Samuel M. and Augusta G. (Green) Smith, 10N 48W

Samuel claimed 80 acres in 7, 10N 48W in 1890.

He might be the S.M. Smith in 1875 Ogden, New York, 20, with parents John P. Smith 54, Susan B. Smith 55, Walter G. 31, Wm. B. 28. Willis B. 11.
M. S. Smith farming in 1880 Ogden, Monroe County, New York, 25,, with Augusta G. 24, Czar D. 3, and Emma 1.

Samuel Melancthon Smith's parents, per one tree, were John Peshine Smith 1816-1895 and Susan Baker 1820-1906.

Susan B. Smith is in Ogden in 1900, born October 1820, and William B. Jan 1847 and his wife Ella a born June 1870 are with her.
Katherine born May 1834- Susan's sister-in-law - is with her, too.
Samuel M. Smith is in 1900 Clear Creek County, Colorado, an undertaker and furniture dealer, born Feb 1855, married 24 years to Augusta Feb 1856. Czar D. Dec 1876 is a furniture salesman, and Emma S. Sept 1878, all four born in New York.

"My Grandmother Josephine Tavenner's house was one of the houses featured in his story.
E. M. Wiley built the house at 1204 Colorado Blvd. in 1897. The first occupants were Sam and Augusta Smith in 1901.
The house hasn't changed much from the outside since then. A wrought iron fence surrounds the front yard and front yard steps "

In 1910 Idaho Springs, Samuel is still a furniture dealer, Augusta with him, and Czar does masonry work.

Czar is still with them in 1920 Idaho Springs, a vulcanizer.

Samuel is a judge in 1930 Idaho Springs, and Czar manages a service station.

In May, 1932, Brother Samuel M. Smith resigned as secretary after having served the Idaho Springs Masonic Lodge faithfully for 18 years

September 24, 1932 Rochester, New York "Emogene Green Pratt, wife of Asa Pratt, died yesterday at her home on South Union Street. Besides her husband she leaves two sisters. Mrs. Sarah Clark of Passaic, N. J. and Mrs. Augusta Smith of Idaho Springs, Colo.; one brother, Jesse Green, of Spencerport, several nieces and nephews. Funeral at the home Sunday at 3 p. m. "

Emma Pratt 1860-1932 is buried in Spencerport, Monroe County # 119938464, with Asa Pratt 1862-1947.

Emmagene and Asa were in Ogden, Monroe County in 1900, and Emmagene's mother Mamie Green born April 1829 is with them, widowed, born in New York.

"Mamre" (Walker) Green 1828-1906 is buried in Monroe County # 113351324, with Nelson M. Green dying July 12, 1880 age 73, # 113351245.

Their son Lester B. is buried with them, dying in July 1862 aged four months.

Jesse M. 1857-1935 and his wife Elizabeth H. Moseley 1859-1926 are buried iwth them.
In the same lot are Mr. and Mrs. Briggs. Mrs. Briggs died in 1885.