Arthur Reed, William Henry Reed

Both names were on the homestead of a quarter in 17, 6N 48W in 1890.

In 1900 Denver there's a William H. Reed, a printer,  born Dec 1870 in Missouri, parents in Illinois, living with brother Harry, a publisher,  and Harry's wife Minnie I Reed.

There's another William H. Reed in 1900 Denver, this one born Feb 1858 i England, married 21 years to Minnie October 1859 in Illionois, with a son William July 1880 Colorado, Dora Aug 1883 Illinois, Agnes Aug 1887 Colorado, Leo July 1892 Colorado, son Francis Mar 1895 Colorado, and Paul Dec 1897 Colorado.  This William is a coke ? maker.

William Henry Reed, born March 15, 1880, registered with an address of Haxtun, farming, with no relative listed.  This one was too young to complete the homestead claim.


Fairmount Cemetery in Denver has a William H. Reed - Oct 3, 1860 - Dec 21, 1895 on a stone with Walter C. May 24, 1874 - Nov 5, 1900.  I the Logan County William Reed died while in the process of proving up, that could explain the two names on the BLM record.