Daniel B. Ketterman

Daniel cash-claimed a quarter in 14, 6N 48W in 1891.

May be the Daniel Ketteman buried in Alfalfa County, Oklahoma 9/4/1848-11/6/1927.    He was born in Hardy County Virginia, married Mary Ann Fink Sept 21, 1869 in Hardy County.  She was born in Rockingham County, Virginia.  She's buried in Cherokee, too, 8/9/1850-12/1/1940.

They were in Woods County, Oklahoma in 1900, with Daniel born Sep 1848 in West Virginia, Mary A. Aug 1858 in "old Virginia", with Ida Feb 1873 West Virginia, Lulu Mar 1876 and Lorena June 1881 , both Ohio,

They were in Ohio in 1880, with Rosetta 10, Arianna 8, Ida 7, Elsie 5, Effie 4, Earle 2, and Jesse M. 1.  and in Kansas in 1895