Duncan and Hattie Monroe, son James and Mary (Wray) MonroeSterling

In 1850 Washington County, Ohio, Duncan Monroe is 36, Janet 35, Jane 6, Sarah C. 4,a nd James 1.
Duncan Monroe was born at Campbelltown Scotland in 1813, died April 30, 1856. He's buried in Marion County # 176476928, with Jenanette 1815-1909 # 176476638.

Jennett Monroe married Benjamin Lorimer on November 10, 1859 in Marion County.

In 1860 Marion County, Iowa, Jane Monroe is 16, James 11, and Duncan 4.
Frank Thomas Monroe 1888-1969 is buried in Tulare County, California # 102960405, with Emma J.

Arch C. Monroe married Etta R. Shannon in Sterling on Nov 29, 1905.

In 1920 San Diego, Arch and Etta are both 41, with Loyd C. 6 born in Colorado.

They're back in Sterling in 1930, with "Floyd", and are alone in 1940 SXterling.
Charles 1879-1966 is buried in Sterling with Etta (Shannon) Monroe 1878-1958 3 55546128.


In 1880 Marion County, Iowa, Duncan Monroe is 24, Hattie L. 21, with Clarence E. seven months.

Duncan Monroe was the assignee of Sally Roberts, widow of Silas Roberts, Lieutenant in Captain Parks' company, New York Militia, War of 1812, for land in 5, 10N 48W in 1876.

They might have come to Logan County because James' wife Mary Wray had relatives there.
Duncan 1855-1884 is buried in Sterling # 55313460.

In 1885 Weld County, J. M. Ford is farming , 34 born in Illinois, with Hattie 28 born in Illinois. Clarence Monroe is 2, Charles 4, both born in Iowa.

Harriett L. (Myer) Ford 1858-1927 is buried in Sterling 3 61971732.

Clarence D. Monroe, 27, married Mintie Kushmael 18, in Cheyenne County, Nebraska on July 29, 1907.

In 1910 Logan County, Clarence D. Monroe is 27, just married six months to Harriet M. 27, second marriage for both. Philamena Gager, 8 born in Kansas is with them.

Clarence D. Monroe is in Logan County in 1920, 40, born in Iowa, with Alice 44 Missouri. They have Claude 8 born in Kansas.

Clarence D. Monroe, 67, widowed, his third marriage, residing in Gersham, Oregon, married Minnie Sween, widowed, her second marriage, daughter of Rufus Faye of Michigan and Amelia Achard of Virginia, in Clark County, Washington in July 1947.

Charles Thomas Monroe, 1881-1932 is buried in Sterling 3 39465091, with Enda Laurel )Wood) Monroe 1883-1956.


Mary Wray was in Franklin County, Virginia in 1860, age 10, daughter of Lott and Julia Wray. Lott is 44, Julia 32, Benjamin 16, Elizabeth 14, David 12, Mary 10, John O. 9, Gideon 7, Jane 5, and Irena 2.

In 1870, Lott is 53, Julia 40, Mary 19, John 17, Gideon 16, Jane 14, Irene 12, and Lott 8.

Mary Hayden Wray of Virginia and James Monroe of Barlow Ohio had Duncan Daniel Monroe on October 12, 1873 in Durman, Marion Count Iowa .

In 1880 James and Mary are in Weld County, which at that time extended to the Nebraska border. James is 31, Mary 31, with Duncan 6, Nettie V. 5, James W. 3, and Charles A. 1.
Bessie L. Patterson is one month old.

James Monroe cash-claimed a quarter in 11, 8N 52W in 1886.

1899 Sterling "Misses Nettie and Jennie McMillan and Clark Loynachan, relatives of James Monroe, left ofver the Union Pacific for home last evening."
"...from Durham, Iowa. The young ladies are nieces of Mr. Monroe and the young man is a cousin."

James Monroe was the assignee of Albert G. Dudley, alias Albert G. Daskam, for land in 1, 8N 54W, in 1911.

In 1900 Sterling, James is farming, born August 1848 in Ohio, with Mary H. May 1849 Virginia. Nettie February 1875, James H. Ot 1876, Archie C. March 1879, Nellie B. October 1882 were born in Iowa. Frank Ot 1888 in COlorado.

James and Mary are alone in 1910 Sterling, still farming.

One tree said Mary Hayden Wray died in Portland, Oregon May 19, 1914.
She's buried in Sterling 1849-1914 # 5602216, with James 1848-1933

In 1930 James is 81, living with son J. Harry MJonroe in Sterling.

DUNCAN - son of James

1898 Sterling "Duncan Monroe returned to Chicago yesterday to resume his studies in the medical college. He will spend about a week at the Omaha exposition."

In 1900 Duncan is in medical school in Chicago, born October 1872 in Iowa.
In 1910 in Morgan County, Colorado, Duncan D. is 36, Arvilla 33, with James E. 7, Clarence W. 4, Wray S. 2, and n newborn Rex.
Duncan D. Monroe and Arvilla Stockton married in Sterling on September 5, 1900.

They had Vincent Duncan Monroe on June 10, 1913 in Chewelah, Stevens County, Washington.
1913 "Who's Who in the Pacific Northwest "

They're in Seattle in 1920, Duncan a surgeon, 46. Arvilla S. is 42, james E. 16, Clarence W. 14, May S. 12, Rex 10, and Robert E. 2.

In 1930 they're in Illinois, at the Madison County Tubercululosis Sanatarium, Duncan 56, Arvilla 52, James 26, Clarence 24, Rex 20, and Robert 12.

Arvilla 1877-1938 is buried in Alton, Illinois # 89732865.

Duncan 1873-1975 is buried in Sterling, Colorado # 41543458, with Alberta M. (Martin) Monroe 1912-2006.

Rex, born September 23, 1909, died in Los Angeles County November 28, 1990.
Rex's son Duane D. Monroe, born February 20, 1936, was with Rex and Mickey in 1940 Milwaukee, and is buried in Whittier, California # 103337663, dying August 15, 2012.

His wife was Viola, father Rex, siblings Anne Dahl, Mark Monroe, and Gretchen Higbee.

Duane, age 40, married Viola Chitjain, 44, on March 25, 1976 in Nevada County, California.

In 1940 Coeur d'Alene, James is 37, a salesman, with Bernice B. 29 born in Washington. Marilyn is 4, born in Oregon.

James Edwin Monroe registered for WWII in Coeur d'Alene, Iaho, born Feb 10, 1903, working for the Idaho Panhandle Boy Scouts, with wife Bernice B. Monroe.
James Monroe, born Feb 10, 1903, died June 1969, last residence Boise.

Bernice, born May 12, 1910, died November 1984, last residence Boise, Idaho.

Clarence is a doctor in 1940 Cook County, Illinois, with Ellen, both er. Vincent is 5, Robert 3.

Clarence Webster Monroe, born May 18, 1905, died in Pike County, Ohio March 5, 2005.

Ellen Matson Monroe, born in Oregon July 22, 1905, died in Pike County, Ohio on June 2, 1994.

Wray Stockton Monroe married Roma Vandersand Smith in 1927 in Champaign, Illinois.

They had Patricia Cynthia Monroe on March 6, 1931 in Huntington, West Virginia, (Patricia was named Shellburne in 1965, and Loyless in 1968. )

Wray Monroe is a dentist in 1940 Decatur, Illinois, 32, with Roma 35 born iN Illinois. Patricia 9 was born in West Virginia.

Wray Stockton Monroe, born August 2, 1907, died in Polk County, Nroth Carolina August 2, 1907.

Robert Earl Monroe, born June 14, 1917, died December 31, 2010, last residence Kensington, Maryland.
January 4, 2011 Washington Post
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