Gottfried and Elizabeth (Biebeheimer) Schachterle, sons Henry Schachterle - Jacob Schachterle

Arriving in New York October 19, 1885 are Gottfried Schachterle 39, Elisab. 38, Gottf. 13, Kath 11, Hein 10, Jacob 8, Johan 6, Wilhelm 7, Andreas 2 , and newborn Edward.

Jacob Schacterle cash-claimed a quarter in 5, 6N 48W in 1890.

Gottfried proved up a quarter in 9, 6N 48W in 1896, and timber-claimed another next to it in 1899.

In 1900 Rockland precinct, Logan County Gottfried is 54, Elizabeth 52, Gottfried 28, Edward 15, and Rosena 12.

In 1910 Gottfried and Elizabeth have only Rosa, now 22.  It's likely that she married Fredrick Fillenberg, also born in Russia -  He's farming near Haxtun when registering.

In 1940 Fred is married to Elsie, 43, and stepchildren Nadine Spelts 15 and Jim Spelts 13.

In 1917 "Mrs. G. Schachterle" owns the north half of 9, 6N 48W and the southeast of 8, and Godfried Schachterle Jr. owns the south half.

Edward Schachterle owns a tract in 17, A.R. one in 17 and 20.  John C. Schachterle owns most of section 6.

Gottfried -1848-1911 and Elizabeth -Mar 7, 1847 - Mar 15, 1920 - are buried in the Leroy cemetery, Logan County.

In 1900 Henry is a laborer for Philip Ballard in Logan County, Merino precinct, born June 1874 in Russia.

Henry proved up a quarter in 29, 6N 48W in 1904.

In 1910 he's in Rockland precinct, saying he immigrated in 1885, and was naturalized, married four years to Annie 24, born in Ohio.   Andrew R. Schachterle, 28, is the next household, also immigrating in 1885.

Henry registered with a Haxtun address, born June 9, 1875, and was naturalized.

Andrew also registered with a Haxtun address, born Feb 6, 1883.

Andrew is married to Anna M. in 1920 Logan County, she's 33, born in Russia, and they have Martha M. 3, Metta R. 2, and month -old Edna Rose.

In 1920 William is 38, married to Minnie 29, with Mildred 7, Fern 5, Lawrence 4, Donald 2, and Robert four months.  Brother Edward, 54, is living with them.

Edward, residing Haxtun Col. born about 1885, married Mary L Christy, 38 in Cleveland, Ohio October 30, 1927 - Mary's father was John Christy,  mother was Delina Sloan.  First marriage for both.

In 1930 Logan County Andrew and Anna have Martha M. 13, Milton R. 12, Edna C. 10, Paul D. 8, Ruth R.6, and Edward G. 4.