William Norris Fremon

In 1870 St. Louis W.M Fremon is 23, a telegrapher, born in Missouri.

In 1880 Kirkwood, St. Louis County, William N. Fremon is 33, born in Missouri, a merchant, boarding with the John Gill family.

In 1886 Denver William N. Fremon is a commercial merchant, at 234 15th, and in 1887 is listed as a grain dealer.

William cash-claimed a quarter in 27, 6N 48W in 1888.

The California Great Register of March 1895 has William Norris Fremon, age 48, born in Missouri, a real estate dealer in San Bernardino.

When Earl Kent married Alice C. Wenzel in 1937 in Orange County, California, she was born about 1909, her father was William N. Freeman, mother Mable M. Harmer