Alfred W. and Myrtle (Irish) Marvin

In 1880 Alfred is 10, born in Illinois, with father George H. Marvin 35 and Mary  37 in Smith County, Kansas.  Eliza M. is 8, Dora E. 5, Norman 4, and Lucy 1.

They're still in Smith County in 1895, George 50, M.E. 52, Norman 19, Lutie 17, Clinton 11, and Thomas 9.

In 1900 Smith County, Myrtle born Sept 1883, is with Henry and Alice Irish - siblings  Susan 13, Gertrude 11, Lorena 8, Guy 6, and Tressie 4, all kids born in Kansas.  She's also listed as Myrtle A. Irish, working for the Perry Frazier family in Smith County.

One tree said he married Myrtle Irish August 18, 1902.

In 1910 Logan County (Rockland precinct) Alfred is married to Myrtle B. 27, born in Kansas, with adopted son  Grenvil Bartlett? 2, born in Kansas.

Alfred proved up  a quarter in 34, 6N 48W in 1913.

He was a witness for the homestead of Thomas Erwin for land in 31, 6N 48W - a couple of miles west .  Both listed Bryant addresses.  Other witnesses were George Caldwell of Bryant, Charles Curtis of New Haven , and Edgar L. Stoner of New Haven.

In 1920 Franklin County Nebraska, Alfred W. 49 and Myrtle A. 36 have Granville Marvin, 11, and thery'all there in 1930, too.

One tree said Alfred William "Cap" Marvin was born Jan 30, 1870 in Kankakee County, Illinois, and died Feb 16, 1933 in Franklin County, Nebraska.


One tree said Alton married Martha Lovina Davis in Franklin County, Nebraska Oct 1, 1898.

In 1905 Smith County, Kansas A.H. Irish is 24, M.L. 27, with B. 5, C. 2, and A. 1.

In 1910 Phillips County, Colorado Alton H. is 29, born in Kansas, Martha 32, Missouri.  They have Bessie 10, Cora M. 7, Arthur 5 - these three in Kansas, Ray 3 and newborn Ernest L., both Colorado.

Alton H. Irish proved up a quarter in section 33 6N 47W in 1912  - about six miles east of Alfred and Myrtle.

Alton H. and Martha L. Irish divorced in Phillips County, Colorado in 1914.

Martha Irish married Frank Harris August 4, 1917 - recorded in Washington County.

Alton H. and Mary B. Irish divorced in Phillips County in 1916, and a Mary B. Irish married Jessie Peck March 30, 1916.

Alton Henry Irish registered in Rawlins County Kansas, born March 17, 1881 -

In 1920 Rawlins County Alton H. is married to Mary B. - born 1889 in Kansas. They have Mercedes J. 9, born in Missouri.

In 1930 Rawlins County "Abron H." is 49, Mary B. 42.

Martha Irish - 53, born in Missouri, widowed, is in Denver in 1930, with Oscar 18, Roy 20, and Elsie 16.

In 1931 Denver Martha L. Irish, widow of Alton H. , lives at 4228 Milwaukee.


Bessie Irish married Russel Rowan, and they're in Rockland precinct, Logan County, in 1920, with Carl 2 and Alice 1.

Bessie is buried in Sterling 50145330


Cora Irish, 19, married Earl Kennedy Nov 25, 1918 in Akron, Colorado.

Cora, 17, and Earl Kennedy 20 are married in 1920 Denver, with kids in 1930 Denver, and in 10940 she's married to Gerald Hutchison in Denver, with Earl Kennedy 16 and Dorothy Kennedy 14.


Arthur -1904-1940 is buried in Benkelman, Nebraska

Vera 0. Irish Altig was born April 23, 1909, in Stratton, Neb., to Welcome and Daisy Mae (Myers) Emery, the eighth of nine children. She grew up loving sports and excelling in baseball in Stratton, graduating from Stratton High School in 1928. She married Arthur Irish on Nov. 1, 1928. She was widowed with a young son and daughter to raise.



Guy L. Irish proved up two quarters in 12, 3S 49W in 1919 - that would be about fifty miles south in Washington County -

His infant died 1916, and is buried in Yuma.

He registered with a Hughes, Colorado address, was farming by himself, had one child, and was born Jan 13, 1893 in Reamaville? Kansas.

In 1920 Cope precinct, Washington County, Colorado Guy and Alice are 25, with Violet Lillian 4, Winnefred D. 1, and mother Della Perry 67.

 In 1930 Adams County, Colorado Guy is a day laborer, married 19 years to Alice.  They have Violet, Winnifred, Ruth, Ralph, Gertrude, Earl, Myrtle, Henry, and Harry.  Alice's mother Della Perry is still with them.

 Guy L. 1894-1967 and Alice D. Irish 1893-1960 buried in Cabool, Texas County Missouri.

One tree said she was Alice Della Perry, and their kids were Violet Lillian, Winnifred D., Ruth Alice, Ralph D., Gertrude P, Earl G. Myrtle L., Harry R. , and Henry d.