William T. and Florence Bolton

One tree said Florence Ida Green Gripton was born Mar 27, 1873 in Wellington, Waterloo, Ontario and died July 4, 1958 in Los Angeles.

Florence Ida Greeney was born March 27, 1847 in Guelph, Wellington to Billa George Greeney and Mary Jane Gripton.

In 1881 she's in Brant North, Ontario, with Jennet Gaipten the head of household.  Jennie Gripton, age 20, married William George Grundy 1872 in Guelph - her parents were Robert and Janet Gripton, so that might be an aunt.....

It said William was born May 23, 1869 in California and married Mary Hacker in Wisconsin.

In 1900 West Bend there' s a Mary Bolton, born July 1878, married 8 years, but no spouse listed.  It says she's a printer, boarding with the Christ Thomas family.

Wm. T. Bolton and Mary Hacker- born in West Bend, Wis., had Evelyn Bolton in  West Bend, Washington County, Wisconsin Jun 27, 1902.

In 1908 William , Altice Lyon, and George Caldwell of Bryant, Colorado and Will Mollison of Yuma were witnesses for Emma F. Kirchenschlager of Bryant.

1908 Yuma "William T. Bolton of Bryant conducted business in   town Tuesday."

In 1910 Logan County William T. 41, born in California, and Florence J. 36, Canadian, have been married five years.  They have   Barbara 3, William G. 2 and Janet E. six months, all three Colorado, and Emily E. 7, born in Wisconsin.

William cash-claimed a quarter in 32, 6N 48W in 1911 - fairly late, so this might have been a homesteader that failed to prove up.

In 1920 Hermosa Beach, California William works in real estate, 49, with Florence, Evelyn E 16, Barbara 12, William G, and Janet E.

In 1930 Hermosa Beach William has no occupation, with Florence 54, Florence B. daughter 23, William G. 21 a stenographer for an oil company, and Janet E. no occupation.

In 1931 he's an insurance agent, with Florence I. at 1448 Monterey Blvd. Wm G. is a factory worker living with them, and Florence B. is a clerk.

William T. Bolton , born May 23, 1869, died Jul 27, 1942, mother's maiden name Kennedy.

William Gripton Bolton born Jan 31, 1908, died Nov 28, 1987, mother's maiden name Gripton.

Janet Ellen Bolton (Reining) born Nov 5, 1909, died Dec 23, 1948, mother's maiden name Grapton.

Evelyn Elizabeth Bolton married Lucius Donald St. Clair Dec 17, 1925 in Los Angeles, mother Florence Ida Gripton.

Janet Ellen Bolton married Henry Reining Jun 27, 1934 in Los Angeles.