Daniel Wray, Chalmon Wray 10N 48W

Daniel cash-claimed a quarter in 7 and 8, 10N 48W in 1878, and Chalmon one in section 4, also in 1878.

There's a Daniel Wray, born about 1799 in Virginia, and Elizabeth 89, living in Wolfe County Kentucky in 1870 with thier son John C. 49 and his wife Sabina 44.
Daniel, age 89, born in Virginia, is living in Madison County, Kentucky in 1880, widowed, with son John Wray 60 and his family.

Another, more likely, is the Chesley Daniel Wray, born about 1852, who married Lydia Elizabeth Peters in Vborn about 1855, both in Virginia, in 1874.
They're in Franklin County, Virginia in 1880, Chesley 27, Lydia E. 23, Emma D. 4, Cora A. 2, and Mry E. 1.

In 1910 they're in Baca County, Colorado, farming. Chesley is 58, Lydia 53, with Cassie 19 all three born in Virginia, John D. 16, and Cecil 13 in Indiana.

Cecil T. Wray and Cora Hufford married June 13, 1918 in Baca County.

Cora 1900-1929 is buried in Baca County, # 30372337,

In 1930 Chesley 78 and Lydia 75 are still in Baca County, with grandson Paul nine months old.
Next household is Cecil 33, widowed, with sons Robert 10, Reuben 9, Ivan 7, and Merle 3, all born in COlorado.

Chesley 1852-1933 is buried in Baca County, # 30371658.

Lydia, born December 28, 1855 in Virginia to Joe Peters and Elizabeth Barnhart, died December 8, 1942 in Kosciusko County, Indiana, to be buried in Old Order Cemeter, North Manchester, Indiana.
The informant was William Wray.

Cora A. Wray, born 1877, died in Covert, Michigan May 24, 1904.
She's buried in the Dunkard cemetery # 68432833.
So is Cecil I. Wray 1896-1977 # 30372378.

"Paul Vernon Wray was born at home June 26, 1929, on the Wray homestead near Richards, Colorado, to Cecil and Cora Wray. He departed to his heavenly home September 16, 2015, from the Walsh Healthcare Center.
He attended elementary school at Diamond Ridge; high school, grades nine and ten at Stonington, Colorado, and grades eleven and twelve at Walsh High School where he graduated with the class of 1948.
Paul helped his father, Cecil, farm and ranch for three years. He then served in the Korean War from 1951 – 1953.
Paul married Lenora McCauley on July 17, 1954. They were blessed with four children; Dale Wayne, who died in infancy, Anna Paulene, Douglas Lynn and Karla Sue."

Robert J. Wray 1919-2004 is buried in Sacramento County, California # 102652373.

Reuben Irvin Wray 1920-1986 is buried in Thornton, Colorado # 45103398.
Merle Elbert Wray 1926-1994 is buried in Concord, California # 89753016, with Lena P. Wray 1929-1982.

John Daniel Wray 1893-1962 is buried in Baca County # 30371491.

Ivan Wray and Mildred Wray had a court case in El Paso County, Colorado in 1953.

Ivan C. Wray 1922-2002 is buried in Stanislaus County, California # 39609541, with ruth G. Wray 1927-2017.

Chalmon is probably not the son of this Daniel, because his father Daniel died in 1863...
In 1860 Franklin County, Virginia, Daniel Wray is farming, 48, Naoma 43, Frances 18, Amanda 16, John 15, Bug 14, Chalman 12, Hayden 11, Dewit 10 and Bawley C. 5.

Daniel 1812-1863, buried in Franklin County # 40289511.

Naomi "Ray" married Henry Crall on October 16, 1873 in Marion County, Iowa. Rebecca Crall had died in 1873. Henry 1800-1875 is buried in Marion County # 126763025.

In 1880 Nancy Crall is widowed, 63, in Adams County, Iowa with son Manikin Wray 34 and his family. Nancy H. is 27, Charles 3, and Anna 1.
Naomi is still living with them in 1900, age 83, with Daniel Crall Nov 1854 born in Virginia, a "brother"
Naomi (Wray) Crall 1817-1903 is buried in Adams County, Iowa # 31121649.

CHALMON WRAY, a farmer of Larimer County, residing on township 4, range 69, was born in Franklin County, Va., in 1847, and is a son of Daniel and Naomi (Johnson) Wray, natives of Virginia. His father, who spent his entire life in the Old Dominion, followed the pursuits of farmer, tanner and blacksmith, and was for a number of years squire of the town, of which he was a leading citizen. His death occurred in 1863, when he was fifty-one years of age. His widow, who is now in her eightieth year, resides with her son, Mankino, in Iowa.

In 1874 Chalman Wray and S.A. Forbes witnessed the marriage of William F. Bennett to Mary Laycook in Boulder County, Colorado.

At the age of eighteen, in 1865, Mr. Wray, of this sketch, came as far west as Marion County, Iowa, and there embarked in general farming in connection with his brother, the two renting a farm together. In 1873 he crossed the plains to Colorado, arriving in Longmont on the 4th of July. The following year, in partnership with his brother-in-law, R. J. Patterson, he rented a farm, which he assisted in cultivating for a year. He then returned to Tennessee to buy cattle, which he fed on the range. Coming from that state to Colorado, he stopped at his old home in Iowa. In 1875 he returned to Longmont and bought some cattle, which he pastured on the South Platte River. He engaged in cattle-raising until 1878, when he sold out. During the same year he bought eighty-four acres on section 14, where he now resides. March 1, 1878, he hauled the first load of stone for his present home. He made a number of valuable improvements and has followed general farming, dairying and stock- raising, on his eighty-four and one-third acres of fine land, all of which is improved. He is a stockholder and director in the Farmers' roller mill at Berthoud. For some years he has held stock in the Handy Ditch Company, of which he was among the original promoters.

Politically Mr. Wray was a Democrat until 1892, since which time he has voted the People's party ticket. In religion he is identified with the German Baptist Brethren Church. April 7, 1878, he was united in marriage with Stella, daughter of John R. Ullery, one of the pioneers of Boulder County, having come here in 1863. At that time the Indians were on the warpath; they had been very troublesome some years before and more so shortly afterward, but Mr. Ullery's family were fortunate in getting through unmolested. They are the parents of three children: Nettie V., Katie E. and Edward N. The family residence is situated on the farm, near the town of Berthoud on the west. Mr. Wray raises fine fruit (principally apples), which he ships to Denver and adjoining places. He is interested in fruit-raising and for a number of years was secretary of the board of horticulture, during which time he inspected fruit in various sections. In 1895 he served as judge of fruits at the Loveland fair. He has frequently taken premiums for the finest displays of fruits, and also for his wheat, which has scaled sixty-five pounds per bushel.

Chalmon Wray married Stella M. Ullery on June 30, 1878 in Boulder County.

July 1885 Berthoud, Colorado " A walk through Mr. Wray's vineyard and fruit orchard will convince anyone that nearly all kinds of fruit will do well here when it receives proper care."

1893 Berthoud " A hungry coyote feasted off of six chickens purloined from the coop of C. Wray, last Monday night. It attacked a turkey, also, but failed to secure it, though playing havoc with its plumage."

June 3, 1897 "A few weeks ago the county commissioners granted several farmers in the vicinity of Berthoud a permit to construct an irrigating ditch in a public highway through which to run water for irrigation purposes. Mr. Chalmon Ray objected to the prostitution of the public highway to any such purpose and asked Judge Boughton of the district court to interfere, which he did by way of a temporary Injunction restraining the county commissioners from permitting tbe ditch to be built in the specified highway."

July 1898 "C. Wray has invented a hay rack which he says lays all other kinds in the shade. It will pay those who make hay to see Mr. Wray's machine."

1898 Marriage licenses: September 21 - Charles Abner Lovejoy and Miss Kate Wray, both of Berthoud.

November 3, 1899 "A marriage license was issued last Saturday to Henry A. Dunham and Miss Nettie V. Wray, both of Berthoud."

In 1900 Chalmon is in Larimer County, born March 1847 in Virginia, married 22 years to Stella Dec 1858 Nebraska, and Edward August 1883 in Colorado. Stella has had three kids, all living.
1902 "Mr. Chal Wray brought us two of the finest peaches, this week, we have ever seen. They weigh just 8 oz. each and were raised on his home place one half mile west of Berthoud. It is necessary to bury the trees in the fall the same as grapes and other small fruit, but it certainly is worth the trouble for no finer peaches can be grown.
Berthoud Bulletin."

1903 "Wednesday night thieves drove into C. Wray's wheat field and stole 70 or 75 sacks of wheat They were not seen, and the loss was not discovered till the next morning. As wheat had been hauled from the field the day before, it was impossible to find any clue to the robbers. The only certainty was that the wheat had been stolen. Marshal Fenton said a wagon passed through town about 1:30 o clock Thursday morning, bound west, but it did not return."

In 1922 C. Wray had the best vegetable exhibit at the Berthoud community fair.

Chalmon is buried in Berthoud, Colorado 1847-1933 # 33147380, with Stella 1858-1947 # 33147413.

April 29, 1933 "Berthoud, April 28.--C. W. Ray, 98, retired pioneer farmer of the Loveland district, Thursday afternoon was fatally injured when struck by an automobile driven by B.. Dembree of, . .
Authorities investigating the accident said it was unavoidable. Witnesses said Ray apparently had become confused when walking across the street and had stepped in front of the car as he turned around and started back to the curbing. Wray had been a resident of this district more than 60 years. He had owned the Waggoner farm near here. He is survived by his widow and two daughters, Mrs. C. A. Lovejoy of Elsnore, Calif.; and Mrs. Henry Dunbar of Brighton. Funeral arrangments were to be made when Mrs. Lovejoy arrived from California."


1914 "J. L. Sybrandt is one of the latest to join the throng of Ford owners, having bought a new touring car of Bashor & Wray recently.
Henry Hoffman and children started to Loveland Sunday by auto, but when a short distance north of town, an axle broke, and it is necressary for Ed Wray to go up and haul them back to town."

In 1915 E.N. Wray was named as a trustee for the town of Berthoud.


Edward Noah Wray 1883-1928 is also buried in Berthoud, # 33492510, with Minnie L. 1890-1979 # 33492281.


November 3, 1899 "A marriage license was issued last Saturday to Henry A. "Dunham" and Miss Nettie V. Wray, both of Berthoud."

In 1910 Berthoud, Henry Dunbar is a blacksmith, 33, born in Iowa, with Nettie V. 30 born in Colorado. Dorvan H is 7, Vern C. 4,.

In 1920 Bennett, Colorado, Henry is 43, Nettie 40, wtih Dorvan H. 17, and Fern K. 14.

In 1930 Brighton, Colorado, Henry is a deputy in the county office, 53, Nettie 50.

Nettie 1879-1961 # 27926751 is buried in Bennett, with Henry 1873-1962.

Dorvan H. Dunbar, 22, married Viola E. Young on October 25, 1924 in Byers, Colorado.

Dorvan Henry Dunbar 1902-1971 is buried in Bennett # 27940055, with Viola 1906-2005.

Fern K. Dunbar married Kermit C. Cramer on July 2, 1927, recorded in Arapahoe County.

In 1927 Bennett, Colorado, Kermit is operating a gasoline station, 39, Viola E. 33, Glena A. 14, Hugh D. 6, and Donna 4, all born in Colorado.

Fern, born Nov 17, 1905, died November 15, 2004 in Clark County, Nevada.

Kermit 1903-1979 is buried in Bennett, # 13574107.


Charles A. and Katie Lovejoy are in Berthoud in 1920, operating an elevator, with no children.

1940 San Bernardino, California "The Rev. and Mrs. J. L. Cameron and Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Lovejoy of Elsinore were guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Southworth of Greenspot at dinner recently."

Charles is buried in Elsinore 1869-1955 # 16564008, with Katie E. 1880-1970 # 16564009.