Edward Teague10N 48W

Edward cash-claimed a quarter in section 9, 10N 48W in 1882.

There's an Edward Teague in 1880 Pike County, Indiana, farming, 50, with Polly 46. John is 17, William 11, and Mollie 10.
Edward 1829-1897 is buried in Pike County, Indiana # 65237815.

More likely is the Edward "Tigue" who with Kate Coyne had a son Edward Tigue on April 28, 1888 in Leadville.
The son married Louise Parker on December 17, 1928 in Utah County, Utah, and died in Carlifornia.

In 1880 Middlesex County, New Jersey, Edward Tigue is a steamboat fireman, 34 born in New York, with Kate 34 born in Ireland. Annie is 11, Mary 8, Margaret 6, Edward 2, and William six months.

January 18, 1894 Aspen "DIED, yesterday morning, Mary Tigue, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tigue, Riverside addition, aged 2 years and 6 months. The funeral will be held from the family residence today at 10 o'clock."

In 1910 Aspen, Kate is a laundress, 49, born in Pennsylvania, with Andrew J. 16 born in Colorado, a deliveryman.

In 1920 Aspen, Kate is 61, Andrew a baker 27.

1939 Aspen

Kate Tigue 1857-1939 is buried in Butte # 166302143.

Andrew F. Tigue, a copper miner, born June 6, 1893 in Colorado, died in Butte December 18, 1956, to be buried in Holy Cross cemetery. The informant was Mrs. Tom Sullivan of Butte.

Ed Tigue 1855-1920 born in Pennsylvania, is buried in Sacramento, California, per # 137034179.

In 1930 Utah, Edward and Louise have her kids Fawn 12 and Robert 8.

In 1940 Inyo County, California, Edward is a miner, 51, with Lois 47 and Robert Parker 19.
Edward J. Tigue 1888-1941 is buried in Utah County, although dying in Inyo County, California, per # 83860. Louise Tigue 1882-1964 died in Los Angeles County, per # 86861.

It's possible her first husband was Robert Parker 1887-1921 buried in the same cemetery # 83924 "Killed by lightning in Idaho Falls, Idaho."

Louise's daughter Fawn Parker Haycock 1917-1984 is buried in Inyo County # 14682981 with her husband Joseph H. haycock 1911-1995.

Another possible: Pueblo, Colorado May 21, 1900 "Edward Tigue, 31 years of age, died at nino oclock this morning from injuries he received in being run over by a Rio Grande freight train a few hours before. Both his legs wero cut off and he was taken to St. Mary's hospital where he suffered greatly until death relieved him. He boarded the train last night at Colorado Springs with the intention of coming to Pueblo in search of work.
His father will come from Keokuk, Iowa, to take charge of the remains."

This Edward Tigue 1871-1900 is buried in Keokuk # 115801654.