In 1850 Coshocton County, Ohio, Mary J. 13, born in Ohio, is with William 46 and Rachel 37 Harvey.  Samuel J. Harvey is 17, Sarah L. 7.

Turner Forker was born Sep 3, 1825 in Harrison County Ohio, and married Mary Jane Harvey June 28, 1854 in Coshocton County, Ohio. 

In 1860, 1870 and 1880 they were in Tama County Iowa.  In 1866 he was a charter member of the A.F. and A.M. Lodge in Tama, and was also the Richland Township representative of the Tama County Board.

In 1870 Tama County, Iowa, Richland Township, Turner is 45, Mary J. 35, with Alla B. 4 and Mero D. eight months.  Both kids were born in Iowa.

On the same page is Daniel Forker, 37, Ohio, with Rebeca 37, William B. 13, Asa G. 11, Clara 7, James M. 5, and Ella 2.  All were born in Ohio except Ella, so they moved between 1865 and 1868.

In 1880 Tama County Turner, Mary Jane, Alla, and Mero are still there, and Rachel Harvey, 67, Mary Jane's mother, wis with them.

1886 Coshocton "Mr. Turner Forker, of Eldoro, Iowa, after an absence of 19 years from Coshocton, has returned and is now visiting friends and relatives in this county."  This must Samuel's son, who was with him in Coshocton in 1860, and then moved to Hardin County, Iowa, running a grocery store and selling cigars.  Turner Forker, 28, married Libbie Dodge, 27,  Dec 30, 1880 in Hardin County.

In 1885 Harlan County "Allie" Forker, 19, is with Turner, a stock dealer,  59 and Mary 50 Forker, with Nero 15.

In November 1889 Turner Forker was elected a commissioner of the newly-formed Yuma County.

Turner cash-claimed a quarter in 15, 2N 48W in 1890 (Yuma County), and another in section 29 in 1894.

"Mero D." Forker died Oct 30, 1889 aged 19 years, Turner Forker died 1894 , Mary Jane November 4, 1889 "aged 54 years" and all three are buried in the Yuma cemetery.

 Daniel Forker "of English ancestry"  came into Coshocton County in 1824, from New Jersey, had W.R. Forker August 28, 1849 in West Carlisle, Pike Township, Coshocton County, brought up on the farm.  Later was in the mercantile business with brother Samuel at West Carlisle.


I am seeking information on the family of Daniel Forker (b.c. 1833) and
Rebecca Jones (30 March 1833 - 21 November 1904) who were in Richland
Township, Tama County at the time of the 1880 census. I am wondering
whether they appear in any of the county cemeteries or in the death
records. I am hoping to get out to Iowa next month and would like to
find their graves.

Rebecca was a daughter of James Jones and Susanna Dickerson. She and
Daniel Forker were married in Coshocton County, Ohio on 25 January
1855. They had at least six children: Allison [a son], Asa, Clary
[Clara?], James, Ella and Daniel.

Allison Forker wed Mary Connell in Tama County on 24 December 1879. At
the time of the 1880 census, they were living in the household of her
parents in Toledo Township.

Sarah Harvey married Charles C. Ramesdell, and they're in Tama County Iowa in 1870, in Harlan County, Nebraska in 1885, with Theresa 21 and Theodore 17.  They're also in the 1885 census of Tama County, with Theressa 21 and Edward T. 17, with Rachel Harvey 72.

The birth record in Milford, New Hampshire has Charles Erskine Ramesdell born July 30, 1831 to John Ramsdell and Theresa Moore.

The 1890 gazeteer of Harlan County has a Gage Y. Ramsdell in Republican City, selling lumber and coal.

The census record doesn't match the WPA graves survey, with an Edward T. Ramsdel born Sep 28, 1867 dying Aug 21, 1880, buried in Tama County.  Ancestry says he died Aug 21, 1890.

They're in Tama County, Iowa in 1900, and mother Rachel Harvey, 88 is with them. Charles "Ramedell" was born July 1832 in New Hampshire.

Sarah  died - Mar 17, 1922 is buried in Tama County  62530610 - same stone as Charles and Edward.



In 1870 Franklin County, Pennsylvania, Thomas O. Bowles is 12, with parents Thomas 64 and Susan M. 45 Bowles.  Samuel M. is 32, Mary E. 26, Jangle (Jacob) 24, Rose Ellen 21, Ann Virginia 19., Dan'l,. M.S. 15, and Luthur M. 8.

In 1885 Harlan County, Nebraska Thomas is 28, brother of  Sam Bowles, 45 and Sam's wife Delia 26, son Thomas 4 and daughter Susan 2.  Sam H. Bowles was a Harlan County commissioner in 1879.

Thomas O. Bowles married Alla Belle Forker in Alma, Harlan County Nov 4, 1885.

Samuel M. Bowles is in Denver in 1900, May 1838 Pennsylvania, married to Delia F. Dec 1859 Indiana, with Susan M. Feb 1883 Nebraska, Mary V. July 1885 Nebraska, and Jessie M.  Feb 1888 Colorado.

Samuel M. - May 9 1838 - Oct 30, 1905 is buried in Denver Riverside Cemetery.

In 1920 Delia F. Bowles, 60, is with daughter Jessie B. Harris and her husband Chesley M. Harris, a bank vice-president, both 31, in Padroni precinct, Logan County..  They have Mary V. 6, and Chesley and Marjorie B. both 4.

Delia is still with them in 1930, Chesley now an insurance agent.

Jacob Bowles - May 1846 - Jan 28, 1935 "21 PA Infantry, Co. K is buried in Hastings, Nebraska.

Jacob Bowles, 39, with Lenore 21 is also in Harlan County, with Josephine 2 and Theodore 4.


Thomas O. Bowles cash-claimed a quarter in 35, 6N 48W in 1891.

Daniel M.S. Bowles cash-claimed a quarter in section 33, Luther one in 20, Samuel one in 32, all in 1891.

In 1900 Thomas O. is a grocer in Denver, born March 1858 in Pennsylvania.  He's been married 15 years to Alla B. June 1863 Iowa, and they have Bernice Sep 1885 Kansas and Mary  Oct 1887 Colorado.

Thomas was named as defendant in 1902 about land in 2N 48W. - that must be Turner Forker's quarters.

In 1908 Logan County he and Oscar Monson were in a court case.

He and Alla are in Denver in 1910 and 1920 , running a grocery store, with Mary, an assistant dentist.

In 1913 Thomas and Alla were named as defendants in a suit by George Huey regarding land in 2N 47W.

"Vernice B" is married to Seth G. Steiger, both 33, in  1930 Franklin County, Pennsylvania., with Thomas B. 1.

Mary Brown is married to Calvin H. in 1930 Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, with Jared S. 7 and Joan E. 3.

Thomas and "Nilla" are in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania in 1930, too.

In 1940 Thomas and Alla are in Mercersburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, living with their widowed daughter C.A (has to be Mary( Brown and her son Jared 16 and daughter Joan 14.

Thomas Oliver Bowles, 86, a retired merchant, died suddenly Sunday afternoon , December 14, 1944, t 12:05 at his home on Steiger Avenue, Mercersburg Pennsylvania..

He is survived by his wife Mrs. Alla B. Bowles, two daughters, Mrs. S. G. Stiger, and Mrs. Calvin A. Brown, and four grandchildren.

He was a member of the Presbyterian Church.

Funeral services will begin with a prayer at the home Wednesday at 1:30 and continue with services at the Presbyterian Church in charge of the Rev. J. D. Edmiston Turner. Burial in Fairview Cemetery.

The family requests that flowers be omitted. 
Zellah McKerral married Daniel Bowles on 29 Dec 1881. Their children include: Faith Lenora Bowles (b. 14 Apr 1883), Ralph McKerral Bowles (b. 3 Mar 1885), Flavius Josephus Bowles, and Daniel Bowles. [link]
Daniel and Zella actually had five children, four of whom show up in the 1900 and 1910 censuses.
1900 Federal Census: Colorado, Arapahoe County, Denver, District 57, page 248B, household 111/121
 Bowles, Daniel - head, W M Mar 1854, 46, md 18 yrs, born PA, father born Wales, mother born PA, salesman
 Bowles, Zella - wife, W F Apr 1860, 40, 4 children/3 living, born IL, father born Scotland, mother born PA
 Bowles, Faith - daughter, W F Apr 1883, 17, single, born IL
 Bowles, Ralph - son, W M Mar 1885, 15, born IL
 Bowles, Flavius - son, W M Dec 1893, 6, born CO
1910 Federal Census: Colorado, Denver County, Denver Ward 8, page 59B, household 60/67
 Bowles, Daniel M. - head, M W 56, md 28 yrs, born PA, parents born PA, commercial traveler (implements)
 Bowles, Zella M. - wife, F W 49, 6 children/4 living, born IL, father born Scotland, mother born PA
 Bowles, Ralph M. - son, M W 25, single, born IL
 Bowles, Flavius J. - son, M W 16, born CO
 Bowles, Daniel M. Jr. - son, M W 7, born CO
The family ended up in the Denver area. Daniel and Zella are buried in the Riverside Cemetery in Denver. According to their stone, Daniel was born 26 Mar 1854 and died 8 Apr 1920; and Zela was born 20 Apr 1860 and died 3 May 1912. The stone also gives the name of a daughter, Mary F. Bowles who was born 12 May 1887 and died on 1 Mar 1893. [link]


Luther M. Bowles cash-claimed a quarter in 20, 6N 48W in 1891, and Abbie D. Shaak proved up a quarter in 22, 6N 48W in 1893.

Luther M. Bowles, who was living with his brother Samuel in 1880, next turns up in Gillett, Colorado in 1900 with six children. According to one source, Luther M. Bowles' wife, Addie, was a daughter of Samuel Irwin Harvey and Sarah Electa Hanna. [link]

Henry B. Shaak cash-claimed a quarter in 20, 6N 48W in 1891.

1900 Federal Census: Colorado, Teller County, Gillett town, page 40B, household 90/94
 Bowles, Luther M. - head, W M Feb 1861, 39, md 15 yrs, born PA, father born England, mother born PA, occ: lab. reduction works
 Bowles, Addie L. - wife, W F Feb 1861, 39, 6 children/all living, born Iowa, father born Ohio, mother born Indiana
 Bowles, Ada L. - daughter, W F Mar 1886, 14, born Nebraska
 Bowles, Susan E. - daughter, W F Mar 1888, 12, born Colorado
 Bowles, Thomas R. - son, W M Mar 1890, 10, born Colorado
 Bowles, Delia V. - daughter, W F Aug 1892, 7, born Colorado
 Bowles, Luther M. - son, W M Jun 1895, 4, born Colorado
 Bowles, Horace R. - son, W M Mar 1899, 1, born Colorado
By 1910 the family was in Colorado Springs.
1910 Federal Census: Colorado, El Paso County, Colorado Springs Ward 7, page 198A, household 4/5
 Bowles, Luther M. - head, M W 49, md 25 yrs, born PA, parents born Pennsylvania
 Bowles, Addie L. - wife, F W 49, 6 children, born Iowa, father born Ohio, mother born Indiana
 Bowles, Ada L. - daughter, F W 24, single, born Nebraska
 Bowles, Adelia V. - daughter, F W 16, born Colorado
 Bowles, Thomas - son, M W 20, single, born Colorado
 Bowles, Luther M. Jr. - son, M W 14, born Colorado
 Bowles, Harry - son, M W 11, born Colorado
Luther M. Bowles apparently died between 1910-20. His wife and sons, Luther and Harry, were living with son Thomas in Douglas County, Colorado in 1920. Thomas and his wife, Dorothea, had one daughter, Evelyn Ruth, at this time.


Jacob Angle Bowles married Leanore (maiden name unknown) and they settled in Adams County, Nebraska where they reared a family of eleven children, as shown in these census records.
1900 Federal Census: Nebraska, Adams County, Hastings Township, page 106B, household 148/151
 Bowles, Jacob A. - head, W M May 1846, 54, md 20 yrs, born PA, father born MD, mother born PA, landlord
 Bowles, Leanore B. - wife, W F Mar 1864, 36, 9 children, born IA, father born NY, mother born MN
 Bowles, Theodore - son, W M Mar 1881, 19, single, born NE, telephone lineman
 Bowles, Josephine - daughter, W F Feb 1883, 17, single, born NE
 Bowles, Rose - daughter, W F Oct 1885, 14, born NE
 Bowles, Annie E. - daughter, W F Jul 1887, 12, born NE
 Bowles, Eda S. - daughter, W F Sep 1889, 10, born NE
 Bowles, Elanore - daughter, W F Aug 1891, 8, born NE
 Bowles, Mary - daughter, W F Aug 1893, 6, born NE
 Bowles, Jacob - son, W M Jul 1895, 4, born NE
 Bowles, Olive - daughter, W F Apr 1900, born NE
1910 Federal Census: Nebraska, Adams County, Denver Township, page 26A, household 103/103
 Bowles, Jacob A. - head, M W 63, md 30 yrs, born PA, father born MD, mother born PA, farmer
 Bowles, Lenore - wife, F W 46, 11 children, born IA, father born MN, mother born PA
 Bowles, Elanore - daughter, F W 18, single, born NE
 Bowles, Mary V. - daughter, F W 16, born NE
 Bowles, Jacob A. - son, M W 14, born NE
 Bowles, Oscar T. - son, M W 12, born NE
 Bowles, Olive - daughter, F W 10, born NE
 Bowles, George W. - son, M W 6, born NE
1920 Federal Census: Nebraska, Adams County, Denver Township, page 23A, household 50/50
 Bowles, Jacob A. - head, M W 73 md, born PA, father born MD, mother born PA, farmer
 Bowles, Lenora - wife, F W 66 md, born IA, father born IA, mother born MN
 Bowles, Oscar - son, M W 22, single, born NE
 Bowles, George - son, M W 16, born NE
 Bowles, Olive - daughter, F W 19, born NE


In 1870 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Abby Witters, 10 is a domestic servant in the Elam Roland - a miller- family.  Benjamin Dohner, 22 is a miller's apprentice.

In 1880 Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, Henry B. Schaak is 25, Emma 22.

Lebanon Courier obits of: 22 Oct. 1884. SHAAK - In South Lebanon Township, On the 9th. inst., Mrs. Emma Shaak, aged 26 years, 7 months and 7 days. She was the wife of Mr. Henry Shaak.

In 1885 Elbert County W.B. Witters, 23, born in Vermont, is a clerk.

June 19, 1879 in Kearney County, Nebraska, Rebecca A.M. Witters, 19, born in Pennsylvania, married George W. Fraser/Faser, 21, born in Illinois.  They're in Buffalo County, Nebraska in 1910, so she might be a cousin....  Rebecca died 1914, and she and George "FASER" are buried in Minden, Nebraska.

Henry B. Shaak married "Albie" D. Witters August 28, 1888, at Leroy, recorded in Logan County, performed by Frederick L. Wiegert of LeRoy.  Frederick L. Wiegert cash-claimed a quarter in 35, 7N 50W in 1891.  In 1896 -1898 he was in Denver, pastor of the Evangelical Association of North America church, living at 617 44th avenue.

Alva O. Witters proved up a quarter in 4, 11N 51W in 1913, Harry E. Witters two quarters in 10, 11N 54W in 1919, and Newton E. Witters cash-claimed a quarter in 4, 11N 51W in 1910.

All three were probably in 1900 Cheyenne County, Nebraska, sons of Simon R. and Mary E. Witters.  Simon might be a cousin of Abbie.

Abbie D. Shaak proved up a quarter in 22, 6N 48W in 1893.

In 1897 H.B. Shaak was on the Republican committee in Loveland.

In 1900 Larimer County, Henry "Shawk", born Sept 1855,married 11 years to Abbie August 1859, both Pennsylvania, have Gertie W. April 1889, Ruth W. Jan 1891, Susie W. July 1893,  all three Colorado, and Joseph B. Oct 1880 Pennsylvania. 

In 1907 Henry B. Shaak sold four lots in Loveland.

Abbie D. Shaak, born 1859, died 1908, and is buried in Loveland's Lakeside Cemetery.  The same stone style as Henry B. Shaak - 1855-1939. and Joseph B. Shaak - 1880-1900 and Gertrude W. Shaak -1889-1901.

Mrs. Henry [Abbie D.] Shaak, aged forty-nine years, died at her home one mile east of town Friday evening at 7 o'clock, death being caused by pneumonia and heart failure. Her death came as a shock to the relatives and friends, as she had been enjoying good health until a short time previous to her death.

Deceased was born at Manheim, Pa., and had lived in Colorado during the past nineteen years, and in Loveland and vicinity during the past thirteen years. She is survived by a husband and two daughters, Ruth and Susan.

Funeral services, conducted by Rev. O. L. Brownson, were held from the Baptist church Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. and interment was made in Lakeside cemetery. The family have the sympathy of the entire community in their bereavement.

Loveland Reporter (Loveland, CO) April 16, 1908

In 1910 Loveland Henry B. "Shark" is 54, widowed, with Ruth 19 and Susie 16.


Joseph B. Shaak estate was probated in Larimer County Dec 30, 1901.

In 1917 H.B. Shaak was on the Board of Fruit Growers of Loveland.


In 1920 and 1930 Henry B. Shaak is living alone 5in Yellowstone County, Montana