Zadoc Albert and Sophrona Harnden, son Zacheus A. and Anna L. Harnden, daughter Luch A. (Harnden) Deck and George  Dech,brother Jeremiah and Ellen (Britt) Harnden

In 1870 Saunders County, Nebraska, Orbin "Hardon" and Sophia are 52, with Edward 30, Julia 25, William F. 4, Ulysses seven months,  (maybe Julia and Edward's kid?)Jeremiah 23, Lucy 15, born in Canada, Elizabeth 13, and Albert 7.

Next household is Benjamin ... 28 with Susan 20 and Lydia eleven months.

Next household is Leander.... 32, with Melissa 27, Howard 3, and Elbert 1.

In 1880 Saunders County, O. and Sophronia have only Albert, 17.



Zadoc cash-claimed  a quarter in 21, 6N 49W in 1893, and Sophronia proved up a quarter in 28, 7N 49W in 1902.  Zadoc proved up a quarter in 8N 47W in 1911 - that's Phillips County.

Zacheus A. Harnden  cash-claimed a quarter in 7, 6N 48W in 1890.


1898 Sterling "Mrs. Ina Gearhart of Sherman, Wyo., left for home on the Colorado Special this morning, after a pleasant visit with her uncle, Z.A. Harnden of Leroy."

1899 "Mrs. D.A. Douglas of Greeley returned home this morning after a month's visit with her uncle, Mr. G.A. Harnden of LeRoy."

In 1900 Logan County, Albert is farming, born Dec 1874 Iowa, married three years to Anna M. May 1878 Kansas.  Ruth H. Mar 1898 and William A. Aug 1899 both born in Colorado.

In 1910 Phillips County Zedock A. is 45, with Anna L. 40, Clayton A. 20, Ina M. 18, Les S. 10 and newborn daughter.

In 1920 Phillips County "Zadoc" A. is 54, Anna 49, with Leo S. 19 and Edith 9.

In 1930 Haxtun precinct Zadoe A. is widowed, and with him Leo S. is married to elm G, 25, born in Iowa, and they have Clarance S. 8, Lillian L. 6, Viola N. 4, Donald H. 2, and Robert W. ten months.

In 1940 Zadoc is in San Joaquin County, California, widowed, living alone.

Zadoc A. 1865-1954  and Anna Louise (Whitaker) Harnden 1869-1926 are buried in Haxtun.


In 1930 Phillips County Clayton is 40, Saluda P. 36, Charles E. 16, Richard S. 11, Doris M. 9, and Jack H. 6.

Clayton A. Harnden -Jan 29, 1890 - Oct 29, 1967 #38489486 and Saluda Penelope (Sailor) Harnden 1893-1990 are buried in Oaklawn cemetery, Stanislaus County, California.


Ina Mildred Harnden married Arthur Chandler Jan 11, 1914, recorded in Phillips County.


Jeremiah Harnden (Orbin J , Orbin , Samuel ) was born on 12 May 1849 in   Ontario, Canada. He died on 8 May 1924 in Tie Siding, Albany Co, Wyoming, USA. He was buried in May 1924 in  Albany Co, Wyoming, USA.
Jeremiah married Ellen Britt in 1879. Ellen was born in Jul 1856 in Illinois, USA.
They had the following children:
  i Grace Harnden was born in 1880 in , , Kansas,. 
   ii Charles Harnden was born in Apr 1883 in Oregon. 
  iii Orbin Harnden was born in Feb 1887 in Wahoo, Saunders Co, Nebraska. 
 iv Saphronia Harnden was born on 26 Feb 1886 in Wahoo, Saunders Co, Nebraska. She died on 21 Jan 1966 in Nampa, Canyon Co, Idaho, USA. 
        Saphronia married William Frank Harnden. 
   v Wesley T. Harnden was born on 17 Jan 1889 in Phillips Co, Colorado. He died on 3 Mar 1963 in Nampa, Canyon Co, Idaho.          Wesley married Mattie T.. 
  vi Harvey Harnden was born in Apr 1891 in , Saunders Co, Nebraska. 
   M vii Ralph Harnden was born in Mar 1895 in , Phillips Co, Colorado. 


Zacheus cash-claimed a quarter in 7, 6N 48W in 1890.

FindAGrave has Orbin Harnden buried in Wahoo, Saunders County, dying August 2, 1893, age 75.

In 1900 Leroy precinct Albert Harnden, born Aug 1864 in Illinois, has been married 14 years to Anna L. Feb 1870 Ohio.  Of six children, three are living - Clayton A.. Jan 1890 Colorado, Ina M. Aug 1892 Nebraska, Leo S. Feb 1900 Colorado, and his mother Saprona Oct 1818 New York.

In 1910 Phillips County, Zedock A. is 45, Anna L. 40, Clayton A. 20, Ina M. 18, Leo S. , 10, and  an unnamed newborn daughter.

When Clayton Albert Harnden registered with a Haxtun address, he said he was born January 29, 1890 at Fleming, Colorado, and had a wife and one child.

In 1920 Phillips County, Zadoc is 54, Anna 49, Leo 19, and Edith 9.

In 1930 Haxtun precinct Zadoe A. is widowed, 64, with Leo S. and his wife Velma G. 25, Clarance S 8, Lillian L. 6, Viola V. 4, Donald H. 2, and Robert W. ten months.

Zadoc is widowed in 1940, living alone in San Joaquin County, California.

Saphrona Harnden - Oct 17, 1818 - Apr 10, 1906 is buried in Haxtun

Zadoc A. Harnden  1865-1954 and spouse Anna Louise (Whitaker) Harnden 1869-1926 are also buried in Haxtun.

A tombstone in Haxtun reads "Harley VanZandt - Nov 6, 1887 - April 2, 1888

Harvey Grant - Jan 6, 1889- Jan 6 1889

????? of .A. & Annie Harnden.


California death records have Clayton A. Harndon dying in Stanislaus County October 29, 1967, mother's name Whittake, and FindAGrave says he's buried in Oaklawn Memorial Park, Stanislaus County, with Saluda Penelope (Sailor) Harnden 1893-1990. 38489486


Edith Harnden is in Saunders County in 1930, a niece of either Oscar or Clara A. Hoffman.  She's a bookkeeper in Oscar's store.


In 1900 Leroy precinct, Lucy A., 45, and George Dech 49, Pennsylvania, have Hanna V., 20.

"Vay H" is teaching in Sheridan County, Wyoming in 1910, living alone. 

She's in the 1920 Rockland precinct, 36, married to Oscar J. Olson, 30, born in Wyoming.

***** Haxtun Harvest, Haxtun, Colorado, May 14 1925 *****


Mrs. Oscar J. Olson, of Englewood, Colorado, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Dech, of this city, died of pneumonia in St. Luke's Hospital, Denver, Tuesday morning. She was 42 years old.

Mrs. Olson was widely known in Haxtun where her parents have resided for upwards of a decade. For some years, Mr. and Mrs. Olson were engaged in farming near here, coming to Haxtun from Laramie, Wyoming, where they were married in 1914. They moved to Englewood, a suburb of Denver, four years ago.

Mrs. Olson is survived by her husband, her parents and a niece, Mrs. Fred Chryst of Haxtun.

Funeral services will be held at 2:30 Sunday from the Methodist church.

***** Haxtun Harvest, Haxtun, Colorado, May 21, 1925

Vay H. Dech, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Dech, was born at Wahoo, Nebraska, February 4, 1883 and departed this life at Denver, Colorado, May 12, 1925, at the age of 42 years, 3 months and 6 days.

On March 7, 1914 she became the bride of Oscar J. Olson at Laramie, Wyoming, where they made their home until 1916 when they moved to their farm south of Haxtun, where they lived for four years before moving to Denver to make their home.

During their residence here Mr. and Mrs. Olson made many friends and the body was brought here for interment. Funeral services were conducted from the Methodist church Sunday afternoon.

A husband and a mother and father and other relatives and friends are left to mourn the loss of a good and faithful wife and daughter.

G.A. Dech Was Resident of This Section For More Than 33 Years

G.A. Dech, one of the older residents of this section died last Saturday, following an illness of several months.

Mr. Dech homesteaded in the LeRoy neighborhood southwest of Haxtun about 33 years ago. About 21 years ago he moved to town and since that time had been a familiar figure in the community life of Haxtun.

Funeral services for Mr. Dech were conducted from the Methodist church in Haxtun Tuesday afternoon by the pastor, the Rev. Hugh Neville assisted by the Rev. Snavely, pastor of the Church of Brethren.

The following obituary was read by the pastor:

George Antony Dech was born near Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, June 6, 1850 and died February 28, 1931 at the age of 80 years, 8 months and 22 days.

When but a child of 6 years of age he moved with this parents to Dixon, Illinois, remaining there until he was seventeen. He then moved to Ashland, Nebraska.

Thirty-three years ago Mr. Dech came to Colorado and settled on the farm in the LeRoy district. Twelve years later he came to live in Haxtun, and for 21 years he has been a well-known figure in the town. He was a kindly, genial man, a steadfast friend, and loyal neighbor, a devoted husband and father and he will be missed by many in the community in addition to his loved ones left behind.

Mr. Dech gave his heart to the Lord while in Laramie, Wyoming about 25 years ago, uniting shortly afterwards with the Methodist church there. Later in 1913, he united with the Methodist church of Haxtun, but of late years he had not been able to attend the services of the church on account of sickness and physical disability.

He will long be remembered by the younger generation of Haxtun as a popular janitor for some years of the grade school. Mr. Dech was a great lover of children and was beloved by them.

On November 28, 1872 he was united in marriage with Miss Lucy Ann Harnden, in Wahoo, Nebraska and to this union were born two children, Fronda L. and Vay H., who have preceded him in death.

He leaves to mourn his departure his dear wife and granddaughter Mrs. Ruth Chryst, With five grandchildren, Wayne, Margaret, Leslie, Winifred and Lucy Roberts of Omaha, Nebraska and many other relatives and friends who deeply regret his passing.


George and Lucy are on Chase Street in Haxtun in 1920, no children.  George says he's a farmer.  They're on Edmond Street in Haxtun in 1940, no occupation.


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