Meent H. and Matilda  (Brecher) Abrams, Louis Breacher

One tree said Meent Harms Abrams was born in Negro Beer Province, Germany, and married Matilda Mildred Breecher Sep 1895 in Berthoud, Colorado.  But Colorado marriage records have Meent Abrams, 38 marrying Matilda Preacher, 36, in Berthoud Sep 26, 1895.  

One grandfather, Meent Harms Abrams, came to the US in 1884. He was from a province called Negro Beer(perhaps a church province), near Emden in northern Germany. Other great grandfathers and a g-g-grandfather came in the 1850's. Their names were Brecher--Johann, Heinrich, and Rudolph and brothers Jacob and Gustave.. I believe that they were from a place called Willingen, perhaps in the area of Sauerland? I need information as to how to find these areas, and if there are church books, or civil records in these towns. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Dorothy

In 1870 DeKalb County, Illinois Matilda Brecher is 12, oldest of five kids of Gustave Brecher 36, a boot and shoe maker, and Barbara 32

(Gustav Brecher married Barbara Weilfel Jun 4, 1857 in Kendall County, Illinois.)

Other kids in 1870 are Amelia 6, Gustave 4, Edmund 2, and Amanda seven months.

Oscar Welford Brecher, born Dec 5, 1871 in Sandwich Illinois to Gustave Brecher born in Nassau Germany and Barbara Woelfer born in Nuremburg, Germany, died Jan 2, 1934 in Chicago)

Gustav Brecher - 1833-1918 and Barbara 1838-1888 are buried in Oak Ridge, DeKalb County.11071290

Matilda proved up a quarter in 23, 6N 48W in 1896.

Munt Abrams proved up a quarter in 23, 6N 50W in 1895 - exactly twelve miles west of Matilda.

In 1900 Berthoud, Colorado "Mint" Abrams, born March 1857 in Germany, married 5 years to Matilda, born May 1859 in Illinois, are farming.  They have Abraham, Sep 1899 Colorado.

In 1901 Meent H. Abrams bought the southeast quarter of 1, 4N 69W - Larimer County - for $4,000.

In 1910 Berthoud "Meent" and Matilda have Abram H., 10, Louis D. 8, and Gustav G. 6.

In 1920 Berthoud "Munt"  and Matilda have Abram, Louis, and Gusty.

Matilda Abrams - May 3, 1859- Jan 4, 1939 and Meent H. Abrams - Mar 14, 1859 - Dec 6, 1939 are buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Berthoud, Colorado.

So are Louis D. Abrams - Aug 10, 1901 - Oct 1, 1982, Lina S. Sep 22, 1902-Nov 28, 1998, and Joann & Roann - March 6, 1933 born and died.

So is Abram H. Abrams - Sept 1, 1899- Mar 27, 1952.  Gustav George - Jun 11, 1903 - Feb 17, 1989 is on a stone with Helen H. 1899-1985.

"First Generation Americans-Immigrants in Berthoud" which was presented to the community in 2007 featured a lively recounting of the lives of Mathilda and Meent Abrams.


Louis "Breecher" is 5 in 1870 Livingston County, Illinois, with Henry 46, Catharine 45, Caroline 14, Matilda 10, and Emma 9.  Henry was born in Nassua, the same area as Gustave.  So this might be Heinrich Brecker- and then Louis would be Matilda's cousin.

Louis Breacher proved up a quarter in 22, 6N 48W in 1896.

In 1900 Weld County, Colorado, Louis Breacher, born August 1865 in Illinois, is a boarder with the Joseph Becker family.  Joseph is 53, Lena 51, both born in Germany, and father Louis Becker 84 is with them.

Robert Francis Tipton married Myrtle A. Everitt in 1902, recorded in Weld County.

Louis H. Breacher, 51, married Myrtle "Tipman" 31 in Fort Collins Feb 21, 1916.  "A license was issued to Louis H. Breacher and Mrs. Myrtle Tipman.   They came here from Johnston for the license to avoid publicity at home."

In 1920 Louis Breacher is 54, born in Iowa, living in Milliken, Colorado, married to Myrtle Breacher, 35, and her four kids'= Harold Tipton 16, Paul Tipton 14, Earl Tipton 13, Margaret Tipton 11, and their joint kids - Lewis 3 and Tillie 2.

 Paul E. Tipton married Alice Sweeney Sep 14, 1930, recorded in Douglas County, and Paule E. Tipton and Alice M. Tipton divorced in Denver in 1936.

In 1930 Castle Rock Louis and Myrtle have only Louis, Tillie, and Lowell E. 9.

In 1940 Douglas County Louis H. says he's married, but no spouse.  Daughter Lilly P McCarty 22, her husband Robert R. 23, and their newborn Michael R. are with him.  Myrtle is a housekeeper for the Ernest and Elizabeth Lowell family in Douglas County.

Louis H. 1865-1946 and Myrtle A.  BREECHER 1883-1958 are buried in Bear Canon Cemetery, Douglas County.