Sarah A. Baldock, daughters Ada J. (Baldock) Wiebers, Orilla Edna (Baldock) Graham, Ida A. (Baldock) Horn

Benjamin R. and Mary S. (Bybee) Baldock

 In 1895 Appanoose County, Iowa, John Baldock is 44, born in Kentucky, Sarah 45, Illinois, with Ada 20, Nora 18, Julia 16, Lou 14, Effa 12, Jane 10, and Orilla 7, all kids born in Appanoose County.

In 1900 they're all there, with Ada J. born Feb 1886. - she must be the Jane in the 1895 census.  Orilla E. was born February 1888.

John Hiram Baldock 1850-1904, is buried in Orleans cemetery, Appanoose County, with Sarah A. Shinn Baldock, 1850-1938.

In 1910 Rockland precinct, Logan County, Ada is living alone, next to Orilla Baldock, 22.

Ada proved up  a quarter in 14, 6N 49W in 1913.

Sarah proved up a quarter in 32, 6N 49W in 1914, a couple of  mile south of Ada.

Henry Peter Wiebers registered in Washington County, with an address of Otis, and a wife, also of Otis.

In 1920 Washington County, Rock Creek precinct, Henry Wiebers is 32, farming with Ada, 33, born in Iowa.  Niece Edith Evans, 10, born in Colorado, is with them.

1921 Akron

1923 Sheridan Lake Colorado

1924 Sheridan Lake "NOTICE - I will not be responsible for debts made by my wife, Ada Wieber. Henry Wiebers."

1925 Sheridan Lake Colorado "Mrs. Ada Wiebers has ice cream and pop at the restaurant every day in the week."

1926 Sheridan Lake, Colorado "... Ada Wiebers was shopping in Lamar Thursday."

1926 Sheridan Lake "John and Mrs. Wiebers and Mrs. Ada Wiebers left Friday to spend Decoration Day at their home at Fleming, Colorado."

In 1930 Castle Rock, Colorado, Henry P. is a mechanic, 32, Ada J. 42, with adopted daughter Leavena , 10, Colorado and nieces Edith J. Johnson 21 and Wanda E. four months, both born in Colorado.

(Edith J. Reppy, 31, in 1940 Gunnison, Colorado, is a likely one - married to Ernest F. 37, with Wilma E., 7, William E. 5, Joan P. 3, and brother Arthur M. Evans 32.  Ernest Reppy married Edith Johnson  April 6, 1931, recorded in Gunnison Cunty)

One tree said "Lorena"  Wiebers, born March 14, 1920 in Colorado, married Dwight J. Simmons November 9, 1947.

L.M. Wiebers married Mrs. Cecil Comstock March 15, 1930, recorded in Phillips County.

Moulton Weekly Tribune
January 20, 1938

Mrs. John Baldock Dies At Age Of 87

Sarah Ann Shinn was born March 30, 1850, in Hartford, Illinois and passed away January 13, 1938 at 2:30 a. m. at the age of 87 years, 9 months and 13 days. She came to Iowa at the age of 3 years. She was united in marriage with John Baldock, October, 1873. Her husband preceded her in death in April, 1904. Five daughters have also passed on. Those left to mourn her loss are Nora Forsythe, Bloomfield, Ia.; Effie Park, Moulton; Ada Wiebers and Rilla Graham, of Fleming Colorado

Sarah A. Baldock was listed in Logan County court records - June 13, 1938 inheritance tax.

There's a Henry P. Wiebers 1893-1962 in Great Falls Montana, with spouse Margaret 1915-2006.

In the New Haven cemetery, Logan County is Wiebers,  Minnie 10 December 1913 -15 April 1919
Parents: Hans Johann Hinrick  and Sarah Nee Millage Wiebers
Sister: Marie Wiebers Rice
Brothers: Henry Peter Wiebers, Roy John Wiebers, Elmer Lee Wiebers, Alfred Edward Wiebers, Lloyd Milton Wiebers


In 1910 Logan County - on the same page as Ada and Orella Baldock, Marion is farming, 29, single, with his sister Phoebe Graham, 23.  Phoebe E. Horn, formerly Phoebe Graham, proved up on two quarter sin 11, 6N 49W in 1914.


Marion Graham married Orvilla E. Baldock Dec 27, 1910, recorded in Logan County.

Marion proved up a quarter in 10 and 11, 6N 49W in 1913.

In 1920 Los Angeles, Marion 38, born in Illinois,  and Rilla 31 have Luverta, 5, born in Colorado.

In 1930 Logan County, Marion and Rila have Luverta, 16, and her mother Sarah Baldock, 80 is with them.

Orilla -Feb 22, 1888 - Feb 28, 1981 is buried in Sterling 57397784, with Marion L. Graham - 1880-1954.


Benjamin proved up two quarters in 26 and 35, 10N 55W in 1918.  That's in the west part of Logan County, claimed later than most claims in the eastern part of the county.

He might be the Benjamin R. Baldock in 1880 Appanoose County, 22, born in Tennessee, son of widow Juliette.

Benjamin, of Appanoose County,  married Mary S. Bybee of Adair County, Missouri December 10, 1885 in Kirksville.

In 1900 Benjamin Baldock is  in Schuyler County, Missouri, a druggist, born Feb 1868 in Tennessee, married 15 years to Mary born Feb 1866 in Missouri.  Ora E. 1886, Otis E. 1888, Ira S. 1890, Myrtle L. 1892, and Orpha S. 1895 all born in Iowa, and Gracy 1898 Missouri.  Mary's sister May Bybee Aug 1882 in Missouri is living with them.

Myrtle L. Baldock, born about 1892, married Richard B. Lewis September 28, 1916, recorded in Logan County.

Orpha Baldock married George F. Stewart July 15, 1914 in Colorado.

Mary S. Baldock married Charles H. Eagleton March 2, 1968, recorded in Logan County.

March 15, 1920 "Benjamin Baldock opened a shoe shop in Fleming."

Ora is in Sterling in 1920, married to George Strayer, both 33 born in Missouri.  Mildred 12 was born in Missouri, Helen 5 and Thelma 2 both in Colorado.  George had registered in Logan County, farming for himself, with wife Ora Ethel Strayer.

Iva M. Simpson, formerly Iva Baldock, claimed two quarters in 27, 10 N 55W in 1919.

Iva M. is also in Sterling in 1920, married to John G. Simpson, with Richard L. 3 and John's mother Elba, 56, born in Nebraska, widowed.  Niece Leota Stanley, 10, born in New Mexico, is with them.  John Gilbert Simpson registered in Logan County, born February 25, 1895, "homesteading" "with wife and children.

George F. Stewart, 32, born in Colorado, and Orpha A. 24 are in San Diego in 1920, with Evelyn F. 4, born in Colorado.  George is an automobile trimmer.

In 1930 San Diego, Benjamin is a cobbler, with Mary O.,   George and Ora Strayer are also in San Diego then, with Helen and Thelma. Iva M. and John G. Simpson are also in San Diego in 1930, with Richard 13 born in Colorado and Noma J. 1 born in California.

Benjamin died July 26, 1931 in San Diego.

There's a Mary S. "Berglund"  dying in San Diego September 22, 1949 - the death records say she was born in Missouri Feb 17, 1867 - father Bybee, mother Bray.


Ida A. is 25, with John and Sarah in 1900 Appanoose County.

In 1910 Rockland precinct, "Samual" J. Horn 34 and Ida A. Horn, 35, following Sara A. Baldock, 60.

In 1920 Samuel, Ida, and Sarah "Baldoch" are back in Davis County, Iowa.  Arthur M. Evans 13, born in Colorado, is a a boarder.


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