John and Mary Gorman

John and Mary proved up quarters in 25, 6N 48W, John in 1891, Mary in 1893.

Possibly the John J. Gorman in Saunders County, Nebraska in 1900, born Dec 1856 in Iowa, a painter.  He and Mary E. born May 1863 in Wisconsin have just been married, and Blanche Baker, Feb 1885 in Nebraska is Mary's daughter.

In 1920 Saunders County John is proprietor of a "hotel" with Mary.  Blanche is a milliner, and there are six boarders and two servants.


In 1880 Des Moines County, Iowa, Jennie Rankin is a teacher, living with her grandmother Eliza Bradly, 66.

Maybe the John H. Gorman in 1900 Denver, a corn (iron?)  merchant, born Jun 1844 in Ireland, married nine years to Jennie, Aug 1862 Iowa. On the same page is Mary Gorman, June 1822 in Ireland, with son Archibald born March 1848 in Ireland.  Mary is married, but no spouse listed.

In 1910 Sacramento John H. is a merchant, with Jennie G.

Jennie Gertrude Gorman, born Aug 23, 1861 in Iowa, died in Fresno County, California Nov 2, 1950, mother Bradley, father Rankin


Archie B. Gorman proved up a quarter 24, 6N 48W in 1892.