Hattie H. (Berkstresser) Grauberger, brothers Allen Palmer  Berkstresser, John Howard Berkstresser 

 In 1900 Carroll County, Illinois, Hattie, born Nov 1889 in Illinois, is with widowed mother Cora born Oct 1862.  Siblings are Allen P. 1885, John H. 1887, Charles F. 1891, William D. 1895, and Catherine E. 1898, all born in Illinois.

Hattie is still with Cora in 1910 Carroll County, teaching in a rural school. Allen and Charles and Howard have no occupations.

Cora 1862-1943 is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Carroll County - 70607613. - and William Irving Berkstresser - 1852-1899 70607943.

But Allen P. and John Howard Berkstresser are also in the Woodbury County, Iowa census in 1910, no occupations,  lodgers with Alice Beatty, 49, widowed.

"According to an email from Kathy Wieland on April 12, 2008, a Hattie Berkstresser, described as a schoolteacher formerly from Mt. Carroll, Illinois was one of the original group of pioneers settling an area around Sterling, Colorado. She said she got this information from a book titled 'Soddie Bride' written by Ruth Schooley Hall."

Hattie proved up  a quarter in 9, 6N 49W in 1914.

She married Frederick Carl Grauberger July 13, 1914, recorded in Logan County.

In 1920 they're in Santa Monica, California, with Donald D. 2, born in Colorado.  Fred is 30, born in Colorado - NE.

They're in the same house as Marion and Rilla Graham, both farmers.

In 1930 Leroy precinct, Logan County, Fred and Harriet have Donald 12, Eugene C. 8, and Ileen 7, all born in Colorado - so they didn't stay long in California.

In 1940 Boulder County, Fred is a farmer, with Harriet, Donald  Eugene and Ileen.  None of the kids have occupations.

They might be the Fred C. Grauberger and Harriett B in 1953 and 1956 Jonesboro Arkansas - where he's president of the Mississippi Valley Life Insurance Co.. Eugene C. is secretary-treasurer.

Grauberger Fred C. 15 Sep 1976 116 RockyMountainNews     Grauberger Fred C. 15 Sep 1976 43 DenverPost

Grauberger Harriet B. 10 May 1977 112 RMN    Grauberger Harriet B. 12 May 1977 32 DP


Donald B. Grauberger - Aug 13, 1917 - Aug 8, 2005 - Master Sergeant - WWII, Korea Vietnam is buried in Fort Logan, Denver, with Ida M. 1917-2012.

So is Eugene C. Grauberger, Feb 24, 1921 - Sep 13, 1995, and Nancy M. Grauberger - 1927-2007.

Ileen Grauberger was a cadet nurse at the Bismarck, North Dakota Evangelical Hospital School of Nursing in 1946.


While athletic coach at Iowa State Teachers College, Mr. Berkstresser entered military training in 1918 at a California camp. He was stationed during his period of service at the Colorado State Teachers College as Lieutenant in the S.A.T.C. of that school.1 Allen P. Berkstresser was born on 25 September 1885.1 He was the son of Rev. William Irving Berkstresser and Cora Rebecca Palmer. Allen P. Berkstresser married Inez Whitney, daughter of John M. Whitney and Libby White.1 Allen P. Berkstresser lived in 1926 at Sterling, 

Allen is a teacher in Cedar Falls, Iowa in 1915, married.

Allen Palmer Berkstresser registered in Greeley, born Sept 25, 1885, a teacher at City High School,  married -

In 1920 Greeley, Allen, 34, is director of athletics at a high school, with Irene 31.

Allen is teaching in 1930 Sterling with Inez L. 41.Betty J. 9 and Joann 3.

 In 1940 Sterling, Allen P. is 54, teaching, with Inez, 51, born in Nebraska.  They have Elizabeth 19 and Joanne,, 13, both borni n Colorado.


Child of Allen P. Berkstresser and Inez Whitney   Elizabeth Jane Berkstresser b. 14 Dec 1920


1913 Storm Lake, Iowa 

Henry Lawrence Johns, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Johns of this city, died at 12:30 Saturday morning in the city hospital from the effects of an injury received by being kicked by a horse the previous Wednesday. Lawrence has been living on the Johns home place near Cleghorn, which he and his brother, Lloyd, farmed.

The day of the accident he was helping a neighbor and former college classmate, Howard Berkstresser, finish planting corn. As they started to work after dinner, Lawrence, who was using Berkstresser's team, threw a sack of corn over the back of one of the horses. When near the field Lawrence noticed the sack was slipping and as he stepped between the horses to put it in place, one of the horses kicked him, striking him on the right side of the abdomen. He was stunned by the blow, but was able to walk to the house with the assistance of Mr. Berkstresser.

He remained at Berkstresser's until about five in the afternoon, when he felt better and able to ride to his own home about three miles away. As soon as Mr. Johns reached home his wife and brother urged that a doctor be called and a Cleghorn physician was summoned that evening. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Johns who were in Cherokee attending the funeral of an old neighbor on Wednesday, reached the farm early Thursday morning and a little later, Dr. Fettes, who had been summoned in consultation, arrived.

Up to this time it had not been thought that the injuries were of a serious nature. An examination by the physicians showed that the injured man's intestines had been ruptured and inflammation had already set in. It was decided best to bring him to the LeMars hospital before operating as there was small chance of his recovery under most favorable conditions. He was carried to the station at Cleghorn on a cot by a number of his neighbors on Thursday and brought to LeMars on the afternoon train, where he was operated on that evening. The operation showed the injuries even worse than diagnosed and the family and the injured man were given no encouragement. He was conscious almost to the last, said goodbyes to loved ones and passed away a half hour after midnight Friday night.

J. Howard Berkstresser was the son of Rev. William Irving Berkstresser and Cora Rebecca Palmer. J. Howard Berkstresser married Grace Frary, daughter of Delos Frary and Adelaide Adell, on 4 February 1913. J. Howard Berkstresser lived in 1926 at Fleming, Logan Co., CO.1
 John Howard Berkstresser registered in Meriden, Iowa, saying he was born June 24, 1887 at Buda, Illinois, was farming with a wife and child.


Child of J. Howard Berkstresser and Grace Frary
◦John Russell Berkstresser b. 19 May 1914
Clara Belle Lewis was born on Tuesday, 16 April 1895 at Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa.1
     At age 26, Clara Belle Lewis married Albert Lloyd Seeman, age 23, son of Peter Seeman and Anna Reusch, on Tuesday, 16 August 1921.1,2
     Clara Belle Seeman and Albert Lloyd Seeman were divorced.2
     Clara Belle Lewis married J. Howard Berkstresser.1
     Clara Belle died on 15 March 1982 at Mendocino County, California, at age 86.

In 1930 Leroy precinct, Logan County, John H. Berkstresser is 42, Grace F. 56, with Russell J. 15, born in Iowa.

In 1940 Sterling, J.H. Berkstresser is the Logan County assessor, 53 married to Grace F. 67, born in Iowa.


Allen P. Berkstresser had teacher experience recorded in 1932, Logan County.

Allen P. Berkstresser, Sept 25, 1885- Dec 17, 1956 and Inez L. (Whitney) Berkstresser 1887-1956 are buried in Sterling. 40767530

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