Abraham S. and Sarah Erb, Mary A. Erb

Sallie R. Dohner married A.S. Erle March 31, 1888, in Sterling, minister R.F. Powell of Union, Colorado performed the ceremony.

In 1890 A.S. Erb was on the list of potential petit jurors in Logan County.  He was, along with A. Dohner, J. Geuyer, and J.B. Allen, a delegate to the county Republican convention in 1890.

Sallie R. Dohner cash-claimed a quarter in 21, 6N 48W in 1891.

Abraham proved up a quarter in 29, 6N 48W in 1894, so he was one of the earliest settlers.

Abraham and Ephraim Erb both claimed quarters in 28, 6N 48W on October 18, 1890.

Ephraim might be the one in 1870 Stephenson County Illinois, 8, born in Pennsylvania, son of Joseph 38 and Frances 34 Erb, with a bunch of siblings. They're in Carroll County, Illinois in 1880, Ephriam working on the farm.

Ephraim, per one Ancestry tree, "ran off to California" - and California death index has Ephriam born about 1863, dying Jan 1, 1939 in Sacramento.

In 1900 Loveland, Abraham is 36, farming, Sarah A. 38, with Roman D. 9, Esther V. 7, and Enos J. 3, all three kids born in Colorado.

The Loveland Reporter Newspaper  Thursday, April 11, 1907, Page 1.

Foot Crushed By Rock  :  Roman Erb, the 16 years old son of A.S. Erb west of town, met with a painful accident Monday afternoon. While helping to unload rock where the road is being repaired by the stone school house, a stone rolled out of the wagon falling on his left foot, smashing a toe and breaking a bone in the foot. He was brought to town where he received the proper medical treatment and is now getting along alright.

In 1910 Yellowstone County, Montana, Abraham is 46, Carrie 38, Roman 19, Ester 16, Enos 12, and Mildred 1.

When Roman registered in Yellowstone County, Montana, he said he was born Oct 4, 1890 in Logan County Colorado, and was married.

Sarah - July 22, 1861 - Oct 10, 1900 is buried in Loveland 37465443

Abraham Shetter Erb born Jun 1, 1863 in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, died July 13, 1916 and is buried in Yellowstone County, Montana.

Abraham Erb moved from Loveland, Colorado, to Laurel, Montana  circa 1905.
Abraham and Carrie bought the Edgar Camp house in 1907, cut the house into two pieces and moved it to 110 4th Avenue in Laurel. Abraham farmed and sold farm implements for a time.
Carrie would campaign for a town library and become its first librarian, a position she would hold for many years. The Abraham and Carrie Erb House is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Married (1st): Sarah Reist DOHNER
Father of (with Sarah):
1) Roman D. Erb
2) Esther V. Erb
3) Enos J. Erb
Married (2nd): Carrie Ellen YOUNG
Father of (with Carrie):
4) Mildred Ethlyn Erb
5) Myron Young Erb


ROMAN DOHNER  ERB   was born October 04, 1890 in Colorado, and died September 27, 1963 in San Francisco, California. He married JENNIE M. WITTHAM. She was born December 17, 1887, and died Unknown.
Children of ROMAN ERB and JENNIE WITTHAM are:
 i.   LILBURN WHITHAM  ERB, b. May 30, 1919, Montana; d. April 25, 1997, Havertown, Delaware, Pennsylvania, United States of America.
  ii.   HANFORD EUGENE ERB, b. June 13, 1921, Montana; d. November 17, 1992, Napa, California.
 iii.   MARJORIE ELAINE ERB, b. Private.

ESTHER V  ERB was born 1893 in Colorado, and died Unknown. She married HENRY L JUSTISS. He was born 1869 in Texas, and died Unknown.

Esther V. Erle, born about 1894 in Logan County, to Abraham S. Erle and Sarah R. Dohner, married Henry L. Justiss April 23, 1911 in Yellowstone County, Montana.

In 1920 Yellowstone County Henry L. is a farmer, 31, and he and Esther V. 26, have William R. 7 and Sarah L. 6.



Children of ESTHER ERB and HENRY JUSTISS are:
  i.   WILLIAM ROMAN12 JUSTISS, b. January 13, 1912, Montana; d. March 05, 2003.
  ii.   SARAH L JUSTISS, b. Private.
 ENOS JACOB  ERB was born May 29, 1897 in Colorado, and died January 18, 1969 in Huntley, Yellowstone, Montana, United States of America. He married BEATRICE MABEL MACER, daughter of EDWARD MACER and MAGGIE K. She was born October 15, 1896 in Montana, and died May 07, 1947 in Montana.
Children of ENOS ERB and BEATRICE MACER are:
  i.   MARGRET S ERB, b. May 26, 1921, Montana; d. December 14, 1996, Billings, Yellowstone, Montana, United States of America.
 ii.   ELOISE MARY ERB, b. Private.
 iii.   VELMA LOIS ERB, b. Private.
 iv.   GERALDINE A. ERB, b. Private.
  v.   AUDREY ALMA ERB, b. June 17, 1934, Montana; d. August 12, 1936, Yellowstone, Montana.
 vi.   DON ERB, b. Private.




In 1880 Story County Iowa there's a Joseph Erb, 57, with Mary 47, born in Indiana.

In 1889 Denver Mrs. Mary A. Erb is living at 1305 Evans - no occupation listed.

Mary A. Erb cash-claimed a quarter in 21, 6N 48W in 1890.

July 2, 1891 newspaper in Union County, Iowa , Clara Erb, born Aug 2, 1859, died Dec 29, 1890 - daughter of Joseph and Mary A. Erb.

1900 Lincoln, Nebraska "A decision has been entered by Justice Holmes in the case of Mary A. Erb against David Fitzgerald finding in favor of the plaintiff and against the defendant. The receiver Is ordered to deliver the property In controversy to the plaintiff. "

One message said "John Cinclair Barcus b.11-28-1857,IA d.6-13-1953, IA .

Wife was Mary A. Erb,b.5-21-1863 IA;d.6-12-1940,Ks."

Mary A. Erb married John C. Barcus Dec 25, 1884 in Johnson County.  Her parents were Jacob H. Erb and Susan Zug.

In 1900 Denver George Erb, born Sep 1844 in Germany, has been married 24 years to Mary, Apr 1851 Germany.  August, George, and Jennie were born in New York, Albert Jan 1886 in Colorado.

In Denver Fairmount cemetery George 1843-1917 and Marie 1851-1921 share a tombstone.


George A. Erb married Edith B. Steffan June 2, 1909, recorded in Denver.