Julian S. Dexter, Charles W. Maris, and George A. Heddinger (previously a mechanic for KingsfordSmith). The right hand seats were usually taken by mechanics, no doubt chosen for their power output in winding up the Eclipse inertia starters and pumping up the retractable wheels. The Sikorsky S-38's were a delight to fly, and to watch, for they had takeoff performance to burn, a top speed of 128 mph, and handled like fighters. When the throttles were opened on the water, everything disappeared in a cloud of spray. This cloud began to move in the direction of the takeoff, and in ten to 17 seconds the ship emerged from the cloud, in the air, and climbed smartly away. Downwind takeoffs were often made, in not many seconds longer. This in days when most people spoke of 30 seconds as a good takeoff, 40 and 50 weren't uncommon, and every bit of head wind was something to be carefully garnered. In the summer of 1929 Savoia-Marchetti had a sales organization in North America, and an agent in Toronto, with their S-56 amphibian and S-62 flying boat on sale. The S-56, a three seater with a Kinner K-5, was a 60-second takeoff affair, but the seven-place S-62 was much snappier. It had an Isotta-Fraschini V-12 engine of 500 horsepower, and the Italian fraternity fancied that it was faster than an S-38. This led to a contest the morning after Labour Day, in a race from Buffalo to Toronto. Charles Maris flew the Sikorsky, with a regular load of passengers, and arrived over Fleet Street in a photo finish with the screaming Savoia. A tie, except that Maris took off for Buffalo 20 minutes later, in the same machine with the same two Wasps, while the Isotta had to be removed for rebuilding!

1939 Denver

Charles is a pilot in 1940 Glendale, California, 39, with Ruth S. 42, Ada L. 12, Marilyn 11, Jerry S. 2, and Sandra ten months. The family had been in Chicago in 1935.

March 1944 "Captain Charles W. Maris, former Salt Laker, now in Burbank, Cal., was mentioned in a story as one of 22 pilots who cooperated in flying men and supplies to Alaska when invasion seemed imminent. The story appeared in the Glaship News, published by American Airlines, Inc."

Charles, born Dec 8, 1901 (Should be 1900, likely), died August 19, 1966 in Shasta County, California.
Ruth Sherman Maris 1897-1982 is buried in Hillsboro, Washington County, Oregon # 20905220.
1962 Medford, Oregon marriage applications list Charles Wade Maris and Rose Hake Peacock, both of "Lorn i la", Calif. They were married in Nevada December 27, 1961.

The 1966 directory of Redding, California has C.W. Maris (Rose E.) retired, living at 3135 Winding Way.
This might be the Charles Walters Maris, age 21, who married Rose Reese Richardson on June 9, 1942 in Washington, D.C..

Ada 'Louise' Crockett of Woodburn, formerly of Eugene and Myrtle Creek, died Jan. 10 of age-related causes. She was 81. No service is planned.
She was born Oct. 27, 1927, in Flint, Mich., to Charles and Ruth Sherman Maris.
She graduated from Myrtle Creek High School and was a homemaker.
Survivors include two sons, Ken of Salem and John of Keizer; a daughter, Debra Meaghers of Salem; a brother, Jerry Maris of Hillsboro; two sisters, Sandra Norcutt of Roseburg and Marilyn Blackenship of Myrtle Creek; and three grandchildren.

Ada is buried in Myrtle Creek, Oregon # 33561917, on a shared stone with her sister Marilyn.

Marilyn (Maris) Crockett 1929-2010 is buried in Myrtle Creek # 141872866.

Sandra Fleming (born Maris) was born in 1939, in California, to Charles Wade Maris and Ruth Henrietta Maris (born Sherman).
Sandra and Jerry Maris are both in the Myrtle Creek, Oregon high school yearbook.
Sandra married Allen James Fleming in 1962, at age 22 in Oregon. Allen was born on March 10 1939, in Payette County, Idaho. They divorced in 1971, at age 31. Sandra married a Norcott in 1972, at age 32 in Oregon. Sandra passed away of cause of death in 2014, at age 75 in Oregon.

Eureka California, July 19, 1957 "Miss Marion Marie Swiener of Arcata and Jerry Sherman Maris of Myrtle Creek, Oregon, were married on June 29 in All Souls Parish. Myrtle Creek. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Swiener of Arcata and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Maris, Myrtle Creek. Frances Mae Swiener, sister of the bride, and maid of honor, wore an aqua ballerina formal with silver accents. She carried a white daisy bouquet and a band of white flowers in her hair. Sandra Maris, bridesmaid, wore a pink ballerina-length formal with silver trim. Her flowers and headdress were similar to those of the maid of honor. James A Graf, Jr. was the best man and John Hous and Marvin Boggs of Victorville, Calif., were ushers. Mrs. Robert Benn played the organ and Mrs. John Haus sang three selections. A reception was held on the lawn of the bridegroom's parents' home following the ceremony. Marilyn Crockett, sister of the, groom, served the cake. Mrs. Clinton Osburn and Mrs Dee Thomas served coffee and punch. Vivian Drongcscn, cousin of the bride, from Junction City, Ore., was in charge of the gift table and Ruth Swiener sister of the bride, registered the guests. The couple left on a week's wedding trip and will reside in Myrtle Creek. "