Edward Johnson

In 1910 Rockland precinct Edward is 34, born in Iowa, both parents born in New Jersey, living alone, listed between the Rauscher and Marvin households.

In 1880 Phillipsburg, Kansas, Harrison Fitch, 28 with Martha A. 25 and widowed grandmother  Elizabeth 85 .

Harrison "Fetch" 58 and Martha A. 55, with Gertie M. 16 are in Henry County Missouri in 1910.

He might be the Edward Johnson in 1880 Mills County Iowa, 3, with S. 35 and Sarah 36 Johnson, both born in New Jersey.  G. H. is 5, Caroline 1, and Charlie one month.

Stratton and Sarah A. Johnson were in Monmouth County, New Jersey in 1870, with Chas.  H . 1.

In 1885 Mills County, Strenet Johnson is 38, Sarah M. 42, with "Gorge" H. 9, "Eduard" P. 8, Carlina 6, Mary J. 3, and Sarah M.1.  (this must be the Ellen M. Johnson, born about 1884, who married John Braden March 3, 1909 in Mills County.) 

Stratton and Sarah had a male child in Mills County in 1887.

Carrie Johnson, daughter of Straton Johnson and Sarah M. Graham, married Jessie Hurd Oct 24, 1900 in Mills County.

In West Liberty Cemetery, Mills County, is a tombstone "Stratton N. Johnson 1847-1890" "Sarah M. Johnson 1840-1916"  One tree said they were Sarah Matilda Johnson,  Stratton Nathaniel Johnson, and their children were Edward Deacon Johnson 1876-1954, Caroline Johnson Hurd 1878-1958, and Frances Gertrude Johnson 1887-1887.

In 1900 Mills County, Sarah is widowed, born Jan 1839 in New Jersey, George H. May 1875, Edward P. Jan 1877, Caroline July 1878, Mary J. Nov 1881, and Sarah M. Sept 1883.

Edward proved up a quarter in 7, 6N 48W in 1913

February 18, 1914 he married Gertie Fitch in Mills County, Iowa. 

Edward and Gertrude had Maxine G. Johnson October 18, 1917 in Mills County.

In 1920 Edward is in Mills County, 43, married to Gertie M. 26, Nebraska.  They have Verne H. 5, and Goldie M. 2, both Iowa.

In 1925 Mills County, Edward, parents Strallon Johnson and Sarah Graham, is with Gertrude 30, Vern. H. 10, Golda M. 7, and Verl A. 4.


Murval Dean Johnson was born Oct 10, 1927 to Edward Johnson and Gertie Fitch.

In 1930 Mills County, Gertrude M. is 36, married with no spouse, with Vern H. 15, Maxine G. 12, Verle A. 9, and Murval D. 2  (  Harrison 78 and Martha Fitch , 75, which the 1925 census lists as her parents)

In 1940 Gertrude, still in Mills County, has Verne 25, Verle 19, and Murval Dean 12.

Edward P. Johnson, 63, is in Mills County in 1940, a farm laborer, marital status "m" with a question mark.

Edward Deacon Johnson 1876-1954 is buried in West Liberty cemetery.