John W. and Eva (Knowles) Ramsey, 10N 48W

John W. Ramsey married Eva L. Knowles in Weld County on March 20, 1879 - he's in the 1880 census with Eva's parents Myron Knowles, but not Eva...

In 1900 Logan County, John Ramsey is 51, Eva 45, John E. 18, Earl C. 14, Guy R. 13, Adele W. 8, Helen H. 6.

In 1910 Logan County, J. W. Ramsey is farming, 61 born in Illinois, with Eva L. 55 born in Wisconsin. Guy 22, Adele 19, and Helen Ramsey 17, all three born in Colorado.
John William Ramsey is buried in Greeley 1849-1935 # 65232376, with Evelyn (Knowles) Ramsey 1853-1934.


Kenneth Arthur Snyder married Helen Hazel Ramsey on November 28, 1920.

Helen Lois Snyder was born October 2, 1923 in Denver to Kenneth A. Snyder and Helen H. Ramsey, named Hunter in 1949.
She was in Denver in 1930, with grandparents J. W. Ramsey 81 born in Illinois and Ethlyn 75 born in Wisconsin.
Helen H. (Ramsey) Snyder 1892-1923 is buried in Greeley # 169108272.

Earl K. Ramsey married Bessie Gillette on September 27, 1916 in Sterling.
They had William Edward Ramsey in Bexar County, Texas on September 19, 1917.

In 1940 Oklahoma City, Erle is an appraisor with the State of Oklahoma, 54, with Bessie 44, both born in Colorado. Margaret 15 was born in Wyoming, Robert G. 13 in Oklahoma.

Earl Knowles Ramsey 1886-1956 is buried in Oklahoma City # 94334911, with Bessie (Gillett) Ramsey 1890-1976 # 94335053.

Robert G. Ramsey 1927-2012 is in the same cemetery # 102411331.


In 1910 Washington County, Colorado, Roy Curvey is 28, Floy B. 25.

Guy R. Ramsey and Floy Blackburn had Kathryn Ramsey on June 24, 1916 in Logan County. She died as Buffham on April 2, 2003.

1922 " Mr. and Mrs. Guy Ramsey are marketing some fine apples at Sunbeam and May bell, which were grown on their own farm on Blue mountain."

1924 Craig "Guy Ramsey and family have left Three Springs to make their home on a ranch near Denver. Mr. Ramsey has leased his place to Lew Hitchins."

In 1930 Moffat County, Guy and Floy are 43, with Helen J. 19, Kathryn A. 14, and Floy N. 3.

March 1930 "Mr and Mrs. Guy Ramsey and family after spending the winter in Sterling, Colo, passed thru this neighborhood Friday on their way home. They stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grassie Friday night."

1932 "Mr. and Mrs. Guy Ramsey went to Denver Saturday. They are going to have Kathryn operated on for appendicitis. She has been in Denver all winter going to high school. "

1934 Craig "After a hearing in Justice of the Peace Sam Roslyn's court today, Guy Ramsey and W. C. Chambers were placed under a $5OO bond, each, to keep the peace. The bonds are returnable to the district court. The hearing came as a result of charges preferred with Guy Ramsey as the complaining witness. Ramsey alleged in his complaint that Chambers had made threats against him. After hearing the evidence Justice Roslyn decided that both men had been guilty of making threats and placed each under bond."

1937 " L. C. Buffham stayed all night at Hollands on his way home from Elk Springs. Mrs. L. C. Buffham is visiting at her mother, Mrs. Guy Ramsey."

Guy R. Ramsey is ranching in Moffat County in 1940, with Floy B., both 52. Nigel is 14.

1941 "Mrs. Guy Ramsey of Skull Creek has been in the hospital for the past week for treatment."

1941 "Mrs. Guy Ramsey and daughter, Helen McCasland, and Babe Buffham of Greystone were in Craig attending to business matters and visiting."

Helen Ramsey, divorced, born July 2, 1910 in Sterling, daughter of Roy Curvey and Floy Blackburn, married Marcus Feltch in Unitah County, Utah on December 8, 1931.

M. Clark Fletch married Sylvaia Allred on November 19, 1938 in Denver.

In 1940 Vernal Utah, Clark Feltch is 35, married to Sylvia 32 born in Utah.

Marcus Clark Feltch 1905-1992 is buried in Vernal, Utah, with Lula Maud (Karren) Feltch 1909-2002.

Anita Kathryn Buffham is buried in Moffat County # 137860307, with L.C. Buffham 1913-1997.
Nigel R. Urie, 37, of Moffat County, married Robert E. Pittman 33, in Vernal Utah on July 3, 1963.

August 1940 "A wedding under unusual circumstances took place Sunday morning when Helen Ramsey and L. W. McCasland were married at the home of the Rev. M. C. Morris. They had been married 10 years before, August 4, 1930. divorced and each remarried. They were each divorced from their second choices and resumed the first romance last week. They will remain in Craig for a short time and then go to Burbank, California where Mr. McCasland is employed in a garage and where they expect to make their home."

1969 Steamboat Springs "The Ole Barbers enjoyed visiting with their friends, Mr. and Mrs. Avasolace Sunday, from Craig. Helen Barber's mother, Mrs. Guy Ramsey, who is 85 years old. spent the weekend at Dream Island. Helen drove to Craig, where Mrs. Ramsey lives alone, and brought her mother to Steamboat where they enjoyed the weekend together."

1975 Steamboat Springs "Helen Barber and her mother, Mrs. Ramsey, have moved to Maybell, Colorado."


John E. Ramsey is an osteopath in 1920 Denver, with Margaret 38 born in Kansas. They have Elizabeth 3.

John Eugene Ramsey 1881-1949 is buried in Denver, # 96424774, with Margaret (Barr) Ramsey 1882-1955, # 96424806.


Adele Ramsey, 27, married Dean Babcock on November 14, 1914.

In 1920 Dean is a forest ranger, 32, with Adele 29, Evelyn J. 3 and Sylvia newborn.

1922 Estes Park " Mr. and Mrs. Dean Babcock are taking great interest in the construction of the new home near them, of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ramsey, Mrs. Babcock's parents."

In 1930 Denver, Adele is 39, Evelyn 13, Sylvia 10, with her parents J.W. and Evelyn Ramsey.

In 1940 Estes Park, Dean is a draftsman, 52, Adele R. 49, with Eva J. 23.
Dean died December 1968 in King County, Washington, per one tree
Dean Babcock (1888-1969) Born in Canton, Illinois, Babcock studied under Helen Hyde, John Vanderpoel and Robert Henri. A long time resident of Estes Park, Colorado, Babcock is best known for his paintings and illustrations of Longs Peak and the Estes Park region.

Sylvia married Harold Tacker 1910-1990, and died November 2002 in Seattle.

Sylvia Tacker passed away peacefully in her sleep on November 24, 2003 at the age of 84. In her lifetime, what did she accomplish? Her extensive group of friends described this dynamic individual as mentor, educator, writer, weaver, humorist, scholar, traveler, a wife and mother. "Learn from the past, live for today, and look to the future" was her motto.
Growing up in Colorado, she spent her summers in Estes Park exploring the mountains on horseback or in hiking boots. In winters, while attending school in Denver, she lived with her influential grandmother who impressed her with, "be honest, treat people well and otherwise do what you want to do". Her love of the fine arts came from her parents, Adele and Dean Babcock, both artists and musicians. Sylvia's interest in dance led her to the University of Oklahoma where she also immersed herself in journalism classes and eventually met her husband Harold.
At the end of WWII Sylvia, Harold and their young daughter moved to the Seattle area where she soon became a writer for the East Side Journal. She found weaving to be her artistic medium when she took an adult education weaving class in 1957. He husband, a photographer and artist, shared her love of weaving and developed an interest in spinning and dyeing. She was a member of the Northwest Designer Craftsmen, past president and member of the Seattle Weavers' Guild and a regular contributor of articles to fiber arts magazines. She and her husband Harold, co-authored the book, Band Weaving in which she wrote the text and he photographed the illustrations. As a team, they toured Canada, Australia and New Zealand giving seminars, workshops and collecting samples of weavings indigenous to cultures around the world. She founded the East Side Writers Association, was past president and advisor for the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference and a member of several book clubs. Her connection with the North Shore Senior Center was one of the most important aspects of the last 25 years of her life. Her own interests in the wonders and value of technology drew her to become an assistant in the computer classes. She saw that computers could open the doors to communication for people with arthritis and disabilities through e-mail and Internet search capabilities. She volunteered to assist with many of the Senior Center's programs including the Outreach and Adult Day Care Programs. However, her Wednesday Creative Writing Class was the spark in her life. Here, she was a master facilitator nurturing latent talents. "It doesn't matter whether you have never written a sentence in your life or have Ph.D., you are welcome here". Her classes followed many themes such as poetry. limericks, grammar, discovering words, and writing "one's life story". Her low-pressure style allowed her to share her enthusiasm in a sensitive and gentle manner. She co-edited Vintage Northwest, a senior literary magazine designed to showcase senior talents. The next time you visit the North Shore Senior Center, you may catch out of the corner of your eye, an image of a very short silver haired lady, black cane in one hand and a large canvas bag overflowing with flyers, sign-up sheets, lessons and student's work in the other hand. Her spirit will live there forever.
She is survived by her sister, Evajo Reed of Bella Vista, Arkansas; her daughters and their husbands, Jo Ann and Ted Jonson of Palos Verdes, California; Meegan and Karl Haleamau of Whidbey Island, Washington; and her grandsons, Karl Jonson of Hermosa Beach, California and Hal Jonson of Los Angeles, California.

"Evelyn J. (Babcock) Reed July 8, 1916 - January 14, 2011
Arrangements under the direction of Callison-Lough Funeral Home, Rogers, AR.