August and Caroline Marquardt

August cash-claimed a quarter in 24, 6N 48W in  April 1891, and Caroline next to it in  June 1891.

 One RootsWeb tree says August Friedrich Marquardt born June 27, 1853 in Pomerania, immigrated in 1873, son of Friedrich Heinrich Marquardt and Karoline Johanna Piper, married Henrietta Pauline Brethauer June 28, 1886 in Marion County, Kansas. 

It said Heinrich Friedrich Christian Marquardt was born Sept 11, 1887 in Bryant, Phillips County, Colorado, Friedrich Wilhelm Edward April 28, 1889 in Franklin County, Nebraska, Carolina Johanna Wilhelmina Marquardt Jan 25, 1891 in Franklin Count, four other kids in Franklin County, then four in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Henry Marquardt registered in Litchfield, Minnesota, saying he was born Sept 11, 1887 in Logan County, Colorado, was farming with a wife and child.

Julius 'Bud' Henry Marquardt, the son of Henry and Emma (Schultz) Marquardt was born on September 10, 1925 in Harvey Township, MN.

August F. W. Marquardt - June 27, 1853 - March 18, 1923 and Pauline H. Marquardt - Feb 25, 1870 - Mar 18, 1942 are buried in Summit View, Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Tracy this is your cousin Dawn (Bruce's daughter) I'm trying to find out about our Marquardts and saw your post here. I thought maybe you and Glenn would be interested in this.
*Emma Bertha Schultz born Sept 10th 1894 married Henry Frederick Marquardt born Sept 11th 1887. Married April 7th 1915. 8 children. I do know that Henry had a brother named Edward J. Marquardt born Sept. 29th 1893, who married Emma's sister Hulda Helen Schultz and a sister named Augusta born August 21st 1898, who married Alfred Gues (another Schultz).
This is Henry and Emma's children... our Uncles and stuff.

1. Emil Herman Edward Marquardt born March 28th 1916
       a. Leonard Paul Marquardt
       b. Diane Ida Marquardt
       c. Ralph Howard Marquardt
2. Edwin George William Marquardt born Dec 10th 1917
       a. Joyce Carol Marquardt
       b. Shirley Ann Marquardt
       c. Barbara Jane Marquardt
3. Leo August Walter Marquardt (my grandpa) born Nov 18th 1919
       a. Bruce Leo Marquardt (my dad)
4. Alina Hulda Freda Marquardt 6 children
5. Bertha Rosella Augusta Marquardt Sept 4th 1923 2 sons
6. Julius Henry Marquardt (Bud) born Sept 10th 1925
       a. Carol Laura Marquardt
       b. Darlene Delores Marquardt
       c. David Walter Marquardt (your dad)
7. Erna Louise Marquardt
       a. Greg Grand Putnam
8. Caroline Joanne Marquardt born April 24th 1932

I want to find out about Henry, Edward and Augusta's father...
Oh and it also says that Henry was born in Bryant, Colorado???

Is this too much info!

Dawn Knight


These are probably not the same immediate family

Carolina Marquardt - 1814 -1897 is buried in Saint Paul Cemetery, York, Nebraska. 

In 1880 York County Caroline 66 is married to Michael Marquardt, and they're living with widowed  Heinrich J. Blum 35 and his four kids.

Caroline Marquardt Blum - 1845-1880 is buried in Saint Johns cemetery, York County.

Emma L. Marquardt married Jerry R. Winters Jan 5, 1896, recorded in Denver.

January 14, 1896 "Denver - The annual encampment of the Veteran Legion began today.  The following officers are in attendance.......  provost marshal general, Emma L. Marquardt.

In 1900 Denver, August born May 1815 in Prussia, is widowed, living with daughter Emma L. Winters born May 1856 in Iowa, and her husband Jeremiah R. Winters, a night watchman - married only four years, no kids.

August died August 19, 1906 in Denver.

1917 Yuma County - among those men called was Earl Marquardt, with a Haxtun address.


In 1900 Weld County, Colorado Wilhelm Marquardt, born March 1861 in Germany, immigrating in 1883, is married to Lavina E., with Anna B. 5, Herman W. 3, and Hazel E. born May 1899.

In 1910 Atwood precinct William Marquardt, 48, born in Germany, has been married 18 years to Levina, 37, born in Nebraska.  They have Anna, 14, Herman 12, Hazel 10, Henry 8, GUSSIE 6, and Charlie six months, all kids born in Colorado.

Herman William Marquardt, born Aug 31, 1897 registered in Logan County, farming for his father William.

William Marquardt 1861-1935 and Leavina (Hatch) Marquardt 1873-1953 are buried in Sterling Riverside.


August 21 1889 Augusta Marquardt married  Henry Maack, recorded in Phillips County, Colorado. 

Henry proved up a quarter in 26, 6N 47W in 1895 and also a Timber quarter in 1895. This is Phillips County, but only a few miles from August and Caroline's claims.  In 1900 Seward County, Nebraska, Henry born Sep 1858 in Germany and Augusta born June 1856 in Germany are farming.  The Ancestry trees don't show Augusta as a sister to either August or Caroline, but could very well be a cousin.