Hans R. Rand

Hans cash-claimed a quarter in 19, 6N 48W in 1891.

In December 1888 a council meeting in Innvik, Norway held an application from Hans R. Rand to "create work school."

One family history says that "Mari", Mrs. Jens Rand had a half-brother Samuel Mathias Kristensen Jevnlid ( pronounced Yevnleed, so sometimes was listed as "Young Lee").  Ingeborg came to the U.S. as a companion to his sister Brite Bruland.  Other families in the party were Johnson, Ole Froistad, Knut Oversatree, Kaarstads.

Because of this history, and the note that they were employed for three years by an English family - Hans/Jens would have had some knowledge of the area, and some cash to complete his claim in Logan County.

Ingeborg and Frank were in Snyder, Colorado in 1900, and she married Frank Joachim in Buffalo, saying that was the Merino area.  Frank M. Jochim proved up on a quarter in 4N 56W in 1893, and timber-claimed one next to it in 1900.  That's about forty miles from the Hans Rand claim.

He might be the Jens Rand in 1900 Boone County, Nebraska, born Jun 1862, with Mary April 1856, both in Norway.  They're farming, with John Aug 1885, Mathias March 1887, Tilla April 1888, Christian Feb 1892, and Julia Apr 1896, all kids in Nebraska.

They're all together in 1910 and 1920 - in 1930 Jens is widowed, with four single kids - Johan C., Matilda C. Christian, and Julia M. with him.

And in 1940 Chris and Julia, still both single, are living with sister Matilda, who's married to Albert Anderson, both 50.

Matthew Thomas attended St. Francis Academy in Columbus, and Boyles Business College at Omaha. He was employed then at the Columbus Post Office under Civil Service for ten years, after which he became a clerk with the Union Pacific Railroad at the freight depot in Columbus, where he worked for twenty-five years.

On November 18, 1940, at St. Bonaventure's Church in Columbus, he was married to Miss Julia Rand, daughter of Jens and Mary Jevnlid Rand of Newman Grove, Nebraska. Jens Rand was born June 18, 1862 in Norway. Jevnlid (sic) Rand was born April 1, 1856, in Norway, and died April 3, 1923, at Newman Grove, Nebraska. The Rands, pioneers in Nebraska, came to Newman Grove from Norfjord, Norway, in 1883, and were employed for three years by an English family, from whom they learned to speak English fluently.

Julia Rand Thomas was graduated from high school and college. She taught school in Newman Grove, and in Columbus conducted pre-kindergartens prior to 1941. She had four brothers and one sister: John, Matthias, Mathilda, Christian and Julius. Matthias, an insurance agent, married Tillie Tisthammer. Mathilda married Albert Anderson. Julius died December 20, 1894, at Newman Grove. John died September 30, 1936, at Lindsay.

Matthew Thomas was a member of St. Bonaventure's Catholic Church and served as a church trustee for several years. He belonged to the Holy Name Society, the Third Order of St. Francis, the Knights of Columbus, and was a Democrat. Interested in civic affairs, he spent many hours as a volunteer worker in the War Loan Office. His hobbies were landscaping, gardening, music and outdoor sports.

Julia Rand Thomas is a saleslady with Levines Store in Columbus.